Taiwan Guide | Top Instagram photo spots:TaiChung – 台中最好拍的IG打卡點2019 Oct

The first spot we went to as soon as we got to TaiChung [一到台中我們來到的第一個點]we were starving [因為我們快餓死了]and it wasn’t time for us to check-in the hotel yet [ 但我們入住的時間還沒到]so we found a coffee shop near our hotel [所以我們在飯店附近找了間咖啡廳。]The shop didn’t extra decorations, [這間店沒有浮誇的裝飾]but the food and especiallythe so-called “Dirty coffee” [但超級推薦“髒髒咖啡”]and the “Molded milk tea” […]


we in the jungle againyo what up guys I’m double X and we’re still inCuba but this time we’re in like the real countryside of Cuba in the junglethe real jungle this is a Google Maps this is by Google right here, yes, okayhere it looks like there’s the wee-fee I have my friend Helme […]

Men in Black (1997) – The Worm Guys Scene (2/8) | Movieclips

Where you going?Yo. I mean, what the hell is all this?Back in the mid-1950’s, the government started a little underfunded agencywith the simple and laughable purpose of establishing contact with a racenot of this planet. – Now gentlemen, if you’ll look directlyat the end of this device, we’ll administer the eye test.Everybody thought the agency […]

Is Something in Tobacco Protective Against Parkinson’s Disease?

“Is Something in Tobacco Protective Against Parkinson’s Disease?” The CDC recently celebrated the 50-year anniversary of the landmark 1964 Surgeon General’s report on smoking, considered one of the greatest public health achievements of our time, the first of 30 other such reports from the Surgeon General on smoking. Internal tobacco industry memos document their response. […]

Is Liquid Smoke Flavoring Carcinogenic?

[Music] we know smoke inhalation isn’t good for us what about smoke ingestion decades ago smoke flavorings were tested to see if they cause DNA mutations in bacteria and the test was negative even as more and more smoke flavoring was added the DNA mutation rate remained about the same but the fact that something […]

Cigar review Philippine سيجار من الفلبين

hi everybody today I have decided to review a different cigar I think is a good cigar but unfortunately not known by many people during the Spanish colony to Cuba they have decided to save some of their cigar leaves somewhere in case of anything having and they have looked to the area under their […]

How to Stop Being Yourself: Dr Joe Dispenza and How to Reprogram Your Mind

hi everybody my name is dr. Joe Dispenza I’m the author of three books my first book is called evolve your brain the science of changing your mind my second book is called breaking that of being yourself how to lose your mind and create a new one my last book is called you are […]

This Is What CAFFEINE Does To Your Body

We are a society that runs on caffeine.Most people cant even be coherent in the morning without a cup of coffee.But have you ever wondered what caffeine does to your body and your brain?Find out right now on IO.Welcome back to Inform Overload, where we overload you with information.I’m your host, charlotte dobre, and I’ll […]

Coffee Addicts Try To Guess Regular Vs. Decaf Coffee

– My mom started putting like a little bit of coffeein my hot chocolate and the first dayI almost like shit my pants on the way to my school.(laughter)(upbeat music)– I started drinking coffee when I was in the second grade.– It’s like the first thing I drink every morning,drink it all the way through […]

This Is What Happens When You Drink a Coffee on an Empty Stomach

You might think drinking coffee in the morning is a great idea. You may even think it’sa great way to get yourself going in the morning.But you’d be surprised to learn that drinking coffee first thing in the morning- especiallyon an empty stomach- is a terrible idea.Why? Let’s take a look at a few reasons.1. […]