This Is What Life Is Like with a Gigantic Penis: Monster Meat

Fort Worth Officer Did Not Identify Himself

hey this is the star report on a Sunday nightI’m your host Troy to rain how are you Sunday whoa a beautiful daycan can I just talk about myself before we get into the showthis morning I woke up raining like hell out here in Atlantagloomy no Sun and I said you know today would […]

Carving on Cannabis with a Snowboard Gold Medalist

We’re gonna go have a little safety meeting in the trees over there. A little ski chair. That’s good enough. Thanks. Good luck rolling a joint that fast in the woods. Not quit as convenient as just being able to vaporize it like the way we do. I’m pretty good. You need another one? I’m […]

Did Jim Jones Send A Warning To 50 Cent?

okay let’s get to it good evening this is the Star report I’myour host fucknut you know call me fucknut tonight a great day let me justfocus on me for a second but I had the worst breakfast that I have had in yearsthe absolute worst and I’m gonna try to be sensitive because I’m […]

Did Evelyn Lozada Cross The Line?

hey good evening star report on Wednesday night okay okay the biggesturban story the biggest the Basketball Wives reunion is it time to cancelEvelyn Lozada og Shaunie O’Neal all this gossip auntie shit that’s the biggerstory let’s get right to it I’m gonna be a chatty patty tonight I’m sorry I havea few people calling […]

Krokodil: Russia’s Deadliest Drug (NSFW)

[MUSIC PLAYING]MALE SPEAKER 1: [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] [SOVIET ANTHEM PLAYING]ALISON SEVERS: In 1979, the Soviet army enteredAfghanistan, engaging in a brutal 10-year conflict whichkick-started the Afghan opium trade.It was sold all over the world to help fund the fight againstthe Soviets, but the main customers of the opium werethe Russians themselves.After the fall of the Soviet […]

SMOKEABLES: Abdullah Smokes Out Of a Banana Bowl

Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana (Part 1/2)

Hello, I am Hamiltonand I’m currently standing on the outskirts of a weed field in Swaziland.And, I am holding in my hand a plastic bag full of Swaziland gold nugsand I am grateful to be herevery grateful to be hereyeahwith a temperate climate majestic waterfalls and an abundance of playfulmonkeys the kingdom of swaziland would […]

Tekashi Now Snitching In Kidnapping Case

hey good afternoon children come on in clout daddy back at it did you miss meof course you did all right all right back for the get-down Wednesdayafternoon so much going on just give me a little time to set up I got abrand-new iMac shit is crisp crisp I haven’t even installed some of […]

The Mobile Love Industry

Since the invention of the internet 30 years ago,network technology has connected us in increasingly intimate ways.Today, the world is literally at our fingertips through our phones.‘We do see the phone as bit of an extension of ourselves.This is going to be a really enduring technology to have a small screen with you at all […]