Smash Mouth – Walkin’ On The Sun (Official Music Video)

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  • The lyrics are serious but burried in the funky beat. If you lusten real close…….we might kearn something. What was true way back whenevet will alwsys be true whenever. Diffetent struggles but identical results of any life ill lived. Pay attention people, beach blanket bingp was the begining6 of the end.

  • hey anybody got a tanning booth owe me a little money my girlfriend's got some fucking issues and I got some to you better get to thinking cuz I I'm going to get some girls on a poly free on diet so their uterus is that don't handle the flow don't hold something on top of them to go up in their bodies and cause infection and I don't find them some female doctors to talk to or somewhere where they're comfortable talking to somebody about their problems and they know for a goddamn fact ain't nobody else going to hear him again and I'm going to be some insecure motherfuker like me that might get into a fight and bring it up when you're an immature person like I used to be but I'm not now and I guarantee goddamn to you Jacob Fred Caudill or working on a way to get me paid cuz Fred knows he owes my mama anybody in Town's got a goddamn problem with that we can just go to God damn Judgment day and just have you our lives from day to day today and see who's had it the worse and I ain't no goddamn crybaby and I ain't that tough you want to know my chromosomes if you want to know something about my sexual organs you can get up in my ass as far as you can go and I'll I'll tell you I've had a many many people up in there now I need some money and I need paid Fred and you better get Vick on it or you better get someone on it cuz your mama has a good good Mama that went to where I went for 34 goddamn years and put up a bunch of goddamn boundaries and I'm fixing to have some money and I don't have to have no boundaries I don't do what I want I never have and everybody them goddamn Planet knows it yes I do drugs I've been working pretty hard to get the correct or so temperature I've been working pretty hard to get a safe pullover environment I don't need to know what I do wrong and do right I need to get paid and if you think you can go around this goddamn world with someone else holding your goddamn billfold and driving you around like I have then I challenge every judge in the goddamn County in the federal ones to to ride with their wives and kids for the rest of their days

  • hey anybody got any doubts about somebody better fucking go ahead and put them away and just respect everybody because I got a bunch of bunch of friends I didn't just make one and my dad and Grandpa I hope you all respect them but they all told me the same thing and I told him that they don't make nothing better than human beings I'm pretty reasonable and I got a business head on me and I know how to do anything reasonably there's a young lady her name is Amber and I don't know what color that is but you better start thinking about it because yellow means confident and I'm confident that more than 20, 000 is being moved around in that man's honor and I'm confident in everything I say and my old lady doesn't seem to respect me and she likes to yell at me so either since her with some earplugs or someone let her know that she better respect me and she's welcome back anytime and the piece that that gives a lot of people for some reason I don't know but it may allow them to a correct Alzheimer's and Dementia and I'm not a big deal but those people that I could be having something like that are so bare with me and that's Russia the bear where the red white and blue red China White is a form of pureness that every individual no matter what color they are have in they are all innocent and that is not spelled i n a c e n t but I need my money because I have some innocent friends that I need to bond out right now so

  • P Tim I'm going to assemble a team of attorneys that are respectful in every way towards the judge and the da and I don't know what hope you're not in Tucumcari but if Carrie comes over here why he better not make my girlfriend come three times and I already know he can come four times but I know that if Tucumcari comes over here and she turns into one come carry she better not pass out cuz last time someone did I called the ambulance by the time I woke her up up there we made that God damn sitcom scary sex stories in the ER but anyway I'm just kidding I don't even know where this comes from but I'm just letting you know with some humor and some truth all truth I'm going to hire you and some other attorneys and when being Bill arburg and to being you but you're number one he's number to know you're no no no I mean on a equal respect levels you guys need to sit down and figure out how in the fuck I grew up in this town watching red white and blue shoes with a man's son that I respected so much how did so many differences get created between us to the point of a purple purple yellow and purple Amarillo and a 50 Cent hat being a mother of a man that I respect so much and I don't need to go on and on all I need to tell you is that Mr Casa Real apartment owner I know you had a tanning bed I like all that stuff and Drumright and I like your cook a lot her husband lived on a hairpin turn and call me lot in the evenings I've been tested so many times and passed so many tests I don't know how you all don't know me my name is Shannon Lee Teegarden I live at 1425 South Howerton I am in debt I have friends it need bonded out Blaze is actually one of them I am starting a lawsuit to get my friend's home around their family and less they're happy where they are and I will send men to talk one-on-one custom gates and doors are Fix-A-Flat open and if you don't like what I'm doing you might as well get up there and walk on the Sun and by the way going 500 miles an hour if you started at one edge of it it would take you four months to get to the middle that's how big that motherfucker is

  • Everyone jokes about these guys and how much of a meme their music is, but they made some really darn good tracks. This song gives me major Doors/Zombies vibes!

  • Everyone saying this song is underrated, i was born in 91 and this song was huge, it was on the radio just as much as Smash Mouths other hits lol

  • Was it a weird fever dream or was this the theme of a movie/pilot who stared Ned from Ned’s declassified? Is it just me or do other people remember this?

  • Alert: if you don't listen smash mouth music and enjoy your life, well… You might as well be walkin' on the sun! 😎

  • I think I remember hearing this song in a hot wheels movie when I was 10. I watched that movie in the manager's office of a strip club as my father who was the manager at the time talked to the police because one of the dancer's stabbed another dancer. Heh, good times.

  • I was 7 when this come out i had no idea what this song was about now i'm 28 i know its all about fucking drugs and how much i can relate to it more 🤟🤪😆🤙

  • +10 points for groovy video, +15 for ultimate bass, +25 for family friendly, +50 for *amazing groove*, +30 for hidden jem.
    130 points for "walking on the sun by smash mouth"
    Rank: #1, hidden groovy gem.

  • This song came out when my country still kicked ass. Before the entire nation lost its fucking mind. 80s and 90s ruled!! So sad for my kids who have to grow up in a world thats sick twisted evil and insane!! Jesus WTF HAPPENED!!

  • It's absolutely brilliant. It got a really fun vibe, such great '60s retro sound, that Farfisa organ. And the lyrics are very clever with a cool delivery. The video is simply a fun send-up of all those campy, Beach Blanket Bingo-era movies. And it really rocks!

  • it ain’t no joke, i’d like to get a stand
    and teach ZA WARUDO to stop time for over nine seconds
    and teach ZA WARUDO to kill the Joestar bloodline
    Hey, I know it’s just a dream but it’s interesting enough for me
    This is a SHEER HEART ATTACK, I know, retrieved it but it’s back
    It’s not like any stand, it goes after heat to blow up on impact
    And fashion is in Passione for the gang and their trip
    If you got the 4, Mista won’t come by because that number’s gonna make him dip
    So don’t delay, stand proud, parts are running out
    Allow if you’re still alive, another antagonist to arrive
    And if you don’t follow, there may be a tomorrow
    But if the offer is pleasing and narrow
    then you might as well be hit by the arrow

  • reminds me when I was kid, summer time at the public pool. this and other songs always playing over the speakers. good times

  • this is as close as we can get to a time machine. at least for now. r.i.p 90s.
    little weed and some headphones. damn good shit.
    I hope this next decade doesn't suck as much as the one we just went through.

  • I just like that the lead singer has no skill in dancing at all but hes having such a great time! That's what made this video so perfect haha

  • I hadn’t heard this song in like 15 years until I listened to it a couple weeks ago, now a 10 second segment of the song is stuck in my head. For 2 weeks, nonstop, 24/7, it’s the first thing my brain thinks when I wake up, it’s the last thing I hear before I fall asleep, and it plays all day long. I now hate this song, someone help make it stop.

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