Tommy Shelby meets Winston Churchill in series finale! 🎩 | Peaky Blinders – BBC

What is your strategy? I won’t burden you with it. You’re going to break the law.HE SIGHS I need to sleep. You said you don’t sleep.I said I have trouble sleeping. As do I. As do I. Mr Shelby,I have no doubt that there was once a time in Flanders when you were under the […]

Hip to be Square – American Psycho (3/12) Movie CLIP (2000) HD

Do You like Huey Lewis and the News?Yeah… They’re okay. Their early work was a little too new wave for my tasteBut when Sports came out in ’83, I think they really came into their own; commercially and artistictly The whole album has a clear crisp soundand a new sheen of consummate professionalismthat really gives […]

Cady Drowns – Cape Fear (10/10) Movie CLIP (1991) HD

Did you forget about that restraining order, Counselor?You’re well within 500 yards!Well, here we are, Counselor……just two lawyers……working it out!I’m going to kill you!You already sacrificed me, Counselor.“On Jordan’s stormy banks I stand“Oh who will come and go with me“I am bound for the promised land”

Once Upon A Time in Anatolia – A Cigarette for the Suspect

Let me have a look.Got a cigarette?Did you say something?Can I have a cigarette if you’ve got one?Sure.Arab, give me a cigarette, will you?-What’s up, doctor? -You light it.-Thanks. -Hang on, doctor! Don’t give it to him.What do you want with that cigarette? Huh?What do you want with that cigarette?I’m talking to you! What do […]

Shooting with Smoke Bombs on Location: Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey

In this videoI show you how to take some great location portraits byadding smoke.AdoramaTV presentsTake and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey.Hello, I’m Gavin Hoey and your watching AdoramaTV, brought to you by Adoramathe camera store that has everything for us photographers. In this videowell you can see we’re out in the woods. I’m going […]

A Few Good Men (2/8) Movie CLIP – A Woman to Salute (1992) HD

Do code reds still happen on this base, Col–?Jo, the Colonel doesn’t need to answer that.– Yes he does. – No, he really doesn’t.Yeah, he really does.Colonel.You know, it just hit me…She outranks you, Danny.Yessir.I want to tell you something; and listen up, ’cause I really mean this.You’re the luckiest man in the world.There is […]

Health awareness drama on smoking by Pokhara university, Bph (public health) 6th batch students

Smoking is injurs to health. This video doesn’t promote any types of use of tobacco.This is an health awareness drama illustrating the nature and consequences of smoking habit….and no real tobacco items were used in the drama.

streaming for a bit [VOD: Mar 9, 2018]

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Tempo Mitch Jones (Pro Player) – 3 wins in a row today [VOD: Jun 2, 2018]

N4t_Pagle : hicotlol : TransgenderPrideTheEmori : REFRESH PogKoolAidGang : squadEZsuinap1234 : hiBrenin : Nevermind PogChampwastransparent : FINALLY SOMEONE TO WATCHpoey27529 : hiDiamond__Dick : live PogChampsolidkniven : Sup ma dudeOgyMang : whats good brothaShcyster : what time is it in your area @MitchJonesPositivePleb : 🙂 /wastransparent : MOD MEDmig23 : Hey MitchieZombotrox : POGGERSgam3timeflyby : morning […]