Republicans Think Vaping Ban Will Cost Trump 2020 Election

Republicans Think Vaping Ban Will Cost Trump 2020 Election

You know, there’s lots of reasons to not vote
for Donald Trump in 2020 whether you’re a
farmer hit by the trade war, whether you’re
a manufacturing worker laid off because of
the trade war, maybe you’re one of those people
just like me that was promised by Republicans
a 4 to $9,000 a year tax cut only to actually
see your taxes go up.
Lots of reasons out there.
Oh and let’s not forget obviously all the
crimes and the nepotism and you know all of
that, the debt exploding, the deficit exploding,
spending millions of dollars of our tax dollars
at your own company so you can put it back
in your pocket.
Yeah, lots of reasons to not vote for Donald
Trump, but none of those, our concerns to
Republican allies of the president, but they
are warning him right now that there is one
There is one issue, one thing he has done
that is likely to piss off enough voters to
cost him the 2020 election and that one thing
is the proposed ban on flavored E cigarettes.
Republican friends of the president, including
by the way, industry lobbyists for e-cigarette
companies are warning the president that there
are so many vapers in this country, particularly
in the areas that basically gave Trump the
electoral vantage.
If you ban it, boy, they’re not going to vote
for you ever again.
And here, according to Axios, is actually
how this lobbyist and these allies laid out
to the president himself.
How this vaping ban is going to effect Trump’s
2020 chances.
They said, first you have these voters, they
start out as Trump voters.
They wouldn’t vape anymore if they couldn’t
get the flavors.
They are single issue voters around vaping
The eventual democratic nominee would be more
vape friendly than step five.
Boom, Democrats, we win because of the vapors.
Now I think Trump’s vaping ban the proposed
vaping ban is stupid.
I 100% think it’s stupid.
Yes, a couple of people have died and a ton
of people, hundreds of them got sick, but
it all happened like that instantaneously,
which to me suggests that perhaps there were
a couple of bad batches of vape juice out
there and that’s why it needs better, stricter
And yes, we do know the vaping companies make
these fruity little candy flavors to attract
We know that tobacco companies do the exact
same thing.
There’s no question about that, but to outright
ban them, that’s not the right course of action.
You them in a store, first of all, you don’t
let them advertise these flavors.
You put them in a store where children have
no possibility of ever even seeing them, and
you’re going to help cut down on the problem
But overall, the biggest issue is that you’ve
got to have better regulation on the vapes,
on the e-cigarettes.
That’s what’s been missing from this whole
And to be honest, that’s what we’ve been talking
about for years here.
And whenever we suggest that the vapors get
pissed off and come at us saying, we’re in
the pocket of big tobacco.
No, technically you are because you do realize
who’s buying up most of these vape companies,
It’s big tobacco.
Look, this is not the issue that’s going to
cost Donald Trump 2020 I mean, maybe he’s
going to lose a few people because of the
vaping ban, but could you imagine as a voter
yourself being like that being the hill you’re
going to die on vaping like, Oh, well I know
he committed the treason and with the Ukraine,
you know, likely committed the treason with
the, with Russia, all of the obstruction of
justice, all the emoluments clause violations,
all of the horrible policies.
I’m okay with those.
Oh, he banned vaping.
See yeah, throwing this MAGA hat away.
I hope to God there’s nobody in the country
who’s like that and trust me, I don’t want
anybody to ever vote for Trump, but I don’t
ever want that to be the reason.
You’re not going to vote for Trump, if that
makes any sense, because that’s a really stupid
Hill to die on.
Trump has done a lot of horrible things, so,
so let’s maybe focus on those.
This vaping ban, yes, it is stupid, but if
you’re going to let that be the straw that
breaks the camel’s back, then what does that
say about you.

100 thoughts on “Republicans Think Vaping Ban Will Cost Trump 2020 Election

  • If the Trumpettes losing the ability to whiff their favourite vape flavour 'Orange Blimp' means they won't vote Republican I'm fine with that. Any dumb reason for not voting for Donald is equal to any dumb reason for voting for him. It would make a fascinating medical study to find out what causes the most significant long term damage vaping or wearing a Maga hat.

