My First 30 Days Sober

– Hey, guys. I’m Corey.I am going a month without drinkingand I’m going to document it.(claps hands)If I’m being straight up about this,I’m not excited.I like to drink.I think it’s fun.It’s something that my friends do.We go out and we grab some beersand it’s just how we engage with each other.I think for awhile there […]

Women Grow Out Their Facial Hair For 30 Days

– Is it a month long?– [Camerawoman] Yeah.– Oooh!(cheerful music)– I have had the hairiest face since childhood.– I grow facial hair, like, all through here.– I have lovely little trinkets of hairsticking out, like a little goat.– Every time someone says anything nice to me,if they ever say anything nice to me,it’s about my […]