Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition Episode 62 with Jacqueline

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Brené Brown: The Quest For True Belonging | Chase Jarvis LIVE

– Hey, everybody, how’s it goin’?I’m Chase Jarvis.Welcome to another episode of the Chase Jarvis Live showhere on CreativeLive.You guys know the show.This is the show where I sit down with the world’stop creators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and I doeverything I can to unlock their brains, unpack actionable,valuable insights with the goal of helping you […]

Watch, Listen, and Repeat English Sentences. (New Year’s Resolutions (2017): Special Edition)

Quit smoking.Get in shape.Reduce stress.Meet new people.Read more books.Become more organized.Watch less TV.Spend less time on social media.Find a significant other.Stop procrastinating.Get out of debt.Learn a new language.Volunteer for a good cause.Be more adventurous. Take more chances.Save more money.Learn to control your emotions.Travel more and see the world.Enjoy the little things in life.Cut down on […]