Stock markets, trading & cigars – Sebastian Schwarzenegger #357

I came into finance a little bit by accident.I was meant to be an engineer,I did engineering in high school,and I was very interested in it.But then at one point I thoughtwhy not follow my passion?I started trading when I was 16,now I manage portfolios for friends and family.I started studying business and now finance […]

Cigar vendor in the heart of the City, Nizir – Londoner #302

This is the Kandies tobacconist46-47 Leadenhall MarketLondon, EC3V 1LT.Customer: Thanks very much.Nizir: Okay, thank you.Most of our customers are smokers.Filmmaker Daniel: Do you smoke?Nizir: NoDaniel: Can you tell me about them?Nizir: Yeah,this one is ‘Romeo and Juliet’,These are ‘Punch’.This [is] ‘Oliva’.This [is] ‘Robusto’,‘Guantanamera’.Some are light ones,some are strong ones.Okay‘Romeo and Juliet’Daniel: And what type of […]