E-cigarette Use Spikes Among Teens Compared to Other Tobacco Products for the First Time

More teens are using e-cigarettes,a new report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says.Collin: ” It feels a lot easier to breathe in and to breathe out and there’s a lot more flavor.”Colin McAteer has been smoking since he was in high school.He says the rise in e-cigarettes is understandable.Collin: “I think it’s […]

Understanding The Quality of Cigar By Deaf-Owned Business Oscar

Hello, my name is Oscar Benedit.My family has passed down our cigar business.I am now the 2nd generation.Here are some cigars.I will explain to you more in depth.These cigars are like wine.There are good ones and bad ones.Can you see how its dark?That means its Maduro.It’s a strong cigar.This one is a Cameroon, a mild […]

I AM QUITTING! Quitting smoking cigarettes. I’m stopping smoking cigarettes.

Yeah I’m outsidein this COLD weatherSmoking cigarettes…see?I had already decided a month or two months agoI told my fianceeHey honey…I’m quitting cigarettesYeah..yeah..I’m gonna quit smoking by Christmas.Today’s December 20thSo I have 5 days to go.This is my last pack of cigarettesSee how many ?1 pack has 20 cigarettes in itSo that means I must stretch […]