Pot Smoking: Is Twilight Memory Real?

Pot Smoking: Is Twilight Memory Real?

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As Colorado sees
the implementation
of legally purchased
marijuana, the drug
is going to be under
increased scrutiny,
and we should all be
paranoid that the days
of pot logic being the
only voice in the room
are burned down.
Pot heads and
friends of pot heads
alike are familiar with the
idea of twilight memory,
or memory loss of long
term, heavy users.
Last year a study by the
proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences,
that took 25 years
to complete, by
the way, determined
long term use of marijuana
will damage the human brain.
In fact, the study gave IQ
tests to children, and then
over time, as some picked up
pot and others didn’t, they
continued to test the subjects.
25 years later, those who were
more dependent on cannabis
scored lower and lower on IQ
tests than those who weren’t.
The results suggested
that pot, over time,
makes you less intelligent.
They even determined
stopping the use of the drug
didn’t return the IQ to normal.
They can’t say with 100%
certainty pot smoking makes
you dumber, but this is some
pretty compelling stuff.
Now a new study published
in Schizophrenia Bulletin
tested specifically
the connection
between the drug and
memory impairment.
Using brain scanners,
the researchers
compared normal brains, brains
of those with cannabis use
disorders, as they
called it, and brains
of those with schizophrenia.
What they found was significant.
Those subjects who got blazed
not only had their working
memory impaired over
time, basically, they
were more forgetful and had
trouble remembering things,
but their physical brain
structures changed.
The stereotype of
the forgetful stoner
doesn’t end when they come
down, but instead, their brain
is physically altered,
perhaps permanently.
More study is needed to
know how this happens,
and what it’s doing exactly.
Unfortunately, as pot has
been illegal for so long,
there aren’t a good deal of
long term studies looking
at its effect on
human physiology.
Now that the legalization
wave has started,
yes, I assume it’s a wave, like
the domino effect, only funner,
scientists will have more open
access to admitted smokers.
The tetrahrydrocannabinol,
or THC,
that gets marijuana
users high, has also
been linked to psychosis.
Thus, the
schizophrenia subjects.
But more research is
needed there, too.
I mean, the casual user hasn’t
really been studied at all.
Get on it.
Regardless, the idea
that pot is somehow
magically without a single
negative aspect or effect
is pretty much completely bunk.
There are plenty of negatives
to ingesting chemicals, whatever
they may be, especially
in large quantities.
As the saying goes,
everything in moderation.
How do you feel
about legalization?
Is it going to make for
better weed, or worse?
Tell us your thoughts
right down there,
and if you want to watch
some other videos we’ve
done on marijuana
and its effects
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99 thoughts on “Pot Smoking: Is Twilight Memory Real?

  • So is this the average perception of your community or just a"scientific" tally by those who don't commune with our holy mother? When we choose to generalize we choose chaos. When we choose to be specific we choose order. You can learn, think and create. You . Cannabis is our greatest ally. Remember. I dare you… Sweet dreams kids, you have thousands of days ahead. Choose your allies wisely. Some plants are way better companions than soulless lost sick puppets or genetically modified canines…If you could choose cannabis over plastic would you? This plant is smarter than you…think !!! and may peace be within you 🙂

  • I have tried it once and in that moment, my life had changed, it triggers my borderline personality dissorder, for those who doesn't know what it is… is just a one step to be schizophrenic

  • Alcohol rots your liver and cigarettes kill you from inside out; both legal and both can kill you overtime. It's time for people to educate themselves. For example: A person could use the argument "Pot makes your brain decay over years of use." (As we just learned). However, cheeseburgers make you fat if you eat too many of them, does that mean we should ban cheeseburgers?

    Or if somebody pokes their eye out with a fork, does that mean forks are too dangerous and we need to outlaw forks? What I'm getting at here is that anything can be abused, and anything over a period of time can damage your body in some way, shape, or form. 

    Opinion: I think that because weed has been illegal and bashed by the media for so long, and with the ignorance in society due to the lack of studies on cannabis itself, people are just not willing to accept the fact that maybe after all these years, we were wrong. 
    Share your thoughts everybody, I'm a huge supporter of legalization/ decriminalization of pot, and also medicinal marijuana if you couldn't tell already. 

  • Smoking pot makes your IQ go down over time. SCARY! It also makes you more relaxed, easy going and have a more enjoyable life, but we can't talk about the POSITIVE effects, because our studies are only designed to point out the EVIL effects of consuming MASSIVE quantities of a NATURAL substance. So when your 70, you'll be too stupid to work the new iPhone 37S, but you won't really give a shit because you'll be too chill to care!

