ECola E Cigarette Mod od GD

ECola E-Cigarette Mod, 4000 mAh Power Bank from Gold DriveHi and welcome to the video about a bit funny item, produced by SMY company.It´s a funny ECola.Let´s have a look inside the magic tube.Prepared by SMY for us.So, there´s an ECola mod itself, which looks like this.Here, you can choose from two designs to decorate […]

IVOD Bluetooth Intelligent E Cigarette od GD

IVOD Bluetooth Intelligent E Cigarette from GDWelcome to the video about the first electronic cigarette controlled through a Bluetooth mobile phone application– IVOD Bluetooth Intelligent E-Cigarette.IVOD is an intelligent electronic cigarette which you can control with your mobile phone,through the applications that you download from Apple store or Google Play shop.The application is called IVAPand […]

Tobacco and Health: Counseling and Medication

– And the smoking?The last time I saw you,you were saying this would be the year.How’s that going?– Hmm, I’ve tried to quit on my own a couple of timesbut I never make it more than a few days.– Well trying is a really important step.You have the idea in your head,and you’re making the […]

Nipples Smoke Effect (NSE) [CC]

Oh… since I burnt my nipplesThey can…they can be smoking, then I can do a back flipand it would be like a smoking effect.Like… it will be super cool.Nipples Smoke Effect (NSE)AH! (loud, embarrassing fart sound)(screaming as his big head falls off the bed)

Does smoking decrease Pennis Size??????? 9 Facts about your Pennis

Fact 1:- Smoking decreases Pennis size Up to 1 centimeterFact 2:- Horses and human beings are the only mammals Who do not have bone in the PennisFact 3:- Hangover Horny:- After drinking Its Common to get Headache because of Hangover. along with headache we may get erection and sexual feelings, This is called Hangover HorneyWomen […]

#QuitStories: What would you tell someone who is trying to quit smoking?

It can take many attempts before someone quits for good.I would tell somebody who’s trying toquit smoking to keep trying, just to takeit one day at a time and eventually theywill make it. It’s definitely hard andsome days are worse than others, but if youjust keep pushing yourself, you’ll make it.Keep trying. You know you […]

Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol & ED | Erection Problems

Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition that affects many men throughout this country. It’s estimated that over 30 million men are affected by erectile dysfunction. What it is, is either the inability to have a strong or firm erection or the inability to sustain the erection during sexual activity at least 75% of the […]

Watch These Cunning Snails Stab and Swallow Fish Whole | Deep Look

Big news.You can now support Deep Look on Patreon.More after the show.Cone snails are striking … in more ways than one.They lurk in the sand around coral reefs.And wait til you see what’s under the hood.That pretty veneer is hiding an impressive array of tools … and weapons.A cone snail’s breathing tube, called a siphon, […]

Your Brain On Shrooms

Psychedelic or ‘magic’ mushrooms have been ingested by humans for over 9000 years.Even today, this naturally grown fungus is commonly used as a recreational drug, causinghallucinations, but how exactly does it work?The main psychoactive ingredient in shrooms is call psilocybin. When ingested, the bodybreaks it down into the active drug psilocin, which makes its way […]