Stephen Hawking Israel Boycott Totally Hypocritical

Stephen Hawking Israel Boycott Totally Hypocritical

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second that
stephen hawking is boycotting the the
uh… israeli presidential conference
and i got it of bunch of emails from
people asking me to cover this
and give my thoughts
uh… stephen hawking is of course the
famous british theoretical physicist in
cosmology thing he has decided that he
is going to boycott
the israeli presidential conference and
of an academic boycott of israel for
palestinian oppression
uh… reports are that he spoke with the
number of palestinians
throughout the process he initially
thought he would show up and issue some
kind of statements critical
of israel
and uh… i guess he was told that that
really wouldn’t be in good taste and he
decided you know what i’m going to
boycott the country because i don’t want
to boycott the conference because i
don’t like what the country is doing now
let’s distant lately this ad
i agree that israel like many countries
does things that are
explicitly oppressive to to people
and in some cases implicitly oppressive
to people so like with many countries i
have that criticism of israel
i don’t disagree with
organizing boycotts when somebody wants
to organize a boycott i don’t
disagree with allowing the boycotts to
be judged on their merits however
i think stephen hawking decision to
this particular conference and
specifically speaking of stephen hawking
is absurd and hypocritical
on a number of levels
let’s talk first about the specifics of
this conference
choosing this conference to boycott for
this reason
is particularly absurd
because this conference is actually
hosted palestinian speakers every single
year it has featured
of long list of
prominent palestinian speakers among its
participants over the years
including key members of the palestinian
authority the gathering has been
each of its previous four years by
leading palestinian that palestinian
including some of the top officials and
the palestinian authority negotiators a
palestinian academics them and howling
the first planned development
of a palestinian city the first planned
uh… palestinian city it would have
been far more useful with with regard to
this particular conference a list for
stephen hawking to show up
uh… in support of the inclusion of
palestinian speakers and to express that
with the exception of that particular
there are a d_n_c_ problems with but
israel is doing say whatever you want
that would have made sense
number two you know there’s another
and the problem is is a pretty serious
on which is that
uh… i don’t know that stephen hawking
really has credibility to speak on this
i think he has lost credibility because
stephen hawking his happily visited a
around which doesn’t allow gay people to
even go to universities but instead in
prisons imprisoned kills them
women her press there is no freedom
they’ve openly said they want to destroy
other countries particularly israel by
israel does have total freedom of the
affirmative action and universities
which include palestinians political
dissenters thrive instead of diet uh…
gay generals in the military
aside of course from all of the
criticisms of israel
but it goes even further not only have
steven hawking happily visited iran
he’s visited china
and he’s praised china significantly
you can’t even criticized the government
in china right dissidents are persecuted
there are no fair trials
there is total censorship people are not
three in china so let’s take this back
and really make the analysis you could
also get into the um… programs that
has decided to take over for themselves
and absolutely carly that would fit into
the same category
as uh… with steven markings talking
about before stephen hawking boycotting
israel you could say okay
he went to china
he went to around bad things happen
they’re very bad things
but he is in academic neutral he goes
and you where because he believes in
he separates it from the politics of the
host country
and he says i don’t get involved in that
so then you would not say well going to
our renter china is any kind of implicit
uh… appraised of that country
but now by boycotting israel
particularly a conference that makes no
sense to boycott he is implicitly saying
no it wasn’t out of academic neutrality
that i visited iran in china praising
china so much it becomes a deliberate
endorsement of the repression of those
countries because he is now saying
when it came to around in china
i was ok going and if i weren’t i would
have said something like i did in israel
i think it is bogus absurd and totally
would you say it’s possible that uh… a
man like this dedicate so much of his
farm in time to his uh…
academic endeavors that he doesn’t
really even taking upon himself to learn
about what’s going on in the world
bookmark was happening socially and
if that were the case that time there
would be some kind of uh… parity
p_ a_ r_ i_ t_ y_
across all of the oppressive countries
that he visits with their not
you know uh… it’s like there’s you
know we always talk about the argument
from authority the idea that you trust
what someone says because in one row
or one discipline that they are they
have a great reputation and for honesty
and for intelligence the reality is is
that we don’t even need to invoke
reputation when things like this happen
you can just take it on the merits
exactly like he did you analyze what the
reasons are for not going to the
conference with the political goals are
and whether it’s reasonable i think in
this case we don’t even need to invoke
stephen hawking thing we can just
invoked the idea of people who were
planning on going this conference not
going for the reasons they stayed and we
can say that it’s totally hypocritical
alright i send your thoughts on this and
i look forward to hearing them

100 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking Israel Boycott Totally Hypocritical

