Mindhunter vs Real Life Ed Kemper – Side By Side Comparison

Mindhunter vs Real Life Ed Kemper – Side By Side Comparison

Well cops like me because they can talk to me
more than they can talk to their own wives some of them
Do the cops like you?
I can say a friendly nuisance. I got in the way.
I watch all the cop shows on TV.
– Do you know…
Joseph Wambaugh , Police Story. Have you ever watched that?
Huge fan!
Oh, I got a lot of my insights right there.
Joseph Wambaugh, Police Story, got some tremendous insights
and not just the gimmicks, the actual things, the tidbits that you would pick up from their procedures.
But the mechanics behind that, the logic behind it.
I was… I would not allow myself to walk into even a potential trap.
I would not allow myself to walk into a trap
because I knew exactly how their minds work from watching Wambaugh.
What kind of trap you talking about?
And one of those was talking about those crimes too much
to people
initiating conversations about that.
The classic is talking too much about the crimes over interest
you have to remain casual
it would be a guess, but I’d say right now
far more than 35…
North America more than 35…
– 35?
well, I’m not an expert
Well Holden, I’m not an expert and I’m not a authority.
I’m someone who has been a murderer for almost 20 years.
I’m just an extremely accomplished murderer
I was also involved in killing co-eds because my mother was associated with college work, college co-eds…
…she had a very violently outspoken position on men
and had had very strong and violently
position on men
Then comes this picture postcard groovy happy young couple on the stairs. They walk right past me
Walking up to my apartment passed a happy young couple coming down the stairs who nodded and smiled at me
As they went by ‘good evening’
Your two worlds are colliding
My murderous fantasy life, and this pretty girl, pretty name
Cameron or something
going out on a date where I’d love to be going and I’m aware of both of these realities and the
distance between those two is so dramatic, so amazing, so violent
and this
craving, this awful raging eating
feeling inside… I could feel it consuming
my insides
I could feel it consuming my insides
…fantastic passion.
It was overwhelming me.
I wasn’t impotent.
But emotionally I was impotent.
Physically I wasn’t impotent, but emotionally I was.
I knew a week before she died I was gonna kill her.
I knew a week before she died
I was gonna kill her.
She went out to a party, she got exaust,
she came home alone.
I was woken up by that. I got came out.
You know that night. I walked up to her bed…
…she’s laying reading a paperback.
There’s many thousands of nights before…
…she says: “oh, I suppose you are gonna wait up and
sit up all night to talk now.”
Can you believe that?
Now I looked at her and said: “No. It’s a good night.”
And I knew I was going to kill her, you know?
I was honest with myself for the first time.
That’s the first time in ten years, I’ve looked at it that way.
I mean, that intensely, that honestly.
It hurts.
Six young woman dead because of the way she raises her son
and the way her son is raised when he grows up.
And now everyone knows it was because of what she did to me.
Because the way she treated her son.
I rationalized that to give up would be insane. To give up would be crazy.
I’d be giving away my freedom, and I don’t need to.
But I look back on that and wish I had earlier
when I was saying those things to myself.
The people who were later dead wouldn’t be the regret that came later.
Would have not had to be.
Those people, not things, those people would still be with their families with their loved ones…
I know it’s silly, but mama always liked people to look up to her!

100 thoughts on “Mindhunter vs Real Life Ed Kemper – Side By Side Comparison

  • I study criminal psychology and Edmund Kemper "the co-ed killer" was a subject I read up on. My brother recently told me about Mindhunter. It took awhile for me to get to watching the show, but I've finally dug my heels into Season 1. I'm very impressed with the actor's portrayal of Ed Kemper and am curious to know how much research he did for the part. I wonder if perhaps he read some of the same materials I've read. There are only a small handful of documentaries and interviews available, although I did speak to someone who served a year in prison up in Northern California where Ed remains imprisoned. He became close friends with Ed Kemper (aka Big Ed.). He wouldn't divulge much information to me out of respect for Ed, but he did inform me that the documentaries and interviews we have access to as the average citizen don't cover all of his crimes nor the details of the crimes… Mindhunter is an excellent show, especially for those interested in the fields of criminal psychology, behavioral sciences and the evolution of criminal profiling for the criminal justice system. I love that the show takes place in the 70's. It's a flashback to a great decade. The cars, the music and the nostalgia make for a rather interesting and enjoyable journey back in time. It was the decade that gave us the term "serial killer" as we know it now. I just finished Season 1 and look forward to seeing where Season 2 will take us. Thank you for putting this video together and posting.