  • It is so stupid. I've been vaping since 2009 and sometimes make my own flavored juice. 10 years later, i'm fine.
    It's bad flavored ejiuce that some got sick. Banning this just stupid.
    They should ban cigerettes as well.

  • OMG you don't say the (R) word to a Republikkkans- Racist? Nope Retarded? Nope Really shitty people? Close!! Regulations that's their Kryptonite a bunch of dipshit criminals!!

  • Shallow Americans don't care about the carbon emissions and pollution. Or wealth inequality. Or crumbling infrastructure. Or government transparency. Smoking is all that concerns them.

  • wow, you just called a dedicated viewer stupid. lets talk about your stupidity. Did u address that these issues are only due to black market THC carts. If you didn't know this, then YOU are stupid. I own a vape shop, and am a single issue voter because if this ban comes through, I LOSE EVERYTHING. Ukraine doesn't affect me directly. neither does Stormy Daniels. I hate TRUMP, but I am losing respect for YOU and the ROF.

  • The vape ban is beyond stupid. The contamination suggestion is a valid one.
    On the counter point if you ban flavors of vape liquid, then i guess you need to support banning flavored alcohol. Just a fruity, marketed to children and young adults, and just as harmful.

  • Think Farron is a vaper? Or a Vapehole, as we call them up here. I used to subscribe here but Farron is kind of a putz. Can't back up much of what he says. (I won't say reports)
    Vaping has become a huge issue here in Canada, because vaping causes very little initial irritation, people, especially kids, inhale very deeply. If they use nicotine in their vapes, and most do, they end up sucking in 2 to 3 times the levels a smoker does, simply because most of them think it is harmless. They end up with such severe nocotine addictions they have seizures if they quit cold turkey. Yeah, real safe. (And they end up smoking because cigs are cheaper, some now do both so they can get enough nocotine to satisfy their addiction.) Popcorn lung is not a hoax or over reaction. There is a group planning to sue the government for not regulating this dangerous product, as well as the companies who, suprize, suprize are often owned by tobbaco companies. We can trust those guys, RIGHT?
    NOW! With all of that, we have people dropping dead. It seems vaping while sick is a really BAD idea. But if you have a severe nicotine addiction because vaping is such a perfect delivery system, think you'll stop if you have a chest cold? Or will you take the chance?
    Farron, this is not a freedom issue. Many things are illegal for their obvious harmful effects, why smoking is not outright banned, I'll never know. So keep sucking in those vulgar clouds of white vapour, thinking your Sooo, cool. You aren't. You are just another annoying Vapehole.
    What a dink, to say vaping will be the issue that sinks Trump while we hear day after day about his treason. But vaping will be what does it, right Farron? What an idiotic tool.

  • Why does everyone just assume that adults don't like flavors??? Really once we get past 21 we just like coffee and bland flavors? Everyone adult that I know that smokes e-cigarettes use their favorite flavors and none of them are tobacco flavor or plain water flavor.

  • It's sad, but this vaping is one area that I actually, regrettably have to admit to agreeing with the Gross Trumpkin. E-Cigarettes, regular cigarettes, and more are all poison that cause nothing but pain and misery with absolutely no benefit to the user. They're polluting and destroying themselves in the name of giving more money to Big Tobacco. They need to go.

  • Also I thought at leat here you would report the truth that every other new station seems to be ignoring , all those people who died and got sick were vaping drugs and 100x nicotine levels, illegal cartridges made by gangs.

  • That's it everyone, get down to Congress and light 'em up!! Marlboro, Salem, Newport, Chesterfield's, Virginia Slims, Camel's, light up and blow smoke at the Reputridcans!!! (Preferably up their ass!!!!) They might change their mind about the Vaping ban!!! Fucking ridiculous!!!!