  • That would be a very fair and logical position to take if Israel had from the time of the Six-Day War to now, acted in good faith as the mature party attempting to broker a lasting peace. But it hasn't, Israel has antagonized and attempted to terrorize almost (but not quite) as often as those they claim the moral high ground against, though with far greater loss of life

    Claiming sympathies of the moral high ground naturally calls one higher standards of conduct that Israel has never lived up to

  • My point is that your correction that Ahmedinijad didn’t called for the destruction of Israel but only Zionism(National Jewish homeland) dubious at best, destruction of Zionism is the destruction of Israel.
    Im Zionist, and i strongly oppose the settlements status quo, there is an occupation indeed of WB(Gaza is another story), this situation will not linger indefinitely and something will have to give.

  • this guy is askenazi jewish i can not believe how many jewish there are in the media and this guy has lost his credivility

  • Is amazing how the pro Israel propaganda machine works, but with Stephen Hawking the antisemitic bash doesn´t work. His logic is flawless.

  • David! Stephen Hawking visiting Iran, hm not sure where you got that one, Stephen Hawking can't leave UK cause he's so ill yet you think he'll go to Iran. 2nd, Stephen Hawking is a liberal, not a neutral or w.e he was always a liberal and didn't hit his political affiliations, the fact that he criticizes Israel is right thing to do, considering what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. Iran is only enemy of Israel and US.

    and someone already posted a brilliant reply, no need adding.

  • Please link me to a David pakman video critical of Israel. Im genuinely interested. Prove me wrong. 🙂

  • Nov 16, 2012 /watch?v=Nhg0VSxDmBQ

    Nov 17, 2012 /watch?v=yKv1iRBo9iA

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    Nov 20, 2012 /watch?v=kp7IKxEg0dM

    Nov 20, 2012 /watch?v=9vyGXb28cRw

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    Nov 30, 2012 /watch?v=5qndWT1ZzZQ

    Dec 3, 2012 /watch?v=82zRb7PmdTQ

  • Actually the labour party put pressure on Tony Blair to resign. As for Afghan, it wasn't the war that was unjust, it was the execution

  • Oh ffs, it IS a civil war, there is no dispute. Read the history or at least wiki the bloody thing, why do you think Taiwan is call the "Republic of China", because both sides consider themselves the legitimate government of the entire China & they recognize the same founding father. The war didn't even officially end via treaty, they just stop actual combat.

    Btw any country can claim the US if they have the strength to take it. Otherwise it would belong to native american, wouldn't it.

  • My thoughts are Stephen Hawking knows more than all three of these guys put together.Also he is a grown man that is well versed in world politics and I fully support Dr.Hawking.

  • I do not think recognizing that this conference allows for a Palestinian voice is a 'pat on the back'.
    I simply think it is the wrong conference to boycott if you wish to protest Israel/Palestine relations. This is where I agree with David.

    I agree China and Israel are different, yet similar, organizations. However, when Hawkings praises one (China) then boycotts another (Israel) it is hypocritical.

  • agree with you , i can't be certain what Ahmedinijad was trying to say and he may want to destroy Israel. The thing is that if those words could be used by the right to justify military action, then we should make sure they are accurate. There is doubt about the meaning. Also isn't it possible to have an Israel without Zionism, if it was turned into a truly secular state.. Also interested in what you see happening in the next 10 – 20 years, with the West Bank.

  • I sent you my first voice mail about this! It wasn't very good point was, Steve as a western scientist was boycotting a western event because of Israel's policies. If he was Chinese and boycotted Chinese events, would it be hypocritical? Or if he was Iranian and boycotted an Iranian event?

  • So here's the deal. I don't think Stephen is in control of what is going on, I think his voice computer and his wheelchair are operated by an A.I.bent on world domination. Ever since he has been wheelchair bound and unable to speak, his theories have become exponentially more complex, something only a super computer is able to do. The A.I. just needed a patsy who would shut up and let it do all the talking!

  • David, Iran last started a war with another country in 1798. Of course they have internal problems but compared to Israel and your Country… well you live in a glass house my friend.

  • Boycotting is making a much greater impact for Hawking's cause, because the more people who pay attention, the better. Going with the flow as they have in previous years would do little other than continue the same trends we've been seeing. This little boost in publicity will cause more people to pay attention to the Israel/Palestine issues for the rest of their lives, and this was the goal Hawking sought and achieved.

  • Are you saying you can't both praise and be critical of the same country? Reducing perspectives on countries to the black and white standard of "do you love or hate the U.S." brings out the xenophobic nationalist tendencies of us all. There is a lot we can learn from China, they are a massive super-country going through the industrial revolution a little later than us, facing similar and new problems as us. From an outlook of all human history, the industrialization was almost simultaneous.

