A Quit Smoking Plan

Doctor, some people say that it helps them to make a plan, I don’t know howrealistic this is, Marianne, but set a date do something every day keep yourselfbusy and this is what I’ve heard from many people who I know who haveattempted to stop smoking, do you kind of go through that step of […]

WHY WE STRUGGLE: The Devil’s in The Dabbling (Part 1 of 2)

now dabbling is whathappens when you’re okay to make adecision but it’s not really a decisionyou’re not really committed to it you’rebeing open to it or you’re trying it outwithout really jumping in now Dublin cancreate terrible problems for businesspeople so we’re dabbling comes from isit’s all tied back to our own confidenceand our own […]

Why do we smoke || How to Quit Smoking || Best Method Ever || precise motivation

Why do we start smokingFriends provoke us and we starts.Means like yaar woh b toh karte hai… chal v karke dekh!ek baar try toh maar! ek bar try karne mai kya jata hai yaar!!May be the friend force us orForce comes within us. Let’s try it oncetry karne mai kya hai…Competition is also there among […]