  • Well I would never smoke myself, but it would make weed worst since large farmers would make it cheap. But the best option is to save your brain and not smoke at all.

  • What a waste of time and money such studies are.  Meanwhile, people are dying just about everywhere from alcohol, heroin, alcohol, meth, alcohol, cocaine, alcohol…

  • Yes lets test children with IQ tests… oh wait – didn't you do a video a few months back stating IQ tests are rubbish and don't test for things like creativity? yes.
    Yes you did.

  • more pot bashing unsubscribing fuck u guys 6.8 billion dollars for our country in rev a year you rather say potheads are dumb and pay for them to be housed in jail cuz that's fair and i love how our country is so fucked now that one guy can be in jail for pot in PA and some dude is Colorado is smoking it up come on america when we gonna stop be pimps and whores you cant be both. and i thought the brain was like plastic and could repair over time so your saying a crackhead can get over their crack use but there is no hope for pot heads like with every puff we are becoming retarded doesnt sounds right and sounds biased as hell every time u guys tlk weed its to bash it dont u know your making criminals out of innocent ppl that just what to be less stressed  i dont see the US jailing cigarette smokers fucking hypocrites so much for freedom ps i didnt use punctuation cuz i forgot sorry im high fuck u 

  • It's refining concepts! I don't give a shit about your cousin's friend's uncle. My mind is in the present, thinking about the future. I'm more creative and is that not a good thing?

  • Marijuana in a physical sense is virtually harmless however I will say that people seriously underestimate it's psychoactive capabilities and namely those in late teens to early twenties are really the most vulnerable. This is also tied into various factors such as the artificial selection that takes place when people pursue even stronger strains such as variances of sativa and they subsequently increase the amount of THC and lowering the amount of CBD (anti psychotic chemical naturally found in cannabis) and this is what I feel to be one of the many factors causing these problems along with heavy usage.

  • Nothing in excess is good for you. Like you said everything in moderation. If we stop doing Everything science say is bad for you life would not be worth living.just my opinion.

  • There's no such thing as a drug that does no damage. But compared to alcohol or tobacco, weed is still better for you. Which has been illegal all this time? Besides, drunk people do WAY stupider stuff and can really be dangerous. Pot might not be a wonder drug but at least it influences positive intellectual and creative conversations. The same cannot be said for alcohol. Cigarettes require more ingestion to affect the brain positively. Same with coffee, which doesn't connect the synapses the way weed does. Pros and cons should be considered for all these drugs, no?

    Why would I want to remember painful events from my past anyway?

  • Fuck scrutiny! Research that shit before you say ANYTHING ABOUT A DRUG. Especially a drug with such a minute high. The only reason kids score lower on IQ tests is because they always want to chill & get high, not do their homework or write their essays. I used to smoke a ton. I stopped because my parents 'care' about me, and I will admit, my memory wasn't the best. It was at it's worst when I was high, and worked less efficiently after I came down. I've been sober for 3 moths now, and my memory is sharper than ever. It's far from a "permanent" affect.

    Take it easy. Stay away from drugs, kids. I mean the REAL drugs.

  • Everything can't be explained away by science… just no… for example please explain why some of the most brilliant people smoked weed & are neither dumb or psychos? Everyone else can just take this as truth or maybe think for themselves for once. I don't agree w this bc I think for myself.

  • See the prob with those study's is that everyone's different and some people that's I've grown with that has been smoking pot since high school till the age of 30 actually had more of a creative mind and were still able to function whereas others like myself, has gotten noticeably slower, more paranoid and lazy. So I guess it just depends on the person.

  • So, if I became an alcoholic and consumed alcohol for several years I'd become smarter and with no mental illness? :/

  • Why are you only focusing on the negative aspects caused by THC? When the positive as aspects cause by the CBD in cannabis majorly out way the negative aspects of the THC.
    The one sided opinions do not help in any way. 

  • that was the dumbest opening ever, anyone who acts like that after smoking really cant be all that smart to begin with…

  • Oh wonderful, all the potheads are going to cry foul to hear their weed isn't magical.  Find a way to work evolution and marijuana into the same video and you could create some kind of 'net-rage singularity.

    Smoke what you want as long as others don't have to breathe it and you don't operate heavy machinery while on it, but denying that pot has some negative effects just sounds like you're emotionally addicted and making excuses to keep using.  Stick with the argument for freedoms which don't affect others, and drop the naturalistic fallacy crap.

  • weed should be legal, after all it increases pizza orders and dvd rentals.