  • It is extremely eerie to me that hes crying not for his mom dying. Not for the 6 girls dying.. but hes crying because he feels bad for himself. Truly disturbing.

  • Similar but different.
    He took the essence of Ed Kemper but crafted it to go with the show narrative.

    By the way Ed Kemper himself was a very good actor all that he is saying it seems to me to BS.

  • I don't get what you people are seeing here but these are two completely different people. The actors depiction is more like a caricature of the generic sociopath all you armchair psychologists imagine.

  • Why do people think this is good, it's trash, they don't even use the same lines Ed actually used, like how lazy can you get, and the deemenar is all wrong, completely different vibes.

  • everyone immediately wants to say that because he's a psycho he has to be deceiving us, I don't believe that, he chose to turn himself in, he chooses to say he's not fit for society at his parole meetings, why would he fake emotions to deceive us, and why only when he talks about his mom, but not when he talks about killing the other girls, if he was trying to deceive us he'd show emotion whenever he talks about killing people, but he doesn't because he's not deceiving us, those emotions about his mom are real, I think all his issues stem from his relationship with his mom, not everything is automatically deception.

  • The fake Ed Kemper is so lovable 🥰 the real one looks nice and like a smart serial killer🤢😱 he could of been someone.. idiot but I feel bad for him and his terrible childhood

  • Is it also true that the real Ed Kemper like the character aspired to write a book, coz boy he would have made a hell of a good story teller…its amazing that one guy could be so articulate in presenting his own heinous crimes so eloquently….I suppose its part of his mental illness if it all it is an illness and not an intentional sublime and evil plot to write his name into the history books…what ever it is, only Ed knows.

  • I'm fascinated by serial killers.. until I watch their interviews & the minute they start talking I slowly begin to find them intolerable. I can almost never finish the video. I think the actor who played Kemper did a wonderful job spoiler warning when he gives the agent a hug it's immediately uncomfortable & sort of hits on that exact feeling I get watching those interviews such as with Kemper.

  • I want more Kemper on the show! I dont know whether to buy the real Kemper's portrayal of remorse. Didnt he do this same act to escape from the mental hospital he was in? Seems to me this the kinda guy that just enjoys killing and will find any scapegoat to heap the blame on. Killed his grandparents, then killed his mom, if released he'd just kill the next person and blame another family member. Absolute crazy ass maniac. Bur you cant deny hes got a sexy ass voice , is articulate, persuasive and charming. Hell, watching this i almost felt sorry for him instead of feeling sorry for the victims, smh. Having said that, im glad he turned himself in (whether out of remorse or a thirst to be recognized as smart) and im glad he consulted with the cops. Sometimes it truly takes a thief to catch a thief and he is proof. Without his consulting, many more would not have been caught. Its pathetic but true. I think the actor nails it! I keep waiting excitedly for each Kemper scene. Scene 2 was alright with Manson and Son of Sam. But i wanted more Kemper consulting with the detectives. More Kemper please #Mindhunter

  • Just because he's saying the same things doesn't make it a great impression. I mean come on, the actor doesn't have any of the same mannerisms, and apart from the apperance I cannot see or hear any resemblance. He talks slower and seems less articulate. At 2:46 I can't even believe he's trying to do Ed Kemper, it seems like he's just struggling to remember his lines. I honestly think that a lot of people here just see the glasses and mustache, hear the same lines and think "wow, it's just like the original"

  • I feel like the real Ed has a lot more energy in his voice and speaks very fluently. The actor talks a bit slower and actually seems creepier.

