Blind vs. Blindfolded – Everyday Tasks (feat. Chris Chann)

[drum beat]TOMMY: Today’s let’s have some fun and take a gift away from a YouTuber.The gift of sight!The gift of sight! CHRIS: Wait… what?[music plays] TOMMY: Today we’re going to play another gameof “Blind vs. Blindfolded” and we have a special guest with us.Chris Chann! How are you doing, sir? CHRIS: Good. Thanks for having […]

When I Was Busted By The Police

[swoosh] It’s my junior year of high school, okay…and I’m 16 and I have toset it up for you a little bit. I went to private school for high school.It wasn’t a school for the blind or anything like that. It wasjust a regular private school up in Connecticut. I’ll tell you. It wascalled Canterbury […]

Student Loans | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Tonight, we are talking about something  a lot of you guys have been asking usto cover on the show.Student loan debt.   It affects pretty much everyone I know,and if you’re one of the ten people  it doesn’t affect…congratulations on being a Kennedy.Student loans are crippling millions  of people,many of them fresh out of college.Imagine starting a […]

Jock Itch Gone Wrong!

[Music]The person I’m touching right now whenever Ishake your hand like this instantly youget the worst case of the jock itch ever.Oh my god! It’s like your balls are onfire. You’ll be scratching and adjustingbut when I let go that feeling goes away.But when I grab on to your hand again,Whoa!Ten times worse than the […]

Have You Ever Been Injured Because of Your Blindness?

This video’s going to hurt me a lot more than it’s going to hurt you.[swoosh / music plays] I can’t believe we’venever answered this question, but it’s a good one so here it goes.Have you ever been seriously injured due to being blind?Sure. There’s been a couple of times where I’ve been pretty badly hurtbut […]

Long Haired Businessmen – All Hands Meeting

(phone rings) – Here we go.Val?– [Seth] Val?– [Val] Hello?– [Kevin] Hey, Val.– [Val] Hey. – Hey, Val.What’s up, Val.– We, as you know, we got the big meeting coming up,and we just wanted to circle the wagons.Make sure we’re all on the same page.– Yeah, we wanted to talk turkey,and that turkey is Torrence.Mainly […]

Hypnotized Jealous Guy – Marc Savard

: Whenever I shake your hand like this, the exact opposite is true.On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m like a 30. You are so in love.Person I’m touching right now, the more she likes me, the more jealous you get.Perfect. : Hi. Where are you from? : California.: Where in California? : Rancho […]

Hitler tries to shout “Fegelein” for 10 hours

Meu Führer, o que você está planejando? Eu planejo gritar “Fegelein” por 10 horas. Neinve horas depois… É hora de acabar com isso. VOCÊ FALHOU! Ah, pelo amor do Fegelporra eu estava tão perto de completar esse desafio. Você o arruinou. Agora eu vou ter que tentar atirar em você por 10 horas.

Rodney Dangerfield Has Carson Hysterically Laughing (1979)

(big band music) (audience cheering)– Hey, what a crowd, what a crowd.You’re alright, there, I’m telling ya.(audience drowns out speaking)Thank you very much.Thank you.Nah, I tell ya, I’m alright now,but last week I was in rough shape, you know?(audience laughing)I mean last week my wife, she signed me upfor a bridge club, I jump off […]

The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals

(Lightning and thunder)(Lightning and thunder)The greatest stories ever told . . .Have a hero who must be bold.They learn a sense of right and wrongAnd better learn this sense through song!Musicals tell the impossible.(The impossible)They evoke the philosophical, yeah.So tonight we’re gonna chronicle a story so astronomical . . .The last remaining story to tell!The […]