Cigar City Florida Cracker Beer

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, my name is Joey Redner, and I’m the founder of Cigar City Brewing. We’re located in Tampa, Florida on Spruce Street, a block West of Dale Mabry. The beer I have here is Florida Cracker White Ale, it’s a Belgian style white ale. It’s brewed with coriander and orange peel which really […]

BCP Cigar Reviews: Perdomo Craft Series – Amber

Hi, this is Brian with Best Cigar Prices, and today I’m reviewing the Amber by Perdomo.The Amber is one of three of the Special Craft Series cigars blended to be paired with beer.The Amber is a Nicaraguan puro with a medium body.It features a sun grown Jalapa Valley wrapper, binder from Condega, and fillers from […]

Nolan’s Tobacco & Cigar Bar | Traverse City Bar

Nolan’s tobacco has been a downtown institution for 37 years.Mike the humidor has thousands of cigars and now you’ve got the only cigar bar in the North.Well people always like to hang around here and now they can have a cigar and a cocktail at the same time.Tucked behind their Front Street location, you’ll find […]

Beer Review: Cigar City Jai Alai IPA

Hey guys welcome back Jim Beer 2 you with another one today. So it’s been it’sbeen challenging because being overseas sometimes the beer shop in townI’ve kinda run a lap around it and done everything that they have. Well good news is theychanged their order and they got some new stuff in town so we’re […]

Beer Review: Cigar City Florida Cracker White Ale

hey guys welcome back it’s Jim with the beer to you another beer review comingat you today so continuing with the cigar city brewing in Florida we did theJai Alai IPA last week we’re gonna take a look at the Florida cracker sowhat is this one this one is a Belgian style white ale brewed […]

Kind Cigar Service Mars -14, Royal Danish Cigars “Royal Twister”

We got Jan, from Royal Danish Cigars and I have Anders from Gothenburg Cigar SocietyMaybe I should tell you guys, we have talked a lot about whatto do with thelanguage “situation”We have Danish, wehave English, we have Swedish andwe have SkånskWedecided to do a bitof both. I am goingto speakswedishand Jan is going to answer […]

Smoking and Drinking By The Numbers

Hi, I’m Brian Bienkowski and this is By The Numbers. This week: Smoking and Drinking68% of adults say they’re regular buyers of alcohol35% of people between 23 and 39 said they know more about whiskey brands now than they did two years ago15% of US adults smoke cigarettes and cigarette related illnesses cost over 300 […]

Your Brain on Drugs: Alcohol

BoozeAlcohol, one of the most commonly used and abused drugs in the worldcomes in a variety of forms and does one thing quickly and well.It changes the way you feelBut to what do we owe these feelings of release and freedom?How could ingestion of one simple substanceso drastically change not only your actionsbut thoughts and […]

How I Seize It #165: STEREOTYPES

Hey! Are y’all tired of peopleassumin’ you a certain way just because of the color of your skinor the way you talk or how things just come fuckin’ easy to youcause you a fuckin’ knockout? Well this How I Seize Itis custom made just for you. This Loretta Jenkinsand just cause I’m blonde, don’t mean […]

Science on Tap – How space and place affect your health with Georgiana Bostean, Ph.D.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Good evening. How is everyone this evening? [CHEERING] Better. Do better. How is everyone this evening? [CHEERING] [APPLAUSE] Woot woot. All right. Thank you very much. Thank you for joining us for yet another edition of Science on Tap. My name is Andrew Lyon. I am the dean of the Schmid College of […]