The Snap | How to Fill a Butane Torch Lighter

welcome to The Snap this is a segment where we answer frequently askedquestions and a very rapid fire format so let’s get right into it on thisepisode of the snap we are going to be discussing how to troubleshoot andrefill your butane torch later first step you want to take is just take ifthen item […]

How to Fill a Butane Torch Lighter

how to fill a lighter i know this soundslike a really simple thingbut I know quite a few people who had dificultyfilling their butane lighter.So I thought we’d do a quick video and showone method that seems to work very wellto get a quick simple fill of a butane lighter.I’m going to be showing us […]

Pot Smoking: Is Twilight Memory Real?

You guys, have you seen my omelette?Because I totally thought that I just had it.I’m really hungry.Oh, look, a camera. Hello.Welcome to D News, guys and gals.Thanks for stopping by.I’m Trace.As Colorado sees the implementationof legally purchased marijuana, the drugis going to be under increased scrutiny,and we should all be paranoid that the daysof pot […]

Public Education Strategies

you’re gonna be hearing today from Sam Cole with the Colorado Department ofTransportation from Ali Maffei with the Colorado Department of Public Health andin the environment and from Paige McGowan from the Spokane Regional HealthDistrict so we are all sort of involved in one way or another in publiceducation campaigns marketing outreach that kind of […]

Stoned Moms: The Marijuana Industry’s Greatest Untapped Market

very goodSo how do you feel now after that?Very conscious right now of the animals.Like, very in tune with the animals.And I may have stepped like, quickly.Into?Into… two stoned.Jessica Roake is a mother of two from the suburbs of Washington D.C.In college she used to smoke pot but gave it up when she became a […]