CDC: Tips from Former Smokers – James: “No, I Won’t Buy You Smokes”

Somehow, you know, one day moved to two days,to three days, to a week.And that was so important to me,to have these important calendar periods.But one day, I was going riding, and my roommate said to me,“Do me a favor, pick me up a pack of cigarettes,”on my way out the door, and I was […]

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Marlene’s Ad

(Marlene) I’m Marlene.I smokedand got macular degeneration.So I don’t see very well.If this happens to you,you could need eye injections every month.Like I do.My first tip is:find a doctor that you could trust.My other tip is:before they put that needle in your eyeball,look as far away as possible.(Announcer) You can quit.For free help,visit CDC.GOV/TIPS

10 Tips to Stop Smoking for Good

With so many tips and suggestions on how to stop smoking, it is really easy to see whyso many people really do not quit. The vast majority of people are completely confusedby the entire process! What of the conflicting messages passed around? The fact is that withso much information passed around, that is confusing to […]

Handling Setbacks

It may take you several tries to quit smoking, and that’s totally okay. You’ll know more about quitting than you knew before and can use this information to try again. The most important thing is to keep trying. What if I can’t do it? I don’t want people to think I’m a failure if I […]

Healthcare Providers: How quitlines can help your patients who smoke to quit for good

VO: Do you have patients who smoke? In addition to the cessation counseling you provide, referring your patients to a quitline can also help them quit smoking. Here’s what happens whensomeone calls a quitline. ERIC: Hi. I’ve been thinking about quitting smoking, but I’m not sure where to begin. NALLELY: It’s great that you’re thinking […]

Beyond the Data – Million Hearts® 2022: A Compelling Call to Action

[Dr. John Iskander] Hello I’m Dr. John Iskander, welcome to CDC’s Beyond the Data. I’m here today with Dr. Janet Wright executive director of the Million Hearts program. Welcome Dr. Wright. Thank you so much it’s a joy to join you today. [Dr. John Iskander] For our audience can you please remind us what the […]

Worse Than We Thought

[MUSIC]NARRATOR: In 1964, the first Surgeon General’s Reportfound that smoking caused lung cancer.Today, we know the impact of smoking on health and well-beingis even worse than we thought.RADM LUSHNIAK: We keep finding brand-new diseases–diabetes,arthritis, erectile dysfunction, macular degeneration thatcauses blindness–all directly associated with smoking.DR. SAMET: We see smokers being more absent from work;we see them […]

A Time To Act

THORNTON: One minute, it was just like a little flame on the wall, where the outlet was, and the next thing you know, it was busting out windows in the back. ANNOUNCER: Firefighters say that Katrina Thornton and her children are examples of how to keep your family safe in the event of a fire. […]

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Sharon’s Peer Pressure Story

(Sharon) I started junior high school. Peer pressure, that’s why I started. To be cool, to fit in. Everybody smoked, that was like the cool thing to do. With my granddaughter, she’s 12 years old. She’s in junior high now And that’s what I’m afraid of, you know. She’s gonna get in with a kid […]

Managing Cravings and Avoiding Triggers

When you’re trying to quit smoking, you will likely experience cravings or urges to smoke. The good news is that quitline coaches have the knowledge and experience to help you manage them and get you through to the other side. When I’ve tried to quit before, certain things have always tripped me up, like my […]