Standoff – The Office US

Standoff  – The Office US

[Andy] I didn’t do it!
[Dwight] OK!
[Dwight] Everybody just caaaaaaalm down.
[Michael] On the count of three, we’re all gonna put down our guns.
[Dwight] I have cross-pose.
[Michael] We’ll put down our weaponry on the count of three.
[Dwight] OK.
[Michael] You ready?
[Dwight] I’m ready.
[Michael] Ooooooone.
[Michael and Dwight] Twooooo.
[Michael] Threeee.
[All yell]
[Jim] Andy revealed himself to be a double agent.
[Jim] At which point, Dwight felt comfortable revealing that he also was a double agent.
[Jim] And then, Michael announced to everybody that…
[Jim] Get this…
[Jim] He was a double agent.
[Jim] Oh! And it is six o’clock.
[Awkward silence]
[Jim] Really?
[Pam] It wasn’t me!
[Pam] I’m not going down for this!
[Jim] Yeah, I wanna go home.
[Pam] Get the keys out of my purse and start the car.
[Pam runs off]
[More awkward silence]
[All yell and act like they’re shooting each other]
[Dying sounds]
[Ending of the video]
Subtitles by jakanz

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