Krokodil: Russia’s Deadliest Drug (NSFW)

[MUSIC PLAYING]MALE SPEAKER 1: [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] [SOVIET ANTHEM PLAYING]ALISON SEVERS: In 1979, the Soviet army enteredAfghanistan, engaging in a brutal 10-year conflict whichkick-started the Afghan opium trade.It was sold all over the world to help fund the fight againstthe Soviets, but the main customers of the opium werethe Russians themselves.After the fall of the Soviet […]

Why Do We Snort Things?

Say hello to my little FREND. IT’S… it’s The NOSE. And you know what? It doesn’t wantany of those things that you’re trying to sniff up there. Stop it.Insufflation or the act of inhaling something through the nose is an ancient practice; Google’sNGram viewer finds references to insufflation all the way back to the late-1600s […]

Rens snorts and chews tobacco (nicotine) | Drugslab

Hi, I’m Nellie. -And I’m Rens.And this is Drugslab.And in Drugslab we try all sorts of drugs to see what they do to our body.If you’re curious about a drug or want to share an experience, leave a comment.Many people are curious about nicotine.You find it not only in cigarettes, but also in many other […]

Smoking Crack in Hell’s Kitchen

-You take your crack and you put it in this top piece right here,then you burn it.For most people, the pleasure is seeing the clouds.And after that it’s going, that’s your high.There is no more.-[rapping]: Attention, users and abusers-[rapping]: Down and out losers-Stop chasing that cloud-(both) It never fails to elude ya-Spendin’ that money like […]

Nellie gets confused after smoking weed | Drugslab

I feel like Snoop Snoopy Dogg. -You look stoned.No. -Yes, really.Hello, I’m Rens. -And I’m Nellie.And welcome… -In our Drugslab.In this lab we test all kinds of drugs for you, so you don’t have to.If you’re curious about a drug, leave a comment.This one and this one wanted me to try weed.So do I. -Really?This […]

616 Neuroplasticity made easy | How to get Control in life | Neuroscience

FasterEFT’sbelief system and the difficult part.Thank you. Hello hello, you’ve got me on mike?Hello, hello, hello, helloHello, hello, right there sounds goodDid you feel the energy?Hey, I’m so glad to be ..I’m so glad to be here,I’m glad you’re hereMy name is Robert SmithEhm…Tell you a little bit about my storyIt’s probably like some of […]

Ethan Nadelmann: The War on Drugs is Racist

If you ask the question why are some drugs legal and others illegal. Why are cigarettesand alcohol legal and pharmaceuticals in the middle and these other drugs — marijuanaand, you know, other ones illegal? You know, some people sort of inherently assume wellthis must be because there was a thoughtful consideration of the relative risks […]

How Drugs affect your Life. A Short Message by an Addict

Friends, I want to say something to you.dont forget that every human is going to face death one day.I was full of life, I was young.I started working as a laborer, my mind was not in studies.I used to work in a restaurant, my Boss or Teacher’s father was addicted to powder ( Heroin).You got […]

Britain’s cocaine supermarket EXPOSED: Uni students ordering kilos of drugs online

Britain’s cocaine supermarket EXPOSED: Uni students ordering kilos of drugs online  This deeper part of the internet requires a special browser to access it – but is proving to be increasingly popular.The youngsters simply choose how much they want, before checking out and paying anonymously.More shocking still, their narcotics are delivered straight to their doorstep by Royal Mail the […]