If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Vaping | The Daily Show

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Vaping | The Daily Show

How did
electronic cigarettes
become the biggest thing
on the streets?
Well, their rise to the top
started a lot
like regular cigarettes.
There’s no question
that the e-cigarette industry
has ripped its tactics straight
from big tobacco’s playbook.
REPORTER: Take a look
at the glamorous woman
in the blue dress
smoking a cigarette in 1930