Alan Watts – Change Your Mind and It Will Change Your Life ( Motivation Video )

now as you do this you begin to notice arather uriens change in your generalfeeling of life you notice that theirseasons to be what I would call aninterruption or an interval between yourexperience and yourselfyou see in our ordinary way of using ourminds the chronic sense of strain thechronic attempt to think about and makesense […]

How to give up any addiction: smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating. How to deal with one-side love

Hello my darling friends!My name is Lisa Grail and I really want you to watch this video if you have any addictionto: food, alcohol, smoking, people, sex, drugs.By addiction, I mean a person’s pathological addiction to something, when he cannot resistthe desire to do something and restrain himself.In my life there was an addiction to […]

OSHO: My Whole Life is Full of Jokes

silence shared in words presents My Whole Life Is Full of Jokes Sitting in front of us, what do you see? Do you find all these jokes while looking at us? Chaitanya, you are right. I have to confess it: looking at you, what else can be found? You are all a joke unto yourself. […]

How to Cure Anxiety Presentation – Jane E Fendelman, MC

Hi, I’m Jane Fendelman I do individual couples and child family therapy in Midtown PhoenixI have a private practice, which I’ve had for 24 years. You can look me upCome see me if you want to – I’m really honored to be here tonight with you allIt is Tuesday nightI don’t know if there’s football […]

How To Free A Cluttered Mind | Gurudev Shares A Beautiful Story

Gurudev, you have said that the creationare all anxious to fulfill your desiresonce your hollow and empty…but once you are hollow and empty, where are the desires left?can you please explain…That’s a Catch-22… That’s a Catch-22…But in advance course have you noticedthought you have all the desiressomewhere the teachers make you sit andsome gap comes […]

The World as Self – Alan Watts Chillstep Mix

If you awaken from this illusion,and you understand that black implies white,self implies other, life implies death,you can feel yourselfnot as a stranger in the worldnot as something here on probationnot as somethingthat has arrived here by fluke. But you can begin to feel your own existenceas absolutely fundamental.What you are basicallydeep deep down, far […]

Your Path to Inner Awakening 4: What it Takes to Wake Up and Transform Permanently

Inner Awakening 4: What it Takes to Wake Up and Transform PermanentlyI welcome you all,with my love and respects.Let’s start with these questions:What do you need to dofor awakening?To have awakening;What are mandatory components of awakening?That last long,versus, just, temporary and leaves you soon?What is going inwards?How to do it properly?Please understand;The mandatory components of […]

Why I Stopped Smoking Weed… (Life Changing)

What is up guys and welcome back to Koi’s corner. If you enjoy this video, make sure to like, subscribe, and leaveme a comment letting me know why. This is just a quick video. Um, I thought I would address and explainto you guys in detail simply because with almost every video I post, reading […]

How to Overcome Addictions and Compulsive Disorder? | Sadhguru

In today’s world, humanity suffers from various kinds of issueslike addictions and compulsive behavior –being addicted to substances, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine andvarious other aspects of life.So these addictions and compulsive behaviors,which can lead to psychological pits like depression, manic depression,all these things – essentially, what it means is, in some way,we are not able to […]

Don’t Go Up In Smoke! | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: I don’t think it’s good or bad.It is just quite stupid to be smoking.It’s not good or bad,it’s just stupidbecause this machine was not made to smoke.This is an eco-friendly machine.But now you are making it into a smoking machine,that means it’s stupid, isn’t it?A well, very efficient machineyou make it an inefficient machine,is […]