Get It Together 04: Me to We

Welcome back to the final week of our Fall Kickoff series – Get It Together: Finding Jesus in Each Other!It’s time to take out your Bible (or get a visitor Bible, or look on with someone close by, or use a Bible app on your phone). We’re about to learn something life changing. This is […]

How to Practice Kriyayoga Correctly

The first important thing what is problem in practicepractice is very very simplethis is the art of concentration on self withthe true idea, true thought and true concept that head to toes whatever we feel is all in allall in all means everything we will find within all external engineeringdepartments, medical sciences and many other […]

2015 Personality Lecture 12: Existentialism: Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard

This lecture, and the next, are probably the most explicitly philosophical lectures ofthe course.Then, we move into psychometrics, and biological psychology.Those are going to be the most scientific lectures of the course.I was thinking, this morning, while I was preparing this lecture, about why I approachthese topics this way.Part of the answer is, probably, that […]


Most Christians are not free from the bondage of sin, vices and addictions. They keep fallinginto the same sins and bad habits over and over again. That is why many confess thatthey cannot stop sinning, which is openly admitting defeat and surrender to evil. Thewages of sin is death. It is futile to keep on […]

Joy From Christ, Not Your Performance – Paul Washer

Father, I will preach a message today that I myself have trouble living.Lord do not allow me to be in the hypocrisy of making people believe I am something I am not.For I know Lord that there are no such thing,there is no such thing as a great man of God only weak,pitiful, faithless man […]

Battling Pornography – Bob Jennings

How would you counsel someone if they came to you and they say…“I’m falling into this sin of looking at pornography on the Internet.”How would you help them to discern whether they’re a lost and their a slave of sin orwhether they’re a true Christian who is falling into sin,they’re saved, but their just struggling […]

If God is so Good and Powerful Why is there Suffering and Pain?

From the beginning of time people [have] often wonderedif God is a god of love, then why did he allow so much suffering in this world asIntelligent human being you and I have a right to know the answer to this important subject [it] [Rose] many other questionsthat are enviablyBelieve it or not in order […]