Kids Tell Their Parents How They Lost Their Virginity | Cut

When was your first time?When do you think my first time was?I think when you guys went to homecoming(laughs) Yeah, no, that wasn’t the first time butThat wasn’t the first time?I’m Lance and this is my dad, Cliff.Hi I’m (name)This is my mom.Today we are talking about how I lost my virginity.That’s one of the […]

Teachers Guess Who’s High | Lineup | Cut

(laughter)– He’s high.– My name’s Brian.I’m a high school English teacher.– My name is Emily.I teach new immigrants who are learning English.– I am a youth services agent.– I will abstain from that question.– Every day, I work with kids.1000%, and I know this for a kind of fact,because kids are assholes,and I can say […]


Until then take care and be happy,that’s the most important thing. Ciao !Only one hour after having released the 34th episode of What The CutAntoine Daniel immediately went to the bar “Le Choix de Buscarron”,named as such because of its owner and founder, Buscarron.Meanwhile, space pirates attacked the Earth– first capitals, then towns, then villages.On […]

Making $35,000 Bonsai Scissors

– [Narrator] When it comes to Japanese metal work,knives usually get all the glory.But in the city of Sakai,where blacksmithing goes back to the makingof samurai swords in the 14th century,one craftsman has built a legacyon something a little different.Scissors to split paper, food, and, of course, Bonsai trees.This is Yasuhiro Hirakawa, who works under […]

Parents & Kids Smoke Weed Together for the First Time | Strange Buds | Cut

– I’ve never seen a bong with ice in it.– I am.– I’m not.– I smoked it when I was in high school.Yup.– I smoke it all the time.(laughing)– I didn’t realize at first that you were smoking a lotbut then I started finding like pipes in random places.– As long as she doesn’t abuse […]

First Time Taking a Shot Captured in Slow Motion | First Takes | Cut

– Woo!(electronic music)– Hey, what’s up? (laughing)My voice cracked. (laughing)– I am here to try hard liquor, for the first time.– I was brought up in a very conservative ChristianKenyan family, where they don’t encourage drinking.– I just turned 21, didn’t want to do ituntil I was legally able to.– Growing up, I was involved […]

A Stoner Smokes Weed with his Grandma for the First Time | Strange Buds | Cut

(upbeat electronic music)– I’m Eli and this is my grandmother, Bonnie.And we’re both here to smoke some pot.– Do you smoke pot?– I do.– Often? – Yeah.(laughing)– Well, how often?– Pretty regularly.– How often?– Every couple days.– Every day?– No, every couple days.– Yeah?– Maybe every day, sometimes.– Are you guys ready to smoke?– Yeah, […]

How to Properly Use Scissor Cutter – Cigar 101

Hi, I’m Kurt Van Keppel from Xikar, and this is how I cut a cigar. A fewpeople still use scissors to cut their cigar. It provides the ultimatein degree of control over the blades and a nice clean cut if you know howto do it. I personally use a scissors to trim my cigar or […]

A Rabbi, a Priest and an Atheist Smoke Weed Together | Strange Buds | Cut

♫ Hallelujah, hallelujah♫ Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah ♫– Want me to do it again?– Yes, please.One more clap, you guys.(clapperboard claps)Perfect.– Right.– Reintroduce yourselves.– My name is Jim Morel, I’m a rabbi.I’m here to experience one of God’s creations.I have smoked marijuana many years ago,I haven’t done it for a while.– I’m Chris Schuler, I’m an […]