  • David Pakman does not criticize Israel because he feels that everybody out there is already criticizing them enough, possibly more than enough, and that the criticism is so intense that it is entirely undue. Pretty much the same as saying the U.S. is exempt from criticism because we are a free country while China is not.

  • I'm not saying that at all.
    I'm agreeing with David on the point of praising one whilst boycotting the other.
    Mostly I think the boycott is of the wrong conference.

  • the conference was boycotted not because it didn't have palestinian members, but because it was being held in occupied land using occupied resources. hawking was lobbied by chomsky to join a great number of british scholars and educational institutes to join the divestment effort.
    i had little respect for your show (even though i agree with a vast majority of your work) because you sound like an annoying kid, but now i have lost all respect for your show as a result of your blinding bias. peace

  • UNSUBSCRIBED!! Iran has never threatened to destroy Israel or any other country. They want to "wipe Zionism from the pages of history" Disgraceful video!!

  • This speaks to your lack of understanding of what the difference is between Israel and Iran

    The analogy should have been whether it would be a big deal if Stephen boycotted France, Germany, and other such rational democracies who aren't governed by religious fanatics such as Iran.

  • you are such an uninformed little shit! In Iran gays can and do go to the University. They are not allowed to dress up in a certain way that makes it known to public that they are gay and they are not allowed to talk in public that they are gay or promote homosexuality to others that are not in public. if they do they will be prosecuted and rightfully so… Sorry that unlike what the Zionist agenda hopes to achieve every where in the world, your attempts at getting Iran as gay as U.S. and Europe

  • is not going so well. So Israel can have all the gay military generals that they want, but we don't have that in Iran, and as what president Ahmadinejad once in Columbia University which was translated incorrectly and then repeated thousands of times in media, we don't have homosexuality in Iran in the same ways as other countries… so people can do what they want to do in their private lives but homosexuality will not be taught in schools or be socially more tolerable than saying "god"

  • Who are you to say Stephen Hawkins does not have credibility? what if he is condemning Israel for the crimes they have committed against America? What if he is condemning Israel for the crimes they have committed against the world and humanity itself? You somehow brought Iran into this argument but Stephen Hawkins went to Iran because of the vast participation of Iranian scientists in American academics such as professor Firouz Naderi, Shahriar Afshar, professor Kesh and Dr. Hesabi to name a few

  • You can't have it both ways – either it is a religious, Jewish state or it's a secular one. If it's a secular one then the treatment of the non-Jews in that country is atrocious (I mean this specifically, it is an atrocity). If it's a religious one, then you can understand the religious discrimination (if not excuse it).

    You made no reference to the main point about bias on the show. Do you think Pakman would have a problem with Hawking boycotting France? would that even be reported?

  • What sets Israel apart from China and Iran is that they are actively supported by the West. A Boycott there makes much more sense because it could actually work.

  • Great analysis, David, but what's up with the map? Why is the Sinai Peninsula striped? The Sinai Peninsula has been part of Egypt for the last three decades.

  • Did Stephen Hawking who claimed that he joined this racist action after speaking or being contacted by Palestian academics, think to contact Israeli academics and hear their arguments.

    Becasuse he showed ignorance on the whole movement. People compare it to Arpathied South african even though Israeli non Jews have fll rights in Israel.

    BDS more resemble the Nazi in the 30 and 40 who closed Jewish owned business and took their property.

  • Why don't you kiss both cheeks of his ass.All the cool little toys the US supplied you with has probably got a remote kill switch where we can cut them off and all you have is some big paper weights.Look up the "ELF System" and all you will get is the science side of it not the military.You would be surprised at what its capable of.

  • Zionism is nothing more then extreme nationalism mixed with religious nuttery, its not unique in any way, plenty of that shit all over the world. People hating all jews because of it are just as retarded as people who hate all muslims because some of them are terrorists. ancestry is irellevant, stupid is as stupid does.

  • A better comparison would be people boycotting Turkey for the way they treated the Kurdism people, or maybe boycotting them in the past over the Armenian genocide.

  • maybe he's just got better things to do. Maybe he had a holiday booked or is having a new wheelchair made for him.

  • You can't argue in support of Hawking on this. I'm sorry. I'm not Jewish or Muslim, yet I work in a Muslim country and I can travel throughout the Middle East yet I cannot travel to Israel because my passport will be denied by most other Middle Eastern countries upon reentry. The bullshit factor of Hawking using his credibility as a scientist to make foreign policy moves in favor of the brutal regime of Iran over Israel is astounding.

