New Blood Test Can Predict A Heart Attack Years In Advance

The heart is a precious thing and heart health is something we should all take pretty seriously.According to The Amercian Heart Association (the AHA) close to half of the populationof the US have some kind of heart disease.That’s a huge number.Heart disease is currently the leading cause of death in the United States.Blood tests are […]

Watch These Cunning Snails Stab and Swallow Fish Whole | Deep Look

Big news.You can now support Deep Look on Patreon.More after the show.Cone snails are striking … in more ways than one.They lurk in the sand around coral reefs.And wait til you see what’s under the hood.That pretty veneer is hiding an impressive array of tools … and weapons.A cone snail’s breathing tube, called a siphon, […]

A Different Kind Of Heart Attack And How To Prevent It

a different kind of heart attack and how to prevent it the human heart is themost important organ in the body it’s responsible for pumping bloodthrough the body and supplying oxygen and nutrients without our heart wecannot live for this reason it is imperative that we take a good care ofit but this can become […]

How To Not Worry About Anything: Relaxing Self-Hypnosis Meditation To Stop Stress & Relieve Anxiety

How To Not Worry About Anything: Relaxing Self-Hypnosis Meditation To Stop Stress & Relieve AnxietyHypnosis is the quickest way to change your life it’s proven it’s safeits quick its powerful whatever you want to change in your life hypnosis can helpwealth and abundance weight loss health and well-being confidence brainpower anda law of attraction with […]

How to reduce Heart attack risks | Health discovery

Hello friends, I am your host Dr Zulfiqar AhmadDo you know that heart attack is the most common cause of death in the today world?Do you know that most of the factors causing heart attack are reversible?The risk factors for having heart attack basically fall into two categories.non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors.Non-modifiable. These factors are […]