There… there.. there… there,
Clipped on my most luxurious and most expensive microphone
Wanna know what we’re going to make today?
Today we’re going to make an electronic cigarette
We have loads of products
Move them on the table
And start making
Ok, maybe start to film again
Ok, today i will show you what you need to have to make
Most ordinary, but best smoking vape in you’re life
So, first we need: glue tube. I don’t know for what
You will see it later
Swedish lubricant.
Cotton and cardboard
I will lay cardboard on table, so i won’t burn it, cuz otherwise my father will bombard my face
we also gonna use same type of wire that we used for an electric gun, that also smoked really nice
well, about a button
press it – all neighborhood will go into the air
so let’s get it started
gonna try something
a lot of burning plastic concentration going straight to my nose

but it’s okay, it’s okay
it’s not like it’s unhealthy or something, you know?
i did it, i cut it
gonna take it off
you think i’m stupid?
you see it’s still hot, a bit
ow ow it’s hot
we got this, it goes off nicely
it will cover up nicely, too
you won’t even see that there’s are waster in here..
button fits perfectly, so perfectly that it will be really hard to solder it
but it will be very good, button is the main thing
press it – it burns
now we need to make the most dangerous thing, mechanism
we need to get this old glue out and throw it away (nachui)
it smells good
a lot of it went into my braces
it’s gonna be very bad
oh fuck
very beautiful, look at that.. important part here is to not put this on the bed, cuz if you sit on this, you’ll go “uh”
it will screw into you, and you have to know
which way to turn it – clockwise or counterclockwise
and if you choose wrong, it will go even deeper.. then you will howl like a wolf
fuck, sleeve is all wet
now we making the hardest part – heating
we have to cover it very tight
like this
like this yeah
so let’s see, i’ve cut the wire, we will make the best mechanism, we gonna solder ’em
let’s see if that one is cold by now
wow, it left the mark
our table is like the one idiots have
we have to take it all down
we gonna solder our wires, that one that, this on this, there on there
that on here
fold it
gonna put it all, so i can see how, where and when it all has to be
cuz otherwise you get dizzy and lost
and after all, you go to hang yourself in the barn

we need to solder a wire here
very easy
what if we made videos in my real voice?
now i will solder wires, solder here, solder there
oh fuck fuck, how do i keep forgetting
i don’t understand how do i keep forgetting
this one had to go like this, for fuck sake
for fuck sake, you guys probably saw it earlier
laughing at me, “idiot forgot it”

i just made a button at a bottom
press it, smoke will go (???????)
sometimes i lack jokes and ideas, too
but i never lack one thing, the thing i always carry and have with myself
is a very good *fart again*
this wire goes on that, that on this
that on that, this on his, his on her
where is my, that thing, where is it
i hit my knees really hard, really hard
solder it very nicely
the best, the best… every kid will start to make one
mothers will comment
what are you teaching my kid??? how to make cigarettes??
i will say to the mothers, suck my dick
your kids, your responsability
don’t show them my videos
the stuff i do, i don’t really care
police comes to my house
Whydotas, you made a weopon, a fine is 150 euros
pff, i get 115 eur from labour exchange, from mother i’ll borrow another 35
pay the fine
and again, i sit here, chilling
and what you gonna do? what? NOTHING
it’s me, it is me that … ?????
the one that .. ??????
the one noone can say anything to
if they say something, i crush them
i roast them
they turn red from shame
where where where is it??
did you see a mouse, too? it ran here
i tried to catch it… that mouse…
where did it go? *mumbling*
maybe it ran away, maybe it’s here
yeah, nothing nothing.. *mumbling all the time*
it jumped from here fast…
if i had three arms it would be so much better
socks smells…
socks… sweat… shit…
let’s test if it’s heating
what is the best way to test it? to touch it..
like this, like this
like this, LIKE THIS
I got a bit excited, sorry friends.
it will be a “pyzdiec”, like my mother says “pyzdiec, Whydotas”
i need to rotate it
i didn’t have a liquid to make it stick
don’t judge me
i need to put foil in it, to fill it
how my mother says “if a kid is hungry, fill it with foil
it won’t be hungry for two weeks, guaranteed”
important part – don’t touch wires with foil,
foil is a conductor, if it hits you, you won’t be asking for more
i will need to breathe it in somehow
i need to put a top on, so it won’t burn my nose
we will make it out of gouache
now we need to clean it all up…. somehow
idiots, you thought i’m this dumb?
it slices so nicely, so nicely
like two dogs fighting… so beautiful…
how beautiful it’s gonna be
now i’ll need operator’s help again… but first what?
take a good shit
okay now we can stuck all the cotton wool…. wool wool wool…
let’s fill it
and a bit on the top
now we just need a vape juice
best juice for vape is… lubricant.. smokes best…
let’s see if it smokes

it works… very good..
lack of smoke(vapor).. it means we need more energy,
or more vape juice!
it still lacks…

well we saw, that voltage is too small
you see? it lacks energy..
let’s minimize the travel distance of electricity…

cut and throw away the one we don’t need
you heard it?
operator help me a bit
i present you the first, Lithuanian, electronic cigarette
it will give you a vapor, you never had before
a smoke that will cure your lung cancer
and will give you thyroid cancer
because it will probably stuck here
so first try.. heat it up..

amazing vape
very healthy

fuck this shit
anyone can smoke this
anyone, anywhere, anytime
very good…
fuck this. my head got dizzy
i checked my
youtube statistics, and i see what? only 33% of my viewers are subscribed

im very dissapointed, and its a shame
that you people do this
i can’t even look at you guys, i’m gonna turn my head sideways
and i’ll talk a bit angry, like my dog Don
subscribe my channel, Whydotas
you can also subscribe my instagram, Whydotas also
like they say on TV “weedotas”… idiots.. they know nothing
look at my channel, how many views i get
2 mllion a month
this is so much
the whole world population is only 6 – 8 million
so 20 percent of the world population watches me every month

but they don’t subscribe me, so i could reach 1 million?

i don’t understand, what is the problem.. at all.
i’m not hurt.. just a bit sad
my heart is not from stone
my heart has 4 auricles
two at the bottom, two at the top
there are valves.. every possible kind..
so subscribe my channel, or get the fuck out
i don’t know what else i can say
you can try to fight me, but nobody wants to
why? because everybody knows that i’m a genius
subscribe my channel
i hope this video reaches ten minutes mark, for the ads
if it’s not.. there will be a black screen from now on
and that’s all
that’s all… black screen… subscribe


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