Cancer care: importance of discussing quitting smoking and referring to NSW Quitline

I think at the time of diagnosis of a cancer it is a very difficult time. Thechallenges that people face when they have a cancer diagnosis and when they’resmoking to quit is everything else that’s going on in their life. I thinkthey worry about being judged and really it’s a matter of being understanding andthen […]

A General Practitioner’s perspective on discussing smoking cessation and NSW Quitline referral

What I find with my patients is that nearly all of them have started smokingas a teenager. So usually the average age is probably around 15, and I wouldimagine at that time the reason why they took up smoking was image. Maybe theyactually enjoyed smoking at that time but as the years go by, most […]

You Quit. You Win. (30 sec)

Quit having to hide from your kids. Quit having to stand outside in the cold. Quit feelingyou’re being judged. Quit the expense. Quit all the coughing. Quit feeling like you’rean outcast. Quit being embarrassed to give a hug. Quit running out of breath. Quit alwayssaying you’re going to quit. Quit smoking and you quit all […]

Quit Smoking Campaign – Quit Stalling

I’ll quit smoking before footy training starts.I’ll quit before I wake up coughing.I’ll quit before my kid’s born.I’ll quit before I have serious problems.I wish I quit when I said.You know you’ll quit one day.So get tough with yourself.Do it now.Quit stalling.Quit today.

Quit Smoking Campaign – Never Give Up Giving Up 30 second

The first time I quit I had no idea what I was getting myself into.I lasted three days then some bright spark gave me a beer.The second time was better.I lasted six weeks until my girlfriend decided I was too cranky and gave me a cigarette.The last time I quit, I just put out my […]