Stock markets, trading & cigars – Sebastian Schwarzenegger #357

I came into finance a little bit by accident.I was meant to be an engineer,I did engineering in high school,and I was very interested in it.But then at one point I thoughtwhy not follow my passion?I started trading when I was 16,now I manage portfolios for friends and family.I started studying business and now finance […]

E-cigarette giant Juul suspends sale of all fruity flavors

Eastern red giant jewel is a no longer selling certain flavors onlinespecifically a fruity ones like mango cream fruit and cucumber the companysaid Thursday that its new policy is effective immediately the popular Eastagura company previously stopped selling the kid-friendly flavors in stores andthe Trump administration has announced plans to remove all flavored podsincluding mints […]

Briar To Binder – With Kyle Gellis from Warped Cigars –

– Hey everybody, I’m Shane Ireland.– Hey, I’m Kyle from Warped.– And this is another episode of Briar to Binder.My guest, Kyle, is here to talk about one of my top smokes,the La Colmena, specifically the La Colmena 44,and it’s a really really nice cigar.It’s one of those cigars that I think deserves,like, your undivided […]

New STLTH and Raspberry Sour Apple Juice Review and Giveaway

Todayyyy we got the stlthJuice is a raspberry sour apple which sounds unreal I like that the pull is really tightWhat’s up, my ducklings welcome back to my channelI am fumb duck and I welcome you to the coolest vaping channel on the Internet today. I’m gonna do something unconventionalI’m gonna talk about the stlth, […]

World’s Lightest Solid!

This is aerogel. The world’s lightest, that is least dense, solid.This piece has a mass of just 1.22 grams.That is only a few times the mass of the same volume of air, which kind of makes sense because it is99.8% air. In fact, some aerogels are so light that if you removed all the air […]

Dr Farsalinos’ radio interview about e-cigarettes

Dear audience, goodmorning.On Sunday May 31 we celebrate the World No Tobacco day.I am not going to talk again about the adverse heatlh consequences of smoking.I will discuss about a potential alternative solution to smoking…if they cannot quit smoking by themselvesWe will discuss about e-cigarettesand whether they can be considered alernatives to smokingWe have with […]

How to Install a Hidden Kill Switch in your Car or Truck (Cheap Anti Theft System)

Hey guys! ChrisFix here, and today I’m going to show how to install a hidden killswitch in your car or your truck.And the whole point of this kill switch is to prevent somebody from stealing your car.Even if they have your keys, if the kill switch is activated, they won’t be able to start the […]

Programs to Quit Smoking: Compared

Looking to kick the habit? If so, there are plenty of support programs out there designedto help you quit. And a few of them have just been compared for the first time. I’m ShelbyCullinan with your latest health news.In this study, a team of researchers looked at the Web-based and phone-based tobacco cessationprograms available in […]

How to Create Realistic Smoke Effect in Photoshop – Dramatic Portrait Scene with Smoke

Hello everyone welcome back to my another adopt Photoshop tutorial todayI am going to show you this how to create a cinematic and realistic smoke effect in Photoshop, so let’s get startedChoose the perfect dark background image is very easy to make smokeAnd you can see smoke visible head over to file menu and select […]

Why Now is the Right Time to Quit Smoking

Are you waiting for the perfect moment to quit smoking like when it affectsyour health when your friends quit when you’re at a certain age or after anevent? In this video I’ll show you why waiting for the right time is actuallydoing more harm than good and why now is the right time to quit […]