Sensible Ideas on How to Stop Smoking

Sensible Ideas on How to Stop Smoking

Many smokers want to stop smoking but only a handful of them become smoke-free forever. You are not the only one struggling with quitting smoking, there are millions of people in the world today who are smoke addict since more than a decade who just want to get rid of this addiction. Smoking has invariably caused a lot of damage to the body’s system and worse, made people emotional slaves! There are plenty of ideas on how to stop smoking but we have gathered those ideas which are practical and sensible to apply which provides the smoker the right directions to become smoke-free.

Ideas on How to Stop Smoking

The following is a list of ideas which can definitely help you in quitting smoking forever:

  • Fix a Date From When You Will Stop Smoking

If you are constantly wondering about how to stop smoking then you need to first of all set a date and time to stop smoking. Smoke usually as you do up to this time and date. Do not cut down on the number of cigarettes. Once you have committed to a date and time, make sure you will not have a single cigarette after that!

  • Look Ahead for a Better Future

Cigarette have given you nothing positive, it is a mere addiction and you are becoming a slave of nicotine. So, forget your past and addiction and look ahead for a better future. The most important thing about how to stop smoking is that you need to begin thinking about the positive aspects of quitting smoking i.e. better health, financial savings, longer life, increased energy, increased self-confidence, self-respect and freedom. Start enjoying your new life as a non-smoker right from the moment you have smoked your last cigarette.

  • Have Your Last Cigarette and Make a Vow to Not to Have it Again

When you quit smoking, all you need to understand is that you are doing good to your own body by adding longevity and quality to it. Have your last cigarette and make a solemn vow that no matter what happens in your life and future, you will never smoke again! Making a promise to yourself is very important when you quit smoking. This is a very important decision about your life and never doubt this right decision of yours.

How to Stop Smoking

  • Don’t Worry About the Withdrawal Symptoms

You need to be cool with the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. These physical and emotional symptoms will pass quickly and don’t rush yourself to smoke as you may at times crave for it. Just be cool with these symptoms and keep yourself motivated.

If you are accustomed to have a smoke with tea or coffee, do not miss your smoke, instead, smile how you are adding quality to your life without smoking!

  • Socialize and Party Like Usual

Do not avoid social parties just because you have quit smoking. Socialize normally and pity all those who are choking themselves to death from smoking. Do not think you have lost something instead these smokers are losing their health, money, peace of mind, self-respect. Everyone out there in the party are envious of you as you have quit smoking. If you ask any smoker, they are all struggling with quitting smoking but you have passed this challenge so you don’t have worry out being in non-smoking zone etc.

  • Do Not Force Your Mind to Not to Think About Smoking

Your mind will think about smoking but you cannot force it to stop thinking! You need to either distract yourself or make yourself happy by thinking that you have crossed a milestone by going smoke-free and that you are no more a slave of nicotine. You can think all the positive points of going smoke-free and be happy!

  • There is No Single Cigarette After Quitting

You know why many people fail how to stop smoking challenge? It is because when they are feeling too low, they go ahead and have that one last cigarette after quitting it and then they slowly become a slave of nicotine once again! Do not fool yourself over this one last cigarette as there is no last cigarette, it comes with a chain of it. Hence, always think of the bright life and well-being ahead.

  • Try to Keep Away from Nicotine Substitutes

There are many nicotine replacement therapies offered by doctors to fight against nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Keep away from these substitutes in any form- candies, gums, patches. If you are taking these substitutes, you are still a slave of nicotine!

  • Do not Keep any Cigarette with You

Another important thing which you must do to stop smoking is that stop keeping cigarette with your or at any other place. You decided to be smoke-free after having your last cigarette and hence you don’t have to keep any cigarette with you. You are a non-smoker and enjoy the bliss of being a non-smoker!

  • Announce About Quitting Smoking to Your Family and Friends

One of the best ways of how to stop smoking is by getting endless love and support from your near and dear ones. There are the ones who are always with you (both in your highs and your lows). So, announce it to them that you are going to have your last smoke on this date at this time. This way, you will have their support whenever you crave for nicotine. They will support you and help you overcome this quit smoking challenge.

There maybe millions of ideas on how to stop smoking but it is up to you to choose the ideas which suits you and which will help you in quitting smoking. How to stop smoking is a hard challenge but once you become adamant about this, you will never look back at nicotine!


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