Why Do We Snort Things?

Say hello to my little FREND. IT’S… it’s The NOSE. And you know what? It doesn’t wantany of those things that you’re trying to sniff up there. Stop it.Insufflation or the act of inhaling something through the nose is an ancient practice; Google’sNGram viewer finds references to insufflation all the way back to the late-1600s […]

Rens snorts and chews tobacco (nicotine) | Drugslab

Hi, I’m Nellie. -And I’m Rens.And this is Drugslab.And in Drugslab we try all sorts of drugs to see what they do to our body.If you’re curious about a drug or want to share an experience, leave a comment.Many people are curious about nicotine.You find it not only in cigarettes, but also in many other […]

Nellie gets confused after smoking weed | Drugslab

I feel like Snoop Snoopy Dogg. -You look stoned.No. -Yes, really.Hello, I’m Rens. -And I’m Nellie.And welcome… -In our Drugslab.In this lab we test all kinds of drugs for you, so you don’t have to.If you’re curious about a drug, leave a comment.This one and this one wanted me to try weed.So do I. -Really?This […]

The Sweet Taste of Poison. Video Rant #9

There’s an age old question, old as time itself, that to this v ery day, still remains unanswered.All have tried to solve this riddle. Theologians, philosophers, physicists. Coke…or Pepsi?Congratulations, you’re an addict. No, I’m not talking about meth or cocaine. This issomething a little more devious.Have you ever wondered why people such as yourself would […]

What If You Only Drank Soda?

With over 1.8 billion bottles of Coca-Cola sold a day and nearly half of Americans (48%) drinkingat least one glass of soda or pop a day, it’s safe to say many of us love asugary drink. But what would happen to our brains and bodies if we only drank soda?As the drink enters your mouth, […]

What If You Only Drank Energy Drinks?

Whether it’s to fuel your late night study session, or trying to stay alert on the jobenergy drinks are very popular with 76% of young adults consuming them, but what wouldhappen if you ONLY drank energy drinks?One sip and the feel-good effect is almost immediate.When the sugar molecules hit your taste buds, it triggers your […]

Nellie completely spaced out on magic truffles (psilocybin) | Drugslab

Hi, I’m Bastiaan. -And I’m Nellie.And welcome… -In our Drugslab.Everything is different.It’s pretty intense.Also in 2017 we’ll try all kinds of drugs for you in the name of science.As usual you can react in the comments, just as Hugo Klat, Tristan Koenders…Chann Chunn… -And The Incredible Hulk did.Because today we’re going to try magic truffles.I […]