OSHO: My Whole Life is Full of Jokes

silence shared in words presents My Whole Life Is Full of Jokes Sitting in front of us, what do you see? Do you find all these jokes while looking at us? Chaitanya, you are right. I have to confess it: looking at you, what else can be found? You are all a joke unto yourself. […]

Philip Kotler: Marketing

On behalf of our President and CEO, Greg Case,and our chief marketing officer, Phil Clement,it’s a real honor for Aon to be the sponsor of this event today.And for many of you, you might know that Aonis now a UK-based company, but it’s also important for you to knowthat the Aon Foundation, for the past […]

Photoshop tutorials | How to create Orange Powerful Ink Smoke In Photoshop by samkhancreative

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Brené Brown: The Quest For True Belonging | Chase Jarvis LIVE

– Hey, everybody, how’s it goin’?I’m Chase Jarvis.Welcome to another episode of the Chase Jarvis Live showhere on CreativeLive.You guys know the show.This is the show where I sit down with the world’stop creators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and I doeverything I can to unlock their brains, unpack actionable,valuable insights with the goal of helping you […]