Nicotine Salts vs. Freebase Nicotine

(soft music)– Well, hello there. Gabriel here to help youanswer the question.What’s the difference between nicotine saltsand freebase nicotine?Or, what’s the difference betweennic salt ejuice and regular ejuice?It’s a question you’ve been askingand a question we’re here to answer.First, we have a blog, if you want to followalong and read throughclick up here in the […]

Give the Gift of Vaping: ZampleBox Vape Subscription Gift Cards

ZampleBox family – a new feature announcement for you guys. Max and I are here to announcea new feature on our site you can now give the gift of vaping. We’re super excited toannounce you can now get gift cards on our site.When ZampleBox started we really wanted to offer gifts. It’s really important for […]