My Workout Routine & Motivation Tips!

hey guys it says today I want to share with you what I do for my workoutroutine and also some motivational tips that kind of helped me along the way sowhat I really like to do is try to workout at least 5 times a week and itjust makes me feel really good and I […]

Rachel Flint’s Training & Fitness Program –

[music][music]My name is Rachel Flint.I am a Captain in the Air National Guard and winner of the2012 Military Transformation Challenge for[music]I was never athletic in high school, middle school.I just went to class and hung out with my friends and reallyhad no desire to be athletic because I thought it was beyondthe realm of […]

Two Men Go From Obese to Six-Pack Abs

Noah’s life was spiraling out of control years of yo-yo dieting alcohol and drug abuseSent him into a pit of despair that he thought he could never crawl out ofWhen I was a kidSoccer was wondering when I was 18. I was playing professional youth soccer in Brazil. I was in a toxic relationshipI ended […]

My First 30 Days Sober

– Hey, guys. I’m Corey.I am going a month without drinkingand I’m going to document it.(claps hands)If I’m being straight up about this,I’m not excited.I like to drink.I think it’s fun.It’s something that my friends do.We go out and we grab some beersand it’s just how we engage with each other.I think for awhile there […]