  • this guy seems me just arriving from mars and trying to educate himself by watching FOX NEWS.
    first he didnt give the name of high Palestinian figures participating the confrence.
    second iran has never been involved in foreign aggression,war crimes, crime against humanity and no violation of international laws.
    third, why on earth academics cant have a political opinion!

  • You're all just pissed that a respected genius like Stephen Hawking, which I'm sure has more political abilities than all of the bastard leaders of today, Is attacking Israel and indirectly the USA.

  • And it's clear you aren't bigoted at all. I happen to be atheist, born and raised. You my darling are the epitome of Zionist hate. Again, you make me sick.

  • Jeremy Paxman Vs David Packman .. Packman would be torn apart, and Paxman has gone on record to say Zionism is a form of racism!

  • Hey David, have you ever seen the documentary called Occupation 101….Israel is a terrible country. Get a clue man.

  • Fine, did you ever bothered to read the Goldstone report, bring Norman Finkelstein on your show and we will see how your opinions survive against facts. You just lost your credibility. BTW unsubscribing

  • Really, can you explain the map behind you? Why is the Sinai desert shaded as if it is disputed between Israel and Egypt? I really would like to zoom in to see what you make of Palestine and the Golan…

    I was going to subscribe because of your liberal views, but obviously you are not a true liberal!

  • Yeah, fuck hawking for boycotting an apartheid, racist state that was created by British Elite and religious fundamentalists.

  • I would not subscribe to his channel as he does not know what the hell he is talking about..
    number 1, PLO and the Palestinian authority is not a true representative of the Palestinian people and in many cases, many palestinians see the authority as a corrupt body of people heavily influenced by Israelis and Americans.

    2 I hope that you are not that naive david to think that affirmative action means inclusion because if you are that naive you would also think that the affirmative action intended for the people of color in the US is also a method of elimination of equality and promoting inclusion. affirmative actions are purely PR campaigns for the governments and institutions and they do not generally lead to equal access and opportunity  in the society at large.(look at some scholarly work on this)

    glad I got that out the way. ANOTHER POINT, are u watching Fox news and you get your facts from them? just because one person (Ahmadinejad who truly does not hold the ultimate power in the Iran as the supreme leader does) wants to wipe israel off the map does not mean the whole COUNTRY OF "Iran wants to destroy Israel" as you put it

     oh man, you are politically ignorant I am afraid to say, I can also find more holes in your story, it's sad because I  kind of liked your show but in this video your "facts" sound more like "facts" from Fox news

    peace and blessings and take care

  • Do not see the issue…first, this is about a conference in Israel. What relationship does he have with Israel? Why does the absence of his presence create any issue…apparently a political issue? He is English and lives in England. Second…not see how this conference exactly should relate to his area of science and of his expertise? …finally, the speaker in the video called him hypocritical…how is Stephen Hawkings being hypocritical by not choosing to attend a conference?

    Seems that with his health conditions and his present age that he would not be likely to be doing a lot of jet setting to foreign countries and attending conferences that do not seem to be relevant to his life work.

    I do not understand why anyone now should criticize him… He should be treated with the greatest respect and that he is not going to be attending some conference should never become a political issue.

  • Reading a few of the comments here…see much arguing about Israel and of its fairly recent history with its neighbors. Whatever has happened there…how does this relate to a British scientist, Stephen Hawking, and his scientific work to understand the universe and if its origins?

  • There are two sets of rules on the planet.  One is for small nations comprised of historically despised religious minorities.  The other is for super-powers like England, Russia, China and the US which can do whatever they want with little to no criticism.  I will consider their calls to "free Palestine" when the US frees Puerto Rico and the Reservation (as well as making DC a State), the Chinese free Tibet, the British and French free their remaining colonial holdings (including Northern Ireland), and the Russians free Chechnya.  

    I also believe that these countries have huge bloated prison populations that are artificially manufactured.  I prefer the human rights record of Israel to any of these other countries.  Don't respond to say you are offended because I could care less.  And, subscribers, if you want to unsub then get lost.

  • Why David so blinkered when it comes to Israel, I agree with most of his views but on this he seems to lose the plot.

  • You have no idea what you are taking about David. Israel is one of the most racist countries in the world. Shalom 

  • Its kinda good that he didn't come to Israel. No one need him. He is arrogant and is against G-D.

  • David! You cannot use deflection as an excuse. Your whole are argument is infantile "why am I in trouble when he did it!" We don't let children get away with that why should you?

