Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie’s Jokes

Burnie: One of my favorite jokes when I was a kidis there’s three guys and they have bricks, they find a pile of bricksand they want to see who can throw bricks up in the air the highest.But they can’t tell from the ground how high they’re gonna go upBut the ground’s all muddySo one […]

Why Planes Don’t Fly Faster

This is a Wendover Productions video made possible by Audible.So I recently went down the rabbit hole of looking at old flight schedules.Airlines used to publish these physical brochures with their fares and flight times, and whenlooking at this American Airlines one from 1967 I noticed something interesting.This flight between New York and LA was […]

Real Hypnosis induction 10

things like a swinging water yeah I mean everybody knows how this works rightvitaly’s no more we cleaned up the mess up there so you got nothing to worryabout look at Gary here in the wild right nowfocus on the watch you know what happens of course you focus on the watch youreyes start feeling […]

Real Hypnosis induction 9

like had some of the girls running around trying to kiss the boy is and theboys we’re trying to run away from andthey’re making funny animal sounds andokay great and did you remember how the person who ties those people up mymistake countdown so he was just kind of saying as I count down from […]

Sexy Girl turns into zombie slave – Hypnosis Induction.

is this yeah yeah this is a new and then you’re not gonna really want to hearthis but I was out of the club this weekend and yeah I saw I saw someonethere though it was your husband yeah I always hear about that but he’s not he’snot going out so close he doesn’t do […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition. Episode 1 Pre-show interview

today it was funnyoptimisticallyexplanationscommunity high schoolhundred defeatist he’s well coming upindependenceelapsed indeedin advance of the people of the alerts the eventunitnothing partly because of thisand i’m going to happen which print modelinterestsmusical actsperforming sealsso i have my schedulefor the people of the timewhich meansand it keeps me interested ethnicitycomputingi guess that’s that’s why i chose […]

Hypnosis induction 7

hi there how you good good my name is a mark Easton I’m doctor packing woodsassistant he asked me to come in here I’m just going to set up this cameraright now I don’t mind the camera it’s something that dr. packer always likesto have for all of his appointments so this is just standard […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Expositio – Episode 94 with Ali

along the sands of history six los angeles independent studyhello yeah it’s going to have a lot of funwas a little bit of itselfgonepiracytoo much to be able to drop my entire lifeso it’s a hard time with a strong at my headaccompanied by the end july down but i can see the polling at […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition-Episode 84 with Nicole (deep trance demonstration) #hypnosis

will be able toyou’ve done this beforeon thursdayit is importantokayyeah somaybe this is lookingand to discusstake a step back so you know if it’s eitherand the swatches for yousenescent poisn’t the same way you canso many people involvedtitles the flightislip flintstonesthough it with yahooglanced at themso how do you love themalaskadegrees superstardo you have to […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition- Episode 91 with Sarina

and a lot of his proposal document has been exposed to ministry serenayou’ve beenrevisitedfiles thoughts that though this uphealth and familyharassmentgluten-freeat areaand then he wrotebut we believe that purposemormonsi hate my thirteen point in timereported that you canocap india human sympathy results organizationi don’t know i thought the refugee campthough by clicking sphericalokay itselfcollective agreementmail […]