10 LIES You Were Told About Marijuana

(upbeat music)– Oh, it’s the intro.So, depending on where you live,weed is either legal or it’s not.But, regardless there is a lot of misinformationand confusion out there about it.– Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go– This is good.(cheering)– Marijuana has been both applaudedas the miracle drug that has helped many peopleas well […]

6 Insane Game Shows (GAME)

You may or may not believe these crazy game shows actually exist and you may or– may not be right. – Lets talk about that!♪ (theme music) ♪– Good mythical morning! – (laughs) As a kid I was obsessed withgame shows, I watched them on the USA network before the game show network exist.Adults making […]

<ノラガミARAGOTO>OPテーマ THE ORAL CIGARETTES「狂乱 Hey Kids!!」MusicVideo

“Tonight We honor the hero!!”Stubborn NO-MASK and destructive crazy kidsHate lies? destruction? throwing down the daysSweet honey flavored body warmth arousedArouse Flavor Flavor FlavorJust wanna hold your hands“Hey people! Let’s go back to zero!”Be Crazy Hey Kids!! Brighten up the closed yesterdayBe Crazy Hey Kids!! Search the place that cannot be returnBe Crazy Hey Kids!! […]

Old Man Steve smoking bananas

Well I swore I’d never tell this story on myself, but here I go.When I was a young man, probably in my 20s,I was with a group of friends.And we’d been drinking a little.And once, somebody read an article in Time magazine–I remember that– about you could get highfrom smoking banana peels.And we went, what.So […]

I Tried Mastering Making Smoke With My Mouth

– Alright guys I am so excited about this video right now.I just discovered a bunch of these videos online from likeeight years ago, a bunch of people supposedlywas a trend, back in the day,just made smoke come out of their mouth.They’re not using a cigarette, they’re not usinga vape, they’re just making smoke in […]

Start a Fire With a Water Bottle

Normally, we’d think of using water to put out a fire, but in this video, you’ll learnhow to use water water to start them.If you’re ever lost in a survival situation, here’s a little trick you’re gonna be soglad to know. To practice this technique we’ll use 3 sheets of paper, and a water bottle.A […]

I Tried To Master The Ice Bubble

– Kids, don’t smoke cigarettes, blow bubbles.(fun music)All right, so I recently masteredthe invisible step challenge.(fun music)So, I’m just gonna keep masteringa bunch of cool things on the internet.I just saw a really cool video about making ice bubbles.It is freezing in New York right now.There’s a storm called the Bomb Cyclone.And I thought, why […]


It’s us, mind powerLive life, mind powerIt’s us, mind powerLive life, mind powerYo, fuck anybody I might alarm Life is a tour, I sit and ride alongTakin’ some notes and then I write the songs I’m starin’ down the road my life has goneIs this where I belong? Is it wrong to not believe in […]

Hypnotized to be Porn Stars – Porn Names 2013 Round 1 of 3

All the fellas on stage, you’re going to realize on the count of 3 that you are all professionalporn stars auditioning for a porn movie.You got the best porn moves in the business.Every good porn star needs a great porn star name.My name is Richard Hardin, “Dick Hardin”Are you kidding me?Your actual name is Richard […]

Hypnosis Video – Most Disgusting Man Alive

I’m the mostdisgusting human being you’veever seen in the entire worldand I’m giving you those eyes,those hey hey hey, baby kind ofeyes.}Good to have you here LaurenNice to meet you.Good to have you here.All right, perfect.: Hey Lauren, where are you from?:: Where are you from?: New York.: New York as well. All right, excellent.Is […]