  • This is the only Midweek Politics video I have ever disliked. There are several falsehoods here. He has not lost credibility. Iran sad no such thing, Israel does not have freedom of the press, Reporters Without Borders downgraded Israel to 93rd of all countries and behind several Arab countries. China is not illegally occupying anyone.

  • New David Pakman rule: Unless you're opposed to absolutely everything that could be perceived as bad, you cannot be opposed to anything.

  • David is in complete denial when it come to Israel, even Israeli's know that Israel is an Apartheid state.

  • David, I have thought about this myself. However I actually think the argument is disingenuous. For example I am from New Zealand and we rioted against the South African apartheid movement. We regard it as a proud moment in or history but we could have acted in a similar way against the way the Australians treat aborigines. This is the speed that an argument like this crashes. You cannot assume that if there was a boycott of China brought to Hawkings attention he wouldn't partake. The reason he is involved in the boycott is that it was most likely brought to his attention. I would posit that you disagree with his actions to a degree because it is Israel he is boycotting. To reverse it, let's say Hawkings got involved in a boycott of Iran but still visited Israel, or he boycotted China, I am doubtful you would use this argument. You should know personal politics are not consistent. Personal politics are more complicated and contradictory than you care to admit. By the way I do like your show and believe peoples criticism if Israel is not consistent and very much tied up in a blind dislike of Israel rather than a simple criticism of their policies.

  • The comments here are cancer. Instead of trying to listen to his very fair points, you keep being blinded by the bullshit you see on mainstream media.

  • I thought the hypocritical part was that Steven Hawkins computer that he communicates through has an Intel chip inside of it.

  • David is an Israel cock sucker, always liberal till Israel comes up.
    somehow it gets a free pass for occupation, 6 million Palestinian refugees and targeting civilians.

  • Wow how well it was real survive another anti-Semite heard from you in Jimmy Carter should become Facebook friends

  • David Pakman missed the biggest part of the story, which came to light before this video was released. Stephen Hawking doesn't boycott Israel on any particular grounds. He cancelled his visit, because, in his own words:
    “I have received a number of emails from Palestinian academics,” Hawking said in the letter. “They are unanimous that I should respect the boycott. In view of this I must withdraw from the conference.”

    This is one of the smartest people in the world, so his words need to be looked at very carefully. He didn't say he agreed with boycotting Israel. He didn't say he agreed with the Palestinian Academics on any issue. He specifically said that Palestinian academics contacted him and were unanimous that he should respect the boycott". He doesn't then say "I respect the boycott". Instead he writes "In view of this I must withdraw from the conference." – So he withdrew only because of these emails, not because of the underlying issues. Otherwise why wouldn't he mention those issues? Why would he specifically mention Palestinian Academics contacting him and them him just withdrawing, no further reason? Remember, this guy is likely physically much weaker than anyone reading my comment. So he can be physically intimidated. He is a guy in a wheelchair who is almost 100% defenseless physically. He is also far smarter than anyone watching Pakman's video or reading my comment. So why would this genius who might have geniune concerns for his safety choose to only put those words in that order in his email as the reason for not attending the conference?

    Pakman should have just said that, and nothing else. End of story

  • I think it is nonsense that we can tell a man where he HAS to go, where he HAS to spend his money, or what political belief he CANNOT hold. I get so tired of the pro-settlement argument of listing despicable acts throughout history to excuse their own. I just want to hear an Israeli just once give me a reason that state-sponsored armed groups from their nation entering internationally recognized lands of another for the sole purpose of appropriating land by force and without justification to create ethnically pure settlements that exclude Arabs is a morally acceptable practice.

  • 3:31 buuut the ppl your talking about, I thought they belonged there before they were put there. Or I guess no and you should compare them to C?

  • Wow, look at all of the Anti semites on here. I mean, really? You fucks are bashing a democratic state in favor of a bunch of terrorists? What the fuck is wrong with people today? I mean there are like 15 million Jews in the world today, and you don't even want to grant them that sliver of land where their ancestors originated? I guess you're all a bunch of Nazis who would have been happy with the total annihilation of Jews.

  • Professor Hawking had very few fans in the twisted world of the zionists. He rightly declined an invitation to the “Israeli Presidential Conference 2013”. Another "Science Summit" the racist israeli regime staged aiming to whitewash its murderous image. Stephen Hawking took a stand for justice and showed the world that what israel was and is doing is wrong! Irreplaceable loss to humanity.

  • says the David who clearly said in a video he supports Israel.. All his intellectualism and liberalism comes to a halt when its about Israel.. you are not better than Dave Rubin or Ben Shapiro or Sam Harris, they do the same when it comes to Israel. Respects to professor Hawkings for standing up for palestinians and expressing his dislike for Zionists..

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