How Cigars are Made : How to Store Cigars

In this clip, we’re going to talk about what happens after the final product is finished.Once it’s finished rolled, most companies will maintain them in what they call an agingroom for a minimum of 45 days, but most companies go for a few years. What that does it allowsthe binder and the wrapper to marry, […]

How Cigars are Made : Applying the Cigar Binder to Make Cigars

In this clip, we’re actually going to apply the binder to the bunch. We’re going to goup here, we’re going to grab a binder which we’re keeping slightly moist so it still hasits stretch. Lay it down on the board. Spread it out a little bit. Also while you’re bunching,you’re trying to feel the cigar […]

How Cigars are Made : Tools Needed to Make a Cigar

Ok in this clip we are going to discuss the tools that are used in the trade. First partof the most important tool is this little piece of metal here it’s called the chivetta,also known as a tobacco knife. This is actually what they use to shape the leaf when theycut the leaf of the […]

How Cigars are Made : Bunching Tobacco Leaves to Make a Cigar

In this clip, we’re going to be discussing how to bunch a cigar. What you’re going tobasically do is you take your seco. Like I said, you’re going to see that there’s a lotmore seco in this than there is ligero. You’re just going to kind of quarter it, if it’sa good sized leaf. You’re […]

How Cigars are Made : What’s in a Cigar?

In this clip we’re going to discuss the general components of a cigar as far as what it’smade out of. OK and this is the seco tobacco. This is what you use in the filler. This isojero, which is also a filler component. This is your binder, which is used to hold thefiller together. And […]

How Cigars are Made : Making Cigar Wrappers

Now, in this clip we’re going to talk about wrapper. Now, when you get wrapper it usuallycomes in what they call tamp. Now, this is how they ferment it in the barn, it’s usuallyhanging on a stick for a while until it turns brown. When they get it to the table, whenthey get it in […]

How Cigars are Made : Cigar Pressing

In this clip we’re going to show how we take the mold, put it in the press, and we’re goingto show you what the finished product looks like. Usually this would be full, but we’rejust doing a little demo. So, you take your mold and you put it on. As you can see, itdoesn’t really […]

How Cigars are Made : Wrapping a Cigar

Okay, in this clip we’re going to actually apply the wrapper that we trimmed to the bunch.Now we take out the wrapper that we trimmed, and we’re going to apply. I get a lot of questionsabout as far as what this is. A lot of people call it glue, but actually what it is, it’scalled […]

How Cigars are Made : Types of Cigar Tobacco

Here we’re going to talk about the Seco leaf. Seco leaf is a very essential component offiller. It’s one of the milder tobaccos used in the filler. It comes from either thefourth or fifth priming of the plant, and as you’re priming a plant of tobacco, youstart your first priming which uses the mud leaf, […]

How Cigars are Made : Preparing a Cigar Wrapper Leaf

In this clip we’re going to actually show the preparation of a wrapper leaf before weactually wrap the cigar. Now, when you’re doing a wrapper you want to look at the wrapper.The reason being is there is an inside and an outside to a wrapper. This is actuallyJamaican Sumatra. As you can see it’s got […]