Why does Smoking cause Dark Lips? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time.Why does Smoking cause Dark Lips?Coz cigarettes contain black lipsticks.Nooo!!Our skin contains melanocytes which produce a pigment called melanin.Melanin gives our skin its color and also absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.Thus protecting us from skin-related diseases.Now, when we smoke.We inhale and exhale harmful chemicals like nicotine and benzopyrenes.Especially from our mouth.So, experts believe […]

How does Smoking affect our Lungs? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time.What happens to our Lungs when we Smoke?They turn colorful.Nooo.Whenever we smoke cigarettes, we inhale a mix of about 4000 harmful chemicals.These chemicals cause swelling of bronchial tubes present in our lungs.Thus resulting in excess production of mucus.Also, they damage hair-like projections called cilia.Whose function is to push out the excess mucus.As a […]

The Making of Crash & Smoke Effects – 激突と煙のアニメーションメイキング | RoughAnimator in iPad Pro

Prepare rock just to brakeDraw a thing to hitThe first part of the collision is from rock breakingDraw smoke so that the thorns extend in all directionsSmoke stalls and thorns begin to roundParabolically move the broken debris as you likeSlowly move the smoke flowing in the windDrop gravel that is heavier than smokeParabolically move small […]

How to Quit Smoking & Side Effects ||Effective Home Remedies For Quit Smoking||omfut Health

Epic Logo Reveal | Epic smoke logo reveal, Intro video Logo Animation | (VIDEO NO: #21)


RockBottom Animated Series Ep. 2: Cigar Time (2019)

(music)Guess what everyone?What? What? WhatI rock!Oh wow, yay. Never heard that one before.(coughing)Oh No!Sorry, am I bothering you up there?YES!Too bad, it’s cigar time!(laughing)This is preposterous!Yeah, we could get lung cancer!Your real piece of sh….Schist, you really fit your name–you know that?(laughing)Oh, what should we do? I can’t live like this!(coughing)Don’t be so dramatic, think!I […]

That Time Britain Burned Down The White House

– Welcome to Ruining History.Today we’re gonna talk a lot and learn a littleabout the War of 1812.Guys, it’s a weird war.– What war was that?– It was the War of 1812.(dramatic intro music)You don’t know the basics of it?– Nothin’!– I know the basics, it was in 1812.– I know nothing about historyor why […]

I Love Science (I Love The Whole World)

I love the cosmosAnd relativityI love going fastAnd drawing pics of meI love NewtonAnd Marie Curie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)I love inventionsand electricityEspecially when itruns on ACI love my pigeonShe’s the best :3I love radiationI love my wedding dressI love NazisMan they’re in distressAnd Noble PrizesI have twoI love my motherI love cocaineI love cigarsAnd […]

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