  • Tobacco vs. Heroin, Longitudinal studies show that Regular users of both caused an increase in IQ among heroin with no adverse effects on any of the organs after 25 years.Tobacco users had a decrease in IQ with multiple organ damage. As for this pot study you must look at who funded it and what their possible interest or motivation is. IQ among the average adult decreases with age if a person does not stimulate their brain. You must also look at the type of IQ being discussed. There are more than 5 types of intelligence. Maybe the pot smoker had a decrease in one area but an increase in creative intelligence which this study does not specify.

  • well i imagine that the average person who is consistently dependent on weed (or alcohol or other drugs) is also of different circumstances that could have an affect

  • Smoking weed doesn't make you dumb and less intelligent. Lack of wanting to learn things makes you that. I smoke the herb everyday but I still learn bare stuff along the way whilst being in the clouds, those people who ended up less intelligent on their IQ tests were probably going to go in that direction in life anyway. It's all good.

  • Ok while im not going to be that guy who will rant on and on about how weed is harmless, it isnt really that harmful. When it comes to the lowering of IQ alot of the subjects started smoking at young ages like 13. While not all of them did, it is still obvious that using any drug at a young age will have bad effects. Also the IQ of these subjects were only lowered by a few points. While it is still harmful, its nothing significant. When it comes to the schizophrenia subject, im tired of hearing that pot causes it. All these studies show is that people that already have schizophrenic tendencies have a higher risk of developing full blown paranoia. So when it comes to smoking weed, if you're already a paranoid person or a younger teen, maybe you should just forget about it. Weed in moderation for responsible people can be a very healthy and sometimes beneficial release.

  • The bottom line is everything has an effect, balance is what the main focus should be on, and if smoking helps you more then it kills you then it just might be right for you.

  • Ever hear the expression "an elephant never forgets"? Well an elephant has a lot less to forget. Humans absorb much more information than any other animal. Our ability to recall information is great, but it can suffer from a "needle in a haystack" scenario often. The point is that memory is an important mental faculty, but not the most important. It is the human ability of critical and creative thinking that sets us apart from other animals. In my, and many others, experience marijuana fosters more critical and creative thinking while lessening memory recall. Since marijuana is illegal the only scientific tests that are authorized by the government focus on the potential negative effects of marijuana. But society wants us to be little worker bees so that's why there's an emphasis on memorization and regurgitation. For example, in middle school I was taught that Columbus discovered America. But when answering, on a test, the question "Who discovered America" I got it wrong because I put down "The Native Americans".

  • I've noticed that there are so many contradicting studies about the long term effects about cannabis, one says "Nope it fucks your brain up", the other "Nope it actually helps regenerate and create new brain cells in the brain"… so I don't think i can reach any substantial conclusion from this study. http://www.cannabisculture.com/articles/2488.html this study shows that cannabis actually increases your IQ if your a "light user" and that any IQ drop which is considerably less that those studies that say "it drops your IQ 10 POINTS" will eventually level out if the cannabis use is stopped for three months. 

  • im a casual smoker i remember about the things i forget, problem is in the start up/recall. not what to think about but using english. talking a lot doesnt make you smart and iq tests really… knowing ones iq is about interaction and experience between each other iq test is set questions disigned for everyone to take same test, ita all about relation to environment. besides everything has effects, are we saying we dont know how weed effects us?
    P.S. smoke every day one bowl here one there share between roomates but its all good.

  • At 2:28 you said chemical. But I believe that is the wrong word to use because everything is a chemical, and you shouldn't use it merely because of it's negative connotations.

  • I am all for legalization. The plant its self is a god damn gold mine and can be used for so many different things. The medicinal properties so far are showing to be amazing given that so far known side effects are pretty minimal compared to the alternatives. Not to mention it having multiple delivery systems. Smoking pot with a vaporizer cuts out a lot of un wanted harshness and other chemicals and using it in food instead of smoking at all is also an option.

  • I guess since Dr. Sanjay Gupta jumped to the pro-marijuana side and is pretty much bringing the FDA along for the ride, someone had to come up with contradictory "research" pretty soon, they will call it a "malicious opiate" then proceed to creating prescription drugs based on it, after about 7-10 years, it will be available over the counter.  In the meanwhile they will have sacrificed countless police officer's lives trying to keep it out of people's hands.  Rinse, lather, repeat…

  • I'm pretty sure if you abuse any type of drug it'll eventually affect your brain. you can say pot is bad because long term heavy users experience memory loss, but what happens with prescription pills that are abused long term? probably much similar or worse problems. 
    i'm for the legalization of marijuana for medical use and other product use, NOT so people can just get high every day.

