Family Guy – Brian Eats Chocolate

-Peter, come on! Time to get dressed for our Valentine’s Day dinner!We don’t wanna be late for our reservation! -Reservation?-Yeah! I decided we’re going someplace nice this time.Not like last year, when we went to the Outback Steak House… but it’s “out” as in the gay way!-We’ll get you the specials, but first I need […]

Family Guy – Peter Becomes A Smoker

Well I have officially seen every video on YouTube, gotta say there is not a bad one.I need these shipping invoices filled immediately. I’ll be right back.There she goes again, how come she always skips out when it’s work to doShe’s just taking a smoke break a deaf person smoking. That’s.. that’s weirdWhy is it […]

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Brian’s Stroke and Slow Recovery

In January, I had a stroke.I was…with some friends.Um…We were at the ceramics studio where I work.And fortunately,the Cedars-Sinai Hospitalwas very nearby,and I got attention right away.I was in the intensive care for three days,and I don’t remember those three days very well.Um…I needed more help than — than ever before.I…It was very strange to […]

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Brian: There’s Hope

(Brian)A couple weeks after they took the transplant,they took the, the pager away I wound up at hospicebecause the doctor said, well, there’s, you know,you’re going to smoke, and there’s reallynothing else we can do for you.You just need to go to hospice and live outthe rest of your days there until you die, and […]

Half Baked (10/10) Movie CLIP – Thurgood Wears a Wire (1998) HD

[ Thurgood ] lt ain’t always good…to get high before you have important things to do.Lucky for us, the cops had our backs.– Hello, boys. – Hi, Samson.So… where’s the money ?Right here in my bag.Um, Samson, can l ask you a question ?Go ahead.Do you know where we can score some cocaine ?– You […]

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Brian – Do You Know?

(BRIAN) I’m Brian. You probably know someone who’s had a heart attack, COPD or a heart bypass operation. You might even know someone who’s has a heart transplant, lung cancer or part of their lung removed. But, what about someone who’s had all six? Now you do. My tip is: If smoking doesn’t get you […]

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Brian: Part of Who I Was

(Brian)By the time I was ten or elevenI was smoking probably close to a pack a day.Smoking had been ingrained into me.It was part of who I was it seemed like.It was, that was,smoking was, a cigarette was…that was Brian… that was me.I hadn’t really thought much about joining the militaryat a young age, but […]

Video Game High School (VGHS) – S1: Ep. 1

English Subtitles By: FreddieYeah, I typed these up.Last mag! We gotta move!Exit’s blocked! They’re coming up!Where’s BrianD!?How’s the long way home, BrianD?Sweaty enough for you? – Can we do this later, K-Pop?I’m late for a clan match!This FPS twitcher thinks he’s gonna be the next Law!What do you guys want, already?Same thing every real-time strategenius […]

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Brian’s Tip

(Brian)I’m Brian.I was in the military for 18 years.I joined the service so I could serve my countryand see the world.But I smoked.And I got heart disease.So a lot of the world I got to see looked like this.My tip is; it’s hard to serve your countrywhen you’re too weak to put on your uniform.(Announcer)YOU […]