I’ll Fight Ya For It – Snatch (2/8) Movie CLIP (2000) HD

Yeah bud, you bought it how you saw it.Now look.I helped you as much as I’m going to help.You still got a car, I suggest you use it before you’re not welcomed anymore.I think you.I think you should fuck off now while you stiil got the legs to carry ya.Nobody…Nobody brings a fellow the size […]

Fight Club (3/5) Movie CLIP – Chemical Burn (1999) HD

What is this?This is chemical burn.It’ll hurt more than you’ve ever been burnedAnd you’ll have a scar.What are you doing?Guided meditation worked for cancer, it could work for this.Stay with pain, don’t shut this out.No! No! Nooo! God!!Look at your hand!The first soap was made from the ashes of heroes!Like the first monkey shot into […]

How To Not Give A Fuck

How can you stop giving a f**k?By the way, from now on, I am not going to bleep thatso if you’re offended by F-bombs,this might not be the video for you.That is a question that I get fairly oftenand many times, the person asking it has Tyler Durden in mind.He is the cool bad boy […]