Two points of view on Sacramento’s flavored tobacco ban

Well, the Sacramento City Council has an opportunity tonight to join more than 30 other cities in California that have prohibited the sale of flavored tobacco, which has really become a public health scourge. The use of e-cigarettes has been skyrocketing. It’s being fueled by these candy flavored e-cigarettes like cotton candy and Captain Crunch. […]

Does Vapor Technology Help People Quit Smoking? || VIDA News

– Good grief, when I was in high school, they had a smoker’s lounge in the high school. But at least the one person I know well who vapes credits this with stopping drinking cig, stopping smoking cigarettes, and I wonder do you feel this is an effective way? If that’s true, we’re saving lots […]

E-cigarettes linked to lung cancer in mice | NHS Behind the Headlines

Hi, I’m Naomi and welcome to Behind the Headlines, the science behind the news.This week The Sun reported that e-cigarette smoke could cause lungcancer despite being tobacco-free.E-cigarettes have helped many people to give up smoking cigarettes.The number of people using e-cigarettes or vaping has rapidly grown over the past decade.However, as e-cigarettes have only been […]

The SX Mini G Class Full Review – “I Love This Thing!”

hey guys it’s Dale and today we’re going to be doing my full review on the SXmini G class and I am very excited this is one of my favourite mods in a verylong time what we’re going to do is we’re going to do theup-close-and-personal I’m going to show you how the actual mod […]

51 – La cigarette électronique est-elle nocive ? – Raisonnance

La cigarette électronique telle qu’on la connaît a été créée dans les années 2000. Malgré un succès grandissant auprès des consommateurs, une question centrale persiste : la cigarette électronique est-elle nocive pour l’être humain ? Vous vous en doutez, la réponse n’est encore une fois ni blanche ni noire. Les cigarettes électroniques ont l’avantage de ne pas […]

You Quit, You Win 15 Seconds

– [Narrator] Set yourself free fromhaving to hide from your kidsfree from the expense,from coughing and running out of breath.Set yourself free from the smokesand you’ll be free from all the crap that goes with it.Visit to find out how.

The 3 minute natural lung cleanse for smokers

– Hello, Smoker.Are your lungs blacker than charcoal?Is your breath shallower than modern dating?Then you may have smoker lungs.Our friend, Black Sheep, has askedfor a natural method to reverse this.The solution starts from the insidewhere invasive method should never go.Don’t be alarmed if you have phlegm and coughing.Your body is going to expel the toxins […]

What Is The Deal With Vaping? | Is Vaping Bad?

Is vaping healthy? Or is it killing you?In this video, we’re going to be discussing how vaping worksWhether it helps people quit smoking or just gets more people addictedand is it really dangerous…?Hey there guys, I’m Jesse Crowe, The Travelling ScientistAnd after studying pharmacology for years, I’m here to help you live smarter, happier & […]