New STLTH and Raspberry Sour Apple Juice Review and Giveaway

Todayyyy we got the stlthJuice is a raspberry sour apple which sounds unreal I like that the pull is really tightWhat’s up, my ducklings welcome back to my channelI am fumb duck and I welcome you to the coolest vaping channel on the Internet today. I’m gonna do something unconventionalI’m gonna talk about the stlth, […]

Puff Pouch Indiegogo — JUUL E-Cigarette Sleeve for Phones!

Hi, my name is Trevor T. and I am here to show youthe greatest little Pouch that you ever might seeWe know you love your JUULYour JUULio Jones Your JUULia ChildYour JUULius… Caesar?No matter the name of your “significant puffer” We know you hate to lose each otherThat is why we created the Puff Pouch, […]

Two points of view on Sacramento’s flavored tobacco ban

Well, the Sacramento City Council has an opportunity tonight to join more than 30 other cities in California that have prohibited the sale of flavored tobacco, which has really become a public health scourge. The use of e-cigarettes has been skyrocketing. It’s being fueled by these candy flavored e-cigarettes like cotton candy and Captain Crunch. […]

Electronic Cigarette San Francisco – Best E Cigarette San Francisco

Looking For A Great Tasting Electronic Cigarette San Francisco,Let me introduce you to the V2 Cigs electronic cigarette.Let’s take a look at their website here:ADVANTAGES OF V2 CIGS vs. TOBACCO CIGARETTESWith V2 cigs there is: – NO Smoke– NO Tar – NO Ash– No BAD Breath – NO odors or staining– NO 2nd hand smoke […]

Mt Baker Vapor E-Cigarette Tutorial Episode 2: Cartomizers Part 2

Hey vape fans. Welcome to another episode of Mt. Baker Vapor’s video tutorial series.My name is Preston, and like the title says we’re going to be talking about cartomizers.If you don’t know what a cartomizer is then click the link on the screen where it’s allabout the introduction of cartomizers. Just as a reminder, there […]

E-cigarette use up among San Luis Obispo County teens

new study shows an alarming number of teens are using electronic cigarettes to smoke marijuana heightening health concerns around the popularity of vaping KSP weiss kelsey mcfarland joins us live in the studio to show us what the problem looks like locally kelsey richard over two million middle and high school students across the u.s. […]

Electronic Cigarette Quick Tip #4: Making your own 70/30 VG/H2O E-Liquid Base Blend

Hey there vape fans, and welcome to another Mt Baker Vapor quick tip. My name is Lisaand today we’re going to be showing you how to make your own 70/30 e-juice base with vegetableglycerin and water. So making your own electric cigarette bases is actually pretty simple.All you’re going to need for this process is […]

Nicotine Salts vs. Freebase Nicotine

(soft music)– Well, hello there. Gabriel here to help youanswer the question.What’s the difference between nicotine saltsand freebase nicotine?Or, what’s the difference betweennic salt ejuice and regular ejuice?It’s a question you’ve been askingand a question we’re here to answer.First, we have a blog, if you want to followalong and read throughclick up here in the […]

New E-cigarette bans

E-cigarettes are on therise and now new rulesabout their use aretaking effect across thestate.KITV’s Catherine Cruz hasmore on what you need toknow as of today….13Some call them the ipodsof smoking. Electroniccigarettes are trendy andhot, and now available inall kinds of flavors. Andmore and more youngsmokers are taking up thehabit, instead of usingregular tobacco. – LILAJOHNSON […]

Streamlining the Adoption Process & E-Cigarette Smoking Bans & Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets

17:17:11:18 �� 17:30:08:06>>>Coming up next on “Arizona17:30:10:15 Horizon,” we’ll see how Maricopa 17:30:12:06 County is streamlining its17:30:14:00 process for adoptions. 17:30:15:06 Also tonight, does the state’s17:30:19:00 smoking ban apply to 17:30:21:18 e-cigarettes?17:30:22:15 And an exhibit that shows how 17:30:24:09 archeologists uncover the17:30:26:03 secrets of ancient Egypt. 17:30:29:18 Those stories next on “Arizona17:30:30:09 Horizon.” 17:30:31:18>>>”Arizona Horizon” […]