I Lost My Hair

I was born with a condition called alopecia which means my hair folliclesJust weren’t working and I never grew any hair on my headSo I was basically bald for most of my life because there are different types of alopeciaThere’s one where your hair can grow back and fall out?And there’s one where you just […]

What Being Bullied Actually Does To You

HEY THERE!Welcome to Life Noggin!Oh it’s an apple tree?Huh Well ya learn something new every day!Triangle Bob and I have a complicated relationship.You see, back then, he used to bully me.But lately, I’ve been the one kind of making fun of him.I think it’s about time we break that cycle.What do you say, Triangle Bob, […]

Rumors Spread About Me At School

Yes, it was the day. The first day of 6th grade.I was so excited to finally be in the 6th gradeand be top dog of the school. I went into my classroomand I met all my classmates who wereso nice to me, but some of them seemed a little off…They kinda stared at me and […]

I Am NOT A Terrorist! – Mean Kids At School

It was at primary school that I started to wear scarves as I was muslim, and every timeI used to go to school, everyone used to make fun of me because I’m a muslim and…“you know those terrorist attacks.”There was this one time where some girl in this game actually let go of me for […]

How Do I Make Kids Stop Bullying Me?

When I went to middle school it’s when bullying really started to hit me.I used to be called names.I got cyber-bullied a lot and it made me feel really bad.After I survived middle school,I finally started getting into my near freshman years and the bullying and cyber-bullyinggets way, way worse than it was. I used […]