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Are Deep-Fried Oreos the Perfect Food for the End of the World?

– At the Bonfire XXM, we’ll tweet out the videowe’re talking about, of a man in a fuck suitthat we’re trying to buy.Fuck suit’s probably not the best way–– Jacob, I can’t put this outfit on,I’d look ridiculous.– Yeah, and dude, and I would fucking…I’d rip through the back ’cause I’m all long and gangly.– […]

Why Quit Smoking?

In this world— where cigarette smoking is costing more than 7 million lives, 2 trilliondollars in healthcare and lost productivity… where smoking remains the leading cause ofpreventable deaths from cancer… people still smoke.What does smoking do?We all know that  smoking increases the risk for serious health problems, diseases, anddeath. We know about the increased risks […]

Study Finds Pfizer’s Smoking Cessation Drug, Chantix, Is No More Effective Than Nicotine Patches

Here’s the latest on A new study published in the Journal of the American MedicalAssociation, found that there was no statistically significant difference in quit smoking ratesbetween individuals using nicotine patches, lozenges or taking Pfizer’s Chantix. Whatwill these results mean for sales of the quit smoking drug?Hello, I’m Sarah Massey, Life Science Blogger and […]

Quit Smoking with Chantix: A Real Life Experience

so today I’m going to be interviewing my dental assistant his name is Jose andJose has recently started his journey to quit smoking with chantix and hisdentist This is Dr. Tamisha Denis and this is the Modern SmileSo what I did is a couple of weeks ago i prescribed Chantix to Joseto stop smoking lungs […]

WHY I QUIT TAKING CHANTIX (Side Effects Explained for Quit Smoking Pills)

yes smoking is a terrible habit and I tried to stop but chantix kind of maybego a little crazy what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soulwhere we talk about the problem but focused on the solution and welcome backto another video my channel is all about mental health and this is […]

🚬 The Best Way To Stop Smoking, Permanently – Without Chantix – By Dr Sam Robbins

Hi, it’s Dr Sam Robbins,People are smoking less these days, which is a good thing.However, there are still many people who smoke and want to stop, but they just don’t knowhow or whatever they’ve tried, doesn’t work.For example, I got the following email the other day.“Hey doc – I really need to stop smoking, but […]

Stop Smoking and Don’t Get Manicures?

joining us is doctor andrew gonzales he’s a health services research fellowat the university of michigan and also a resident physician in general surgery atthe university of illinois hospital and health sciences systemall of his answers today or his personal opinions and rememberthese are not meant to be individualmedical advice certainly talk to a professional […]

Quitting Smoking? Take Care with This Rx

A warning today.. if you take Chantix to help quit smoking. I’m Rachelle Grossman with yourlatest health news. The FDA says that some patients who took Chantix and drank alcoholbecame aggressive or experienced amnesia. In a few cases, the patients have had seizures.In an interview with dailyRx News, James Dykes, owner of Cullen Care Pharmacy […]