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MANY smokers have swapped traditional cigarettes for e-cigs in recent years – and now there are calls to relax the rules around vaping The devices are designed with the goal of helping smokers quit and are billed as a healthier alternativeHere’s all the info on vaping and e-cigarettes. What is vaping and what are e-cigarettes?  Vaping […]

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Remember how Donald Trump saidhe wanted to deter illegal immigrants?Well, uh, like most things he does,it isn’t really working out.NEWSWOMAN: The New York Times reports the detentionof migrant children in the U.S. has skyrocketedto the highest levels ever.Almost 13,000 migrant kids are being housedat federally contracted shelterscompared to 2,400 in May of last year.Goddamn, 13,000 […]

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How did electronic cigarettesbecome the biggest thing on the streets?Well, their rise to the topstarted a lot like regular cigarettes.There’s no question that the e-cigarette industryhas ripped its tactics straight from big tobacco’s playbook.REPORTER: Take a look at the glamorous womanin the blue dress smoking a cigarette in 1930and this woman today in an ad […]

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