Streamlining the Adoption Process & E-Cigarette Smoking Bans & Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets

17:17:11:18 �� 17:30:08:06>>>Coming up next on “Arizona17:30:10:15 Horizon,” we’ll see how Maricopa 17:30:12:06 County is streamlining its17:30:14:00 process for adoptions. 17:30:15:06 Also tonight, does the state’s17:30:19:00 smoking ban apply to 17:30:21:18 e-cigarettes?17:30:22:15 And an exhibit that shows how 17:30:24:09 archeologists uncover the17:30:26:03 secrets of ancient Egypt. 17:30:29:18 Those stories next on “Arizona17:30:30:09 Horizon.” 17:30:31:18>>>”Arizona Horizon” […]

Charles Bradley performs soulful cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘Changes’

Am I right? The last tune you’re gonna do for us is ‘Changes’Which is a tune by Black Sabbath. You don’t strike me as the average Black Sabbath man.How did this tune cross your path?Umm… Mr. Thomas Brennan? asked me to do this song.Never heard of the guy but the lyrics were so powerfuland I […]

How to stop suffering? Byron Katie

you hello Baran Katie hello little thank you for accepting to do this interview over Skype it’s my privilege um I’m really excited to interview you you are famous around the world for the work and I’m really happy to discuss this and discuss all the wonderful things that you’re about to to do you’re […]

How Hypnosis Changes Your Brain

(upbeat music) – It’s Shane Fozard here from Australian Success Academy. Now hypnosis and hypnotherapy not only feels great, helps people quit smoking, helps them to lose weight, help them to reduce pain, helps them overcome anxiety and increase their confidence, but it also changes the brain. Now, scientists have uncovered three major findings that […]

My First 30 Days Sober

– Hey, guys. I’m Corey.I am going a month without drinkingand I’m going to document it.(claps hands)If I’m being straight up about this,I’m not excited.I like to drink.I think it’s fun.It’s something that my friends do.We go out and we grab some beersand it’s just how we engage with each other.I think for awhile there […]