Finishing my Cigar Box Guitar

Hey, what’s up guys – Alex here. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any videos,so I thought I’d do a quick one for you today, because I’m finally done shaping the bodyon the Cigar Box Guitar and it’s ready for its finish.So it’s been something like sixteen months now since I started […]

Your Brain On Shrooms

Psychedelic or ‘magic’ mushrooms have been ingested by humans for over 9000 years.Even today, this naturally grown fungus is commonly used as a recreational drug, causinghallucinations, but how exactly does it work?The main psychoactive ingredient in shrooms is call psilocybin. When ingested, the bodybreaks it down into the active drug psilocin, which makes its way […]

What Happens to a Body During Cremation?

– Hello deathlings. Today we’re returning to where my career began, really, which is describing every visceral, macabre detail of a cremation. If you’ve never seen one of my videos before and just Googled is cremation right for me? Hi, hello, welcome. Don’t worry, I’m actually pretty good at this. This video is the first […]

Cigar 101 – How to Taste a Cigar Body, Strength and Flavor Explained – Cigars International

Cigar 101: How to Taste a CigarBody Strength and Flavor Explained.Probably the single most debated myth in the Cigar Industryis do body, strength and flavorall mean the same exact thing. As a matter of factthis couldn’t be further from the truth, but they dohowever use the same exact descriptive terms: mellowMedium, and Full. So it […]

Carl’s Custom Guitars Deluxe Single Pickup 6 String Electric Cigar Box Guitar full demo

Ok Carl’s Custom Guitars Deluxe 6 String Electric Cigar Box Guitar (please note the neck onmy newest models now have a rosewook “skunk stripe” on back of neck), this one has a 22fret Tele style neck, split key Kluson vintage style tuners, handrubbed finished body, youhave your ashtray style Tele bridge with solid brass compensated […]

Losing Weight with Hypnosis, Surrey Weight Loss Techniques And Answers

Losing Weight with Hypnosis.If you have found that diets don’t work, that losing weight is a rollercoaster of negativeemotions.Combining Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with hypnotherapy is a powerful formula for deliveringexcellent resultsDuring hypnotherapy sessions, you will: • Identify those damaging eating patterns, sothat you can lose pounds, yet still enjoy the food you love.• Be mindful of everything […]

Can Hypnosis Help Me Overcome Sugar Addiction by Dr. Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

– Hypnosis to overcome sugar addiction, can it help? Yes it can. I see people who come in who say they have sugar addiction. What they really mean is they have a very poor diet. And they’re not really nailing that diet thing down. It’s escaping them. Maybe you’re emotionally eating. So you’re not eating […]

24. Schizophrenia

Stanford University. Variety of announcements, tomorrow, office hours are shifted because at 4:30, there’s a really interesting lecture over at Clark. This guy is one of the experts on the whole notion that there are brain metabolic abnormalities in sociopathic humans, violent criminals. He’s got the distinction of having the world’s only portable MRI. He […]

How to Stop Being Yourself: Dr Joe Dispenza and How to Reprogram Your Mind

hi everybody my name is dr. Joe Dispenza I’m the author of three books my first book is called evolve your brain the science of changing your mind my second book is called breaking that of being yourself how to lose your mind and create a new one my last book is called you are […]

What Does Your PEE Say About You?

You produce between two – three pints of urine every day, but most of us still pay littleattention to our liquid waste. So, what does your pee say about you? And could it be aclear indicator of your body’s overall health?Before you pee, the kidneys filter water soluble waste by absorbing the nutrients it needsto […]