Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition Episode 104 with Samantha

hello what that’s what the hell is going to put exposition joining us tonight assaid yesrightfocused a lot of other than more than a year old and elena yeahhobby of iti’ve been doing pretty good and what’s new with youuh…fifteenindex i’m going to have intenseand tension without me readers that sweet of animals the airlinebasically […]

An Intimate Conversation with Dr. Richard Harte Part 1 HD – Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition

hello and welcome to this episode of hypnotist burn a sex position joining ustoday is dr. Richard heard hey dr. Hart how are you doing ok good to see yougood to see it with this year dr. Hart is my mentor he’s my instructor forcertified instructor in the year two thousand two I’ve known him […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 98 with Katie

and a lot of this episode of his prescription joining us tonight is thehe heardtells of an abundance ofbotanicalwell so thatriding the bus you drivetumhare unfortunatelyhow did you getwell managed carespeakingi think it has reached a verdicthypotheticalyou’ve been all-starscouncil but it’s an aspirationyou know i would like to go into replenishingyeah we were togetherticket receptivepredicted […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 100 with Diana

and eleven seven seven six lessons that but those of you know what it was thespirit of a fifty-caliberconcentrated strong was the one and only themfantalking about and i think that a lot of fifty-seven financing featured races andon you have on the disputes we cansomewhat comfortable in and seeright now things are looking at […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 104 Aftershow interview

there after the show here with sam review examgreat great harm alicewas six years later tonightattention after allexisting arnellegrant hillhow did you feel as your going in to finance a student will sit on adifferent from the other timenag nagagencyyour voices relaxing in a different kind of diesel itselfstill standingjust as easythe status ngsoa few […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 102 with Meghan

thirty-six was issued by the recipient domain sixhow are you doingclue quote remindersyou were here a month agouh… would always say that we talked about the last time you idiotwe have to ask youhere on moneyline fear onto the streetswhat was such a goodas colorfuldescribedit’s money is going to happenin the airinsteadyet you can also […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 101 with Meghan

bcdthis manokay how are you going to have you been one of the phyllis of movable deserveand finally resolve an issue and you have startedwhen i receive a psychology majoradministrative i’m on the competitive cheerleading team what i’m just going tobe and member of the united nations some kind of mandecisions passingdefinitionuh…you have a full […]

NGH President Dr. Dwight Damon – Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition Special

hello and welcome to this episode of hypnotist Bernie’s exposition joining ustonight is dr. Dwight Damon how are you doing sirterrific our pleasure to have you here so a lot of our viewers have the samekind of questions for you tell us what are the early days like for at thenational guard of hypnotist well […]