  • Lmao what's funny is I know dozens of people who don't like Trump now soley on the vape ban. You have too much faith in people but at least they'll throw a few votes Bernie's way

  • When he is trounced at the polls or is forced to resign for nothing less than blatant corruption and obstruction of justice – they're probably already framing the reason for any defeat on vaping. Maybe consider telling people not to cross the road as well – I'm sure the fatality rate for that is much higher.

  • At least the cultists willing to mutany over e-cigs have their AK military grade assault weapons to go to war with. That should make Republicans sleep easier at night.

  • of all the v-words that would end trumps presidency vaping isnt one of them. vain, vaudevillian, vapid, vacant, vacuous, villainous, vexing, vicious….

  • Maybe they should start vaping themselves and drop dead if they are so concerned. What a bunch of dumbasses we have called lawmakers. They don’t know the laws and pretend to be so intelligent and have no sense of reason whatever.

  • So the killing and caging of children, the treason, the felonies and the thousands of lies wont have anything to do with it? It will be the vaping ban that wont happen by the way, is going to be his excuse?

  • Upper class white supremacists is a nasty viscus's affair with racism, neo Nazism and ruthlessness. Trump nation is a system "out of control"

  • #1 you should do your homework a lil better bro.#2 a YouTube named (Grimm green) did a great vid on this way better then you and yes it can cost him.some of the state's he won was by 20,000 5,000 votes and in some of those states they're 50,000 to a couple hundred thousand votes so yes it can't cost him.I'm a dem but I see what trump is doing.the economy is doing great, lots of jobs so maybe I was going to vote for trump but now because of his anti gaping stance i won't vote for need to tell that crusty old man on this channel to shut is nasty mouth on vaping!

  • No, the vaping is killing young people. It might not be popular now but we need to stop the deaths. Vaping will be back after the cause of the deaths is found. It's not vape juice. The flavors need to be checked for carcinogenic activity. The killing compound is interfering with the immune system or cell replacement or stem cells. It looks like it could be the vitamin E being used. We also need to check fertility for users. Because there are compounds that can sterilize people.

  • -Trump is the best present ever
    -He did x and it will effect you and others in a negative way
    -shut up you cuck
    -His wall won't stop drug trafficking and you will have to pay for it not the wealthy 1%
    -Shut up you cuck
    -He wants to ban vapes
    -Fuck Trump I am voting for Biden!

  • I mean just as many Democrats as Republicans vape soooo honestly I didn't even think of it like that lol. It certainly won't help any.

  • That particular thought by Republicans on vaping is truly crazy. It's obvious there needs to be more and tighter regulation on vaping products with the right authority testing what goes into them and checking how dangerous or not they are.

  • Honestly the vape ban is just stupid. Dumb teens will still acquire whatever they want through illegal means just like they do with alcohol and tobacco.

  • even if they don't vote for trump there's no way in hell they'd vote for a dem, the dems are the ones banning the vape state by state.

  • Death and illness was caused by counterfeit THC carts, not E-juice. Teens like Juul because it's 50 mg nicotine and gives them a head rush when they mis-use it, Thank you for concurring that the vape bans a stupid. Further, they will create an even larger black market. Most of the governors banning flavors are Democrats anyway.

  • it was blackmarket THC cartridges … not eliquid … at all it was THC blackmarket cartridges … we don't call it juices we call it liquid .. you drink juice you vape liquid

  • Save your outrage for the outrageous.
    I've vaped for a little over 6 yrs. That's after 40 years of smoking cigarettes. One hit off a vape pen and I never touched another cigarette. Made it EASY to tell the tobacco industry to GO FUCK YOUR LYING ASSES AND YOURSELVES….
    The tobacco industry can raise their hand now.
    How many have died from smoking complication in the time it took you to read this comment?
    FUCK THE CONSERVATIVE AGENDA and the Corporations that line the pockets of these paranoia mongers.

  • I like flavors and I'm 44 years old. Why can't I like flavors? They weren't designed to draw in children. They were brought in because adults like them.

    You are missing the bigger picture.

    Google "e cigarettes could stub out tobacco bonds sooner than thought" It's an article from 2014 which predicted this would happen five years later in 2019. This is all about states not getting their millions and banks calling in their debts on the pre-sold bonds – which the states can't pay back.

    Now research who's been selling vapes to kids. It's not the small independent stores – they don't even make the list. It's all big tobacco and big retailers. Juul were warned not to market to kids but they did it anyway because they knew the negative publicity (this) would drive people back to cigarettes and states could use it as an excuse to ban them.

    Why don't you report on the culprits who started this mess? Google "Wisconsin THC Empire" and listen to what they were putting in their illegal THC cartridges. Yes, it was enough to hospitalize people and even kill. This story was twisted beyond belief to apply to nicotine vapes which had NOTHING to do with it.

    This is mass-murder on a national scale, plain and simple.

    Will trump lose the next election because he pissed off 11 million American vapers? I doubt it. Those 11 million vapers are nothing compared to the power of the states, big tobacco and the media – all three are complicit in what's happening now. All three are destroying lives for the sake of money.

    Google "Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement" – there is the answer to what's behind all of this. Money, lots and lots of money.

  • half a million people die from cigarettes per year, and vaping helps people quit. the government shouldn't be allowed to control which vices we have, only popular regulations that keep them safe. I vaped for 4 yrs & I would be pissed if I was a republican vaper, they do only care about themselves so I believe that this would get them to switch over lol

  • Flavors DO NOT exist to attract children. 99.99% of vapers use flavors. Straight tabacco juice tastes like shit!
    And let's be perfectly clear about who is actually "in the pocket" since you are apparently ignorant enough to not understand.
    Big tabacco is buying up the vape industry because it actually IS hurting tabacco sales. More and more people are quitting everyday thanks to VAPING!!!
    Idk..but maybe you've never noticed how crazy high that taxes are on tabacco??? (sarcasm)
    Idk..but maybe you just dont realize the amount our government gets are directly proportional to tabacco sales.
    Phillip-Morris owns Juul. As of yesterday, the CEO stepped down and the new CEO has promised NOT to lobby against this vaping ban!!!
    If this doesn't scream conflict of interest and/or down right governmental corruption then I dont know wtf does!!!!!
    It really doesn't take much investigation and dissection to see that it's money not health at play here. All the way down to the media pushers because we all know that only bad news and negativity sells. (Its sad but true)
    It really is absurd how down right ignorant people are willing to be. Every non-vaper/smoker who pays for medical insurance has a vested interest in the truth. Just because you do neither and therefore have no interest DOES NOT mean you aren't effected. Your willful ignorance is being taken advantage of. This is all about "harm reduction". A ban means millions will return to smoking and there is certainly no disputing the health implications of that.

  • It says you don't want to go back to smoking and you are opposed to this moron once again trying to control aspects of your life he has no business in at all. Regulate and research. To ban is disastrous on many levels.

  • Some people only care about their personal, immediate lifestyle concerns. IF vaping takes him down, that'll be appropriate. His stupid followers don't care about the important stuff.

  • On the republican side (mostly), voting is a matter of personal experience. This experience is likely to be piloted by various entities, but they feel personal still.
    Most of 45's actions impacted people far away from any of his voters, and those that hit home were explained — rather directed and blamed on other actors — away.
    This didn't happen for this vaping ban, as it has such a weak representation in corruption halls. 45 did this on his own and no one even tried to spin it, it's entirely on him.
    Now, why would a republican vaper be pushed to action by the ban ? There are several options.
    – Ban is stupid on it's own.
    – Ban should not be on top of a republican ban list, there are far more pressing issues, like racism, economic cruelty ; your pick.

    Now for the really personal ones.

    – Freedom, and the government's impeding of it. You can't use your favourite flavour because we said so.
    – The very real risk of death :
    Nicotine is one of the hardest addiction to kick off, and vaping does not have the probability of early death that cigarettes have. Making liquids less enjoyable is a good way to inch addicts towards the original dispensing method.
    Essentially, an ex-smoker can reasonably view this ban as the government trying to kill him/her, all the while being robbed by the health industry when the emphysema shows up.

    This is, arguably, a strange straw to break the camel's back. But nevertheless, this is an issue that touches a portion of the population, however small it may be.

  • Lol fucking backward country. The world is laughing their tits off at you, America. I feel sorry for the sane people who didn't vote for the retard that is Donald Trump.

  • I'm a lifelong Dem (union family), and I'd be dead without vaping. So would my mother (the one from whom I learned my politics!). We both tried every other quit method out there, and vaping was the only one that worked. I really wish Dems and left-leaning people would educate themselves about vaping instead of writing off vapers/vaping as a bunch of dumb rightwing hipsters – it's actually a pretty diverse community. The current health scare is over vaping THC, not nicotine, and mostly black market THC at that. Unscrupulous sellers are using Vitamin E acetate to cut their product. Inhaling Vitamin E acetate will give you lipid pneumonia.

    Vapers of nicotine eliquid have actually been self-policing the e-liquid industry for years because we knew if the government got involved, they'd knee-jerk ban it due to losing money to vaping thanks to the Master Settlement Agreement with Big Tobacco (more smokers = more money for state govts. More vapers = less money.) Companies that put cartoons on labels, parodied cereal boxes or cartoons etc were quickly boycotted by the community. (They still pop up once in a while and are still boycotted when they do). Most reputable e-liquid makers make their juice in certified ISO clean rooms (and release material data safety sheets). I know more about what goes into my e-juice than you know about what goes into your food…. and that's normal in the vaping community. Not for the average "lemme try this out" casual vaper, but for the millions of us who vape to stay off smoking… we're vaping specifically to avoid health problems, so we care a lot about what we put in our bodies. We don't want to be vaping some sketchy crap someone's mixed up in his bathtub.

    I firmly believe the vape industry needs to be regulated, and yes, Big Tobacco is predictably messing things up for vaping – but if you know anything about vaping, you know the vaping community has been furious about Juul from the very beginning. Besides the fact that they made no bones about planning to be bought out by Big Tobacco ASAP from the very beginning, it's a crappy pod system, it doesn't have enough power to help a smoker quit (or stay quit), it doesn't allow for customization (the very thing that makes vaping an effective quit method), it discourages the user from learning anything about their gear (a must for basic safety – a vaper should understand what's happening when they hit the button, what an ohm reading is, and basic battery safety – Juuls and other pod systems make none of this possible because they are closed systems).

    Vaping as an overall industry is not "marketing flavors to kids". Unflavored nicotine juice tastes terrible. If you need high nicotine (because you're recently quit from cigs), it tastes like trying to vape a forest fire. If you've been vaping for a while and have been able to lower your nic content, unflavored juice tastes like licking an envelope. Once your tastebuds come back, tobacco flavored juice tastes like butt too (unless it's some artisanal pipe tobacco derived stuff – we didn't smoke Marlboros because we liked the taste, so why would we want our vapes to taste like ashtray?). Rotating flavors also keep your tastebuds from succumbing to "vapers tongue" which is when your tastebuds kind of "turn off". Banning flavors because "they're marketing to kids" is like banning flavored alcohol or mixers because "flavors are for kids!" Yes, of course the flavors should be out of kids' reach/sightline … and tobacco companies (which have been marketing to kids) need to knock that off… but e-liquid companies – independent ones run by vapers, which is most of them – never have marketed to kids because we knew some stupid 16 year olds would screw it all up for all vapers everywhere if we did anything that looked remotely like marketing to kids (see: community organized bans of overly cartoony labels, above). That's not a slam on 16 year olds btw… we knew if a ban came it would be a "saaaaave the chillllldren!" framed ban because we've all been stupid 16 year olds… thus why we started smoking in the first place, you know?

    As for banning vaping being a stupid reason to not vote for Trump? Of course it is, but I'm encouraging every Trump-voting vaper I know to vote for Anyone-But-Trump in 2020. You gotta go with what works, and threatening an immediate part of people's daily lives works … especially with Republicans, many of whom aren't exactly known for their ability to care about things beyond themselves.

    I'm sure few people will read to the end of this, but if you did, hopefully you have a little broader, more informed view of vaping than the one you came in with.

  • Juul and others are responsible for 900 people and more having their lungs look like a burnt marshmallows and 9 people dead and that number will rise
    Because trump over turn regulations and companies following trump, putting American lives in danger every day
    not having safety measures for Products in this country

  • I'm probably not voting Democrat over the bans and I consider Trump to be a distillate of pure evil.
    Kids die using illegal drugs and their solution is to ban smoking cessation devices? Will democrats be banning the sport of golf to fight brain injuries in the NFL? Will they be banning meat smokers to fight crack smoking. Will democrats be banning restaurants because meth chemists are called 'cooks'?
    To push vapers back to smoking cigarettes, leading to them dying? That is some next level evil. Hitler and Stalin didn't go so far as to ban flavors.
    It's all about greed and corruption. killing as many as 5 million people, just to fill their pockets with money. The bans are genocidal.
    CDC invented this vaping-related lung illness for financial reasons.
    If a patent has an acute respiratory issue the doctor is to ask if they vape. It they say yes, then they say you have vaping-related lung illness without evidence. They could ask people who have foot injuries if they own Nike shoes. If the person says yes, then call it Nike-related foot injury. Foot run over a car while out in flip-flops and own Nike shoes? You have Nike-related foot injury. Step on a nail while having Nike shoes in your closet? You have Nike-related foot injury. There is no causation with any of this.
    Most cases being pointed to are common cases like Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax. This condition occurs in 7.4 to 18 per 100,000 men each year and 1.2 to 6 per 100,000 women each year. One would expect ~12,000 males to present with this, this year. There is no relationship of causation. This is just propiganda.
    This is scam, and CDC employees were buying tobacco stocks, as they knew this was a fraudulent system they were setting up, with potential to profit. Brenda Fitzgerald, the director of the CDC resigned over this. We don't know if they were bribed or driven by radical ideology, or ordered by Trump to do this. We don't know what is causing them to declare such fraudulent a war on public health, but this is a fraud.
    One does not declare a cause before a diagnosis without fraud being involved.
    Nobody has gotten sick from smoking legal nicotine vapes. There is no oil in nicotine vapes so they can't cause Acute exogenous lipoid pneumonia. THC is oil soluble and so oils are used to cut it and to thicken it back up. Peoples lungs are filling up with oil. Tocopheryl-acetate(vitamin E acetate) destabilizes the fragile, lipo-hydrophilic balance of this lung surfactant, causing occlusion, affecting the permeation of gases and substances in the bronchial structures and alveoli.  Lung cells die. That damage can initiate a runaway immune system reaction resembling lipoid pneumonia.  All of the THC oil tested also had Eagle 20(Myclobutanil) It produces hydrogen cyanide shutting down ATP production just like the Zyklon B used in NAZI gaas chambers. In addition to that it creates hydrogen chloride that becomes hydrochloric acid on contact with the wet surface of the lungs. Seizures is a common wth Eagle 20 BTW.
    The kids are vaping that poison, poison.
    Truth Initiative is funded by tobacco money that drops as people quit smoking, and has poisoned the well.  They put out fake statistics and lie pathologically.  The lack of MSA money has anti-smoking groups declaring war on smoking cessation and harm reduction.   

    The Trump crazy is spreading.  See the video above.  
    Adults demand flavors and kids didn't see them until Juul.  Are cigars flavors to attract kids?  Is wine made with grapes to tempt children?  Should we ban flavored food to prevent childhood obesity?  
    Truth counts kids vaping illegal drugs as nicotine smoking as they count anything kids vape as nicotine.  They also count kids vaping nicotine free liquid as being nicotine users.  Everything truth says is a lie or deception.  There is no public health crisis.  They haven't banned flavored cigars, just the 95% safer alternative.
    7 million humans die from smoking every year, 480,000 in the US, and we have not seen proof of one dying from nicotine vaping.  It's the money

  • So this will be the GOP excuse if Trump loses?
    Unless, of course, the deep state chooses to repeat the bipartisan election fraud (Interstate Crosscheck) that put the fake president in the White House back in 2016.

  • The only thing that's going to stop Donald Trump from stealing the 2020 election is if we stop Putin from hacking our shit again. Otherwise he's going to win again. From the looks of it since we're not doing anything to secure our elections, it's going to happen again. That's what we need to focus on

  • This video was stupid 😂 the 7 deaths didn't come from ejuice it came from illigal thc pods kids were putting on their vapes

  • 2:59 now THAT is a sane attitude. I want regulation on vaping. but as an ex-smoker now vaper. I really don't want them banned.
    the alternative is going back to cigarettes (since I'm not kicking the habit… I tried) but I know how i felt back then and how I feel now.
    P.S. yeah get them out of the reach of children and legislate them to have the same age restrictions and need to pass an FDA approval on the ingredients.

  • The sad part is, that many democrats are on the side of the vaping ban. Take a look at the governor of Michigan. Democrats need to take a look at themselves and get on the right side of history.

  • Vaping is new and badly regulated, so of course some people are going to get accidentally poisoned. The solution is to regulate more! Regulations are your friends.

  • Fake news. A Democrat governor “Andy Cuomo” has outlawed flavored vapes in N.Y.
    Get it right! You hear 10-20 republicans are mad about it and all the sudden, “Trump is gonna lose in 2020”!!!!
    I heard similar “fake news” B.S. in 2016. HRC is still in therapy.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Vaping ban is stupid? Only bad batches?

    That's not what you say on America's Lawyer with Mike.

    And again with the flavors thing. Adults like things that taste good too.

    For the record, I don't vape. Or smoke or even drink, So no, I'm not a vaping cultist, since you think vapers are cultists.

  • Either vaping is waaaaay more popular than I ever knew, or Republicans are clinging on to an extremely tiny sliver of hope at winning the elections if this is enough to tip the scales.

  • Watch this if you want to get an idea of the reasons why this is happening now in USA. Get your facts right and stop misleading people. It's sad that people from other counties like Vic or me for that matter can understand better why your governors push this through now. So please dig a little bit deeper if you want the truth.

  • They only want to ban vaping because the cigarette industry doesn't want competition . Corrupt government getting paid to " help out " again . Any dummy can see that .

  • They do not make fruity flavors to attract children. Adults like flavor and that is a wrong misconception about flavors. Also they know it is black market thc carts that is causing the illnesses. Real legit vape shops do not sell bad e juice or black market vapes. And yes he is going to lose the election because of his dumbass vaping ban bullshit. I was a supporter of Trump but no more will I vote for him and you don't know what you are talking about when it comes to vaping or vapers. Why don't you run your mouth about something you know about because you don't know shit about vaping.

  • Only vaping? Don’t agree with the ban but I don’t agree with a lot of things government does in general. I think if he loses the election it will be over more than vaping.

  • The thing non vapers don't understand, is the ppl who vape believe it's a technology that saved their lives, they take it very seriously!
    Vape regulation is required. No one wants kids vaping.
    Vape bans will bring down govt at state and federal levels. It's not a silly issue- it goes to the heart of the corruption of the system.
    I'm a left leaning person who would vote right for the first time in my life- because of this!
    It's about vaping but it's also about a whole lot more too…. they're banging on about public health, while banning one of the things that could make a major difference to ppl actually becoming healthier~ and spreading fears and lies at the same time
    Scoff at this issue if you like….. but watch what happens next.
    13million vapers- and how many votes did trump win by? If only a quarter of vapers vote, even in part over this issue….. you got problems

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