How Lil Tay Ended Her Career

Lil tay, stay away from the old-fashioned mediaI mean if you want to be completely wiped off your platform, be my guest, because if you continue to accept any of these likeThese more of these slip-ups are gonna happen in the futureLil tay youngest flexa in centurySpoiler alert, she’s not, that’s a factShe’s a nine […]

How to Quit Smoking | Tamil Motivation | Karaikudi Sa Balakumar

One of my friends would smoke at least 30 cigarettes a dayOne day, he asked meYou are good at talkingTalk something to me and make me quit smoking, he saidI thought for a couple of minutesThen I talked with him for 5 minutesThen from the next day onwards, he quit smokingWhat was that 5-minute speech?Why […]

Standoff – The Office US

[Andy] I didn’t do it![Dwight] OK![Dwight] Everybody just caaaaaaalm down.[Michael] On the count of three, we’re all gonna put down our guns.[Dwight] I have cross-pose.[Michael] We’ll put down our weaponry on the count of three.[Dwight] OK.[Michael] You ready?[Dwight] I’m ready.[Michael] Ooooooone.[Michael and Dwight] Twooooo.[Michael] Threeee.[All yell][Jim] Andy revealed himself to be a double agent.[Jim] At […]

Protect Your Energies: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

in the morning we saw, our money should be satvikthe money should be earned by getting blessings from othersno one should be pained/hurt or hurt when we earn.because this money will be used to purchase foodso if the money used to buy the food has been earned by causing pain to someonethat pain/hurt will impact […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 118 wth Carla (Part one)

hello listservemusic for citizens installer are you doing underwear off by saying in frontof the delegates localitiesfists arm where we can use of this is the rightpractice great at she’s joining us here in massachusetts temporarygrateful to management san francisco sfo how did you get a professionher my voice had an entrance to end of […]

An Intimate Conversation with Dr. Richard Harte Part 1 HD – Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition

hello and welcome to this episode of hypnotist burn a sex position joining ustoday is dr. Richard heard hey dr. Hart how are you doing ok good to see yougood to see it with this year dr. Hart is my mentor he’s my instructor forcertified instructor in the year two thousand two I’ve known him […]

IT: The History of Richie Tozier | Horror History

If you want to hear about how Richie’s teenage years are documented in another Stephen Kingnovel, then stick around to the end of this video.You went online, clicked on this video, basically dragged me out here to this studio, and nowI’m gonna have to analyse this ******* character.So welcome to Horror History, my name is […]

Can Hypnosis Help Me to Focus by Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

– Can hypnosis help you focus? Yes, it can. One of the things I have to do in my work is focus acutely. If I’m working with a patient, I have to, or coaching someone, I have to sit next to them and I have to absolutely observe them all the time and focus and […]

American Hemp Oil CBD Review – What are the Benefits of CBD?

[background music]Cody: Hey, ya’ll, it’s Cody from Sleepopolis.Today, we’re taking a look at the 2500 milligram CBD oil from American Hemp.The Internet’s been buzzing about CBD’s positive health benefits for years now.I was curious?Could it improve my sleep?To find out, I tested American Hemp’s oil for two weeks.Ya’ll, I thought I knew what it was […]