  • The person who casted the serial killers throughout Mindhunter did a PHENOMENAL job—-I "enjoy" watching documentaries of serial killers—watching Mindhunter was chilling at the very very closeness these actors portrayed their subjects. Absolutely outstanding job—First time I've ever commented on just a thing–and that it was Netflix–phew–mind blown. Great Great job!!! Could not suggest a change at all.

  • Wait… The show actually represents REAL killers? Wow, while watching the show I didn't think about that at all, but it makes sense.

  • Почему все упускают самое главное, мать воспитала его таким, большая часть социопатов вырастают в неблагополучных семьях на воспитании одной лишь матери. Проблема сама кричит о том что она есть.

  • Jeez the acting seems overacted now haha. Real guy seemed so boring. Loved the character in the show… but not quite like the sadistic sicko in real life.

  • After reading through the comments… I must be the only one who feels like the actor missed the mark slightly (or perhaps it was just a creative choice for the show). I felt that the real Eds enthusiasm to discuss and engage in talking about the crimes was totally missed. The Ed in Mindhunter seems almost bored and subdued about the whole thing.

  • Show is amazing but forces the modern agenda down our throats way to much especially in the second season but that is typical netflix.

  • I was a janitor at Vacaville prison the correctional officers did me dirty and let Kemper on elevator with me when my back was tired with cleaning cart….trying to get a nigga killed.. but Yahweh had my back mutha fuck aaaaaaaaaaaas

  • The show would've made more of an impact if they made the actor lose weight for the role. He would've been a dead ringer. The actor seems drole and creepier voice, they didn't make him emotional and a matter of fact like the real Ed. Also the real Ed didn't have to think about what he was saying. But the actor was pausing and more eerie. Was this done on purpose to make Ed seem less human. Making him look creepier any more of a monster than he appeared in his interview? If so that was a mistake. It should've been acted in natural form to tell it exactly as it was .

  • It's sad he couldn't over come his terrible upbringing and over baring mother. He could have been a normal person, he just lacked social skills.

  • No idea why everyone seems to immediately buy into "my mother's treatment of me made me to it", which comes off as a clumsy and manipulative way of trying to appeal to the (probably partially true, admittedly) nurture argument and shift blame, while at the same time being so convinced that he's not feeling guilty. He could be feeling guilt and regret for a number of things, including; turning himself in, having gone down an irredeemable path in society's eyes, feeling bad for himself and wishing that he had a better mother and didn't "have" to do what he did… Seems pretty ridiculous to me that people watch a couple of interviews and then seem to think that they know the guy.

  • Why are psycopaths given one bit of attention or rememerance by creating a show about them. shouldnt their names be buried in the dirt after being locked up. Why dig up their names again.Their victims dont have a Netflix show with rememerance to their names

  • Great side by side of the real Ed Kemper and actor. Here's my own video of catching a murderer in real life, http://darrenchaker.com/darren-chaker-to-catch-a-murderer/

  • The real Ed Kempers voice sounds a lot like Adam Driver. I’m sure he would be a great choice to portray him.

    The actor in mind hunter is fantastic though!

  • nope. . really not a great actor . Too many pauses ..too many smiles ..and way too many body posturing like crossing his arms. Kemper a complete narc socio and this guy .. just doesn't cut it

  • This man blames his mother for his own failure to control himself. What a pathetic guy. In essence, he accuses his own mum beyond the grave for having to kill her in cold blood.

  • The guy who plays ed kemper also plays hazel in umbrella academy, he is a good actor in both. UA isnt that good of a show tho

  • I wish Fincher stayed more true to the original. With the crying, etc. Instead of making Kemper seem like he didn't feel emotion, when obviously the real Kemper did.

  • As revelações e a forma didática com a qual o filme foi feito…é surpreendente…Muito bom…

  • One of best shows ever is really good just came to top 3 for me.
    Where is episode 10 in season 2,and when will come up season 3??

  • I don't find the actor like the real Ed Kemper at all but I find him so enjoyable to watch! His portrayal is so magnetic of a highly intelligent, fascinating, nerdy serial killer. His acting is just wonderful and some real subtlety to it that I enjoy

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