World’s Oldest Cigar Seller: STORE CRAZY

FRANCIS: It’s one of my favourite shops in London.COMM: Welcome to James J. Fox – the world’s oldest cigar merchant.COMM: And one of the last reaming public placesin the UK, where people can still smoke inside.PHILLIP SHERVINGTON: It gets quite smoky.COMM: James J. Fox is based in London’supmarket Mayfair region and first opened its doors […]

Thomas Krüger – Flashmob Piano Medley at French Airport Paris-Orly

4 Unique Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed…

so today I’ve got four gadgets that I think are pretty cool and a little bit unusual at least a couple of them so that’s a quick intro they’re all around or under 50 bucks let’s start out with what should we start out with let’s start out with this one crystal wireless speaker Alley […]

Brad Yates – français – Passer une journée extraordinaire (sous-titres) – EFT

so in tap of the morning that talked about having a really good day maybe I even said a great day but today we’re gonna talk about having an amazing day and that might seem intimidating maybe you won’t want to do this every day but for the day’s you do want to do it […]

Drax Project – Woke Up Late ft. Hailee Steinfeld (Official Music Video) Starring Liza Koshy

Woke up lateSome where far away from homePockets empty, wallet goneThe sun is streaming all on down on my faceLaying down on someones bedA girl that I had hardly metMy head is spinnin like I’ve been out daysNow you’re waking up tooLying next to me in your roomNot quite used to someone so newDid you […]

Crazy Cool Inventions – Time Since Launch by cw&t – One Circle

and John Glenn launched into spacemillions of people by watching it had tobe on this timeline backup clock itstarted that to me is a really beautifulmoment if you mark something maybe itgives it a little bit more permanence asopposed to just letting it whiz bycan you make timekeeping devices thatalter your relationship to time 1 […]

Giant 8-Month-Old Baby Weighs 38lbs

COMM: At only eight months old, Chahat Kumarweighs a staggering 38 pounds, double the weight of a normal child of her age.COMM: After noticing their daughter’s dramaticweight increase, parents Suraj and Reena started trying to find out what might be causing it.COMM: Dr. Sharma has been working with Chahat since she was born.COMM: So far, […]

The Heartbreak Of Not Having A Vagina | Born Different

KAYLEE MOATS: I’m still trying to acceptmyself, accept what I have and notdwell on it.KAYLEE MOATS: I was about 18 when I discoveredI had MRKH, when I didn’t get my period but my 12-year-old sister did. We decidedto go to the gynaecologist where they did an ultrasound and discovered I didn’t havea uterus or a […]

Body language, the power is in the palm of your hands | Allan Pease | TEDxMacquarieUniversity

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau LugoGood morning.Before we kick off let’s get a bit of light in the room.So I can see the faces of the dummi —the participants that we get later and see where you are.That’s a bit better. Good.Everybody hold your right hand in front like this in a handshaking position.Uncross […]

10 Amazing Benefits Of Quitting Weed That Will Surprise You

10 Amazing Benefits Of Quitting Weed That Will Surprise You