  • Its all about age, and in all of the studies they didn't mention anything about the subjects ages. It is known now that it truly destroys the memory of a developing brain, but does no harm for mature brains. I think the studies should mention the age of subjects in order to prove a point!

  • pot would probably become more popular then alcohol… so instead of drunk drivers with no self control there would be high drivers that would focus only on the road thinking that it is like a video game. conclusion roads would be safer

  • you guys are bold as balls to say such things an call yourself scientists. Here's a figure for you, out of all tests ever performed to calculate the effects of marijuana 95% have been to determine how its "negative" or "bad" for you, While 4% was done to find any effect positive or negative, and only 1% was spent on finding its positive effects, Yet scientists still overwhelmingly believe pot is at best benign at worse, no worse than alcohol.

  • Quit comparing weed to alcohol and other drugs. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that weed is less harmful than tons of drugs including alcohol so there's no point in repeating the same thing over and over again. The question here was whether not weed has an effect on your brain, not if it's better/worse than alcohol or other drugs.

  • I personally think marijuana should be legal even though I am unable to smoke it. I have no idea what in it effects me but something in it seems to kill my immune system so anything I'm exposed to over the next few days I catch. I had noticed I was always sick with something after trying it the few times I did but it didn't really click til I ended up in the hospital after the last time with multiple infections. I still support the medical and responsible recreational use of it though.

  • to tell the truth, i felt like i was too smart as a kid, and i felt like smoking pot made me less smart, and made me feel like i fit in more, now honestly, i dont think i was all that smart to begin with, considering my logic there. Pot destroyed my memory, and my motivation, i would not recommend pot to anyone under the age of 25 as their brains are still growing and thus become more damaged.

  • The studies that show cannabis decreasing intelligence in users has recently been disproved, I think it was an Australian experiment.
    They did the same, except they monitored their social life aswell, and found that most cannabis users come from those "bad boy" groups so to say, and hanging around those decreases the intelligence, rather than pot being the culprit.

    Which is another reason to legalize it. The majority of open pot smokers are from lesser criminal envoirements which has a tendency to have a slightly lower intelligence than your average person, hanging around them basicaly does the same to you, lower your intelligence.

  • Hmm, some people get lazy when smoking and don't wanna do stuff, when you don't do stuff you won't have that much contact with others -> you may get depressed or socially paranoid? People don't move as much (exersice, do stuff) and then you may get a bader health or/and physical form. People may not be using their brain as much, because they just watch cartoons (hehe) -> Of course you need to train your brain too. 

    I don't think it is the cannabis itself that makes people become that way, but more the way you act when high. If people that get so damn lazy when smoking pot didn't smoke as much, i think this would have been different. I know many well functioning people that know how to use drugs, not abuse them.
    I hope legalization will make people have a healthier relationship with cannabis.

  • If the feds want to play the "It will cause damage to you" card and keep it illegal because of that, then they'd better make cigarettes and alcohol illegal right now.

  • At least for the first study, the conclusion of pot decreases IQ is completely neglectful of the possibility that people with generally lower IQ may be more prone to pot consumption or that those who smoke weed are some what more likely to use other substances that will decrease IQ.

  • There's no denying pot has negative effects. Everything is a two edged sword. All I can say is do not let "facts" like these discourage you from using something you derive pleasure from. We all have our vices. We all need a little something to take the edge off from time to time. I've smoked herb for years and let me assure you, I'm vastly more intelligent than most non smokers (or sober people in general), as are most drug users I know. In the words of Bill Hicks "The DEA says that we're losing the war on drugs. Ya know what that says to me? Says there's some pretty smart,  creative mother fuckers on drugs". Terrible paraphrasing, but you get the point.

  • marijuana  need to be label as a alcohol. if you take to much and drive you can get a ticket. if you do at your job you can be sent home because your unstable for work or get fired simple as that 
    just like alcohol

  • Moderation is the key.

    Just don't condemn and vilify pot smokers and then live a lifestyle that includes  going to bars and getting fucking wasted.. That would be some ass backward hypocrisy if I've ever seen it.

    The last thing we need is a one sided and greed fueled perpetuation of alcoholism culture in this country.

  • I highly doubt that ADULT long term users with fully developed brains get impaired memory or lowered iq. These studies only look for answers that they want to find. What other drugs did the users with lowered iq use? What lifestyle were they living? Id like to see some real studies made by objective people who have no personal agenda either for or against the drugs. Honest, intelligent and kind people with intergrity.

  • I've smoked pot since I was 13 and I am now 17 and a senior in high school. By no means, am I at risk of not graduating, Actually my grades have increased since I've begun to use it again and I'm in Honors courses in my school. Let me add that I am a daily user and I only use it to relax and have fun due to stress in life. Marijuana is an excuse people use to justify there failures and is just sometimes to blame.

  • It should be legal not because of its effects, but the moral implications. We were born as a nation of individual freedom. It is no one else's business what other people do in their homes. (Other than anything that can harm people)

  • Why make pot illegal and beer legal. Both when ingested makes you loses part of your senses. Makes you forgetfull, yet weed is a plant that is grow naturally while beer and alcohol have to go tru a process, with other chemicals in the mix. Pot head are more passive less aggressive, and drunks can be more violent. Heard tons of stories of drunk people killing other but a person high on weed killing people. I have yet to see it or read about it.

  • in the netherlands smoking pot is legal 🙂 and you are alowwed to grow 2 plants i think
    and i think it should be like that everywhere <3
    and also alchol is much more dangerous!

  • i think when it is made legal corporations will take over mass production and begin adding tons of chemicals that are harmful to both the plant and to the smoker. I hope that if and when it is made legal people will grow there own so to speak and that in itself would insure a far safer product. the same for tobacco. 

  • Of course the concern raised in this video presupposes that clinical IQ tests are objectively accurate ways to determine the worth of human beings.

    But hey.



    Thankfully, you don't have to go excavating brains anytime soon. A group of researchers has done the hard work for you. In a  recent study,  scientists used a combination of MRI-based brain scans to get one of the first comprehensive, three-dimensional pictures of the brains of adults who have smoked weed at least four times a week, often multiple times a day, for years.
    Compared with people who don't use, long-term, heavy marijuana smokers tend to have a smaller orbitofrontal cortex (OFC), a brain region critical for processing emotions and making decisions. But they also have more cross-brain connections that scientists think smokers may develop as a means of compensating for the difference in size.
    Unlike previous research, which has looked mainly at short-term smokers or simply at young or older users, this study is one of the first to look at pot's long-term effects on men and women between 20 and 40 years old who had smoked almost daily for between two and 30 years. The researchers looked at the brains of 110 people — 62 who didn't smoke and 48 who did — using three different types of MRI scans. 
    In the smokers, these increased brain connections appeared to help them counteract the behavioral problems  commonly associated with weed use, like trouble maintaining relationships or staying motivated enough to find or keep a job. 

  • I've been smoking everyday for the past year or so, and can safely say that I haven't noticed any cognitive impairment whatsoever. My grades have actually improved significantly since then, although this is attributed to better studying habits etc. I consistently score in the 120-135 IQ range, from different sources; no noticeable decrement in intelligence at all. 
    The studies sample size was too small. We don't know what kind of environment they were exposed to in those years, as well as the demographics that this study was drawn from. Chances are, their intelligence would've decreased naturally. Unemployment and and collecting welfare benefits indefinitely will do that to ya.

  • The brain is altered to compensate for the shrinking of the brain that comes with decades of constant use. The area of the brain dealing with making decisions is shrunk, but the brain reconstructs itself to make other areas of the brain pick up the slack caused by the shrinking.
    It changes, but stays the same.

  • The truth is you lose up to 10 IQ points while high but this is temporary.  And the effects wear off when you sober up.  But When children whose brains are not fully developed smoke.  It can affect their brain development. So kids and teens should not use.

  • this video is outdated, hasn't anyone saw the be studies debunking the link between marijuana and lower IQ ? One even accounted for twins and found no link between cannabis use and lower IQ ( and the study was in teenagers up to their early adulthood)

  • I can see where this study is coming from, but at the same time my IQ dropped around college when I got sick and started having chronic sleep issues from pain with a steady decrease from high school(started at 16) it wasn't until after all that when I started smoking. I do forget a lot more now-a-days, but with too many other contributing factors to narrow it down alone.

  • Sounds like it could just be a correlation. Maybe the weed smokers were more likely to take part in other activities that lowered their IQ scores?

  • I've been really into studying and writing ever since I started pot,and surprisingly I've been getting good grades in school. what is this video talking about

  • Yep and if you get College people together and have them calculate the speed of light you will find that the speed of light is in fact changing. But it's a Constant how could that be. Because there is a variations in people and I think that is all there measuring.

  • now all the stoners in the comments enhance their diction to prove to others including themselves that they're not dumb

  • that study you mentioned didn't take into account that the participants were drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco and doing other drugs another newer study that came out with people using only pot had no such conclusions

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