Get It Together 04: Me to We

Welcome back to the final week of our Fall Kickoff series – Get It Together: Finding Jesus in Each Other!It’s time to take out your Bible (or get a visitor Bible, or look on with someone close by, or use a Bible app on your phone). We’re about to learn something life changing. This is […]

Is it Okay for a Christian to Smoke Marijuana?

As some of you know, I’m from the State of Coloradoand I get asked about pot a lot.Although it’s illegal in the federal government level,our state has allowed marijuana use, along with 24 other states in America.That’s the medical use and that’s not what we’re going to talk about today.You can use lasers in medical […]

Alcoholism and How to Quit Drinking Alcohol

AlcoholismFor thousands of years people have been brewingand also fermenting alcoholic drinks.Alcoholic beverageshave been a staple of human societyfor thousands of years.However, there are some peoplewho cannot regulate their desire forand therefore intake of alcohol.Regardless of how muchof a detriment that is to various aspects of their life.Now, it’s at that pointthat we consider that […]

SUPERNATURAL: Angel Caught On Camera Entering The SCOAN!!!

Someone sent us the following footage. Please SHARE with us your opinion or comment concerning it:Charlie, I saw something.This one – physical.Charlie, I saw something physically.It went into the Church.

Is This TB Joshua’s MOST ANOINTED Prayer EVER???

There was no way for Moses,if the Red Sea was not dividedAre you with me?There was no way for Moses, if the Red sea was not divided.Moses was at the cross roadsHe looked here; he looked there,there was no way.the only way was just to cross the Red sea.In the same way, many of you […]


the more you began to investigatewe understand where we came from what we think we’re doingthe more you begin to see we’ve been lied toeven like to buy every institution what makes you think for one minute that thereligious institutionthat’s the only one of the smell of instructionreligious institutions of this worldare at the parliamentthe […]

FAITH IS NOT A FEELING!!! | TB Joshua Sermon

You provide the fireI’ll provide the sacrificeLift your hands, Church!You provide the SpiritI will open up insideYou provide the fireI’ll provide the sacrificeYou provide the SpiritI will open up insideFill me up GodFill me upFill me up GodFill me upThe SCOAN Sunday ServiceI need You to fill me up GodFill me upAnybody wants the Lord […]

Revelation in Sight and Sound

>>I have had a life-long love affair with the book ofRevelation. And I am always thrilled when I find anartistic expression of the book, whether it be in somevisual art form or in music. One of the most creativeexpressions of Revelation I have ever run across is one byLarry McCoy. He has actually put the […]


It’s not only her – there is a brother in the family too that has this problem, it’s not only her.I see.Okay, so no problem. This is a family problem and I will see you..Watch how the lady receives her deliverance through the prayer of Prophet T. B. Joshua.Prophet T. B. Joshua is used as […]