Alcohol vs tobacco whats worse? side effects of alcohol. effects on the brain.

so hey there this is KD from Sciencekritiand today’s video is abouta social issueno wait.Today’s issue is about a social alcohol isnt considered a tabooas big as smoking or drug abuseand its not completely wrongsmoking does pose a higher health riskso we took to the streets to take people’s view on the same topicQ1. […]

Facing The Consequences Of Binge Drinking

I know my limits but I exceed them every time. Sometimes I don’t even know where I am.If I can function properly the next day it hasn’t been thatgreat of a night.I just drink alcohol for the effects,I don’t drink it for the taste.Bro, I’m sorry.My friends call me a massive liability when we go […]

Alcoholism and How to Quit Drinking Alcohol

AlcoholismFor thousands of years people have been brewingand also fermenting alcoholic drinks.Alcoholic beverageshave been a staple of human societyfor thousands of years.However, there are some peoplewho cannot regulate their desire forand therefore intake of alcohol.Regardless of how muchof a detriment that is to various aspects of their life.Now, it’s at that pointthat we consider that […]

Drinking at Party | How to Stop Drinking | Alcoholism

Hi there I’m James. I drank and used drugs heavily for 20 years found it hardto stop. I finally did three years ago. I’m gonna link that story up here in this“lowercase i” down there in the description and at theend of this video if you’re interested. I post a video here every Saturday aboutsobriety […]

Why I Quit Drinking Alcohol & 12 Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

hey guys so welcome to this video I quit drinking alcohol about a month ago it’sbeen a little over a month why I quit drinking I feel like I quit drinkingalcohol because I felt like I started doing it too much like I felt like I waslooking forward to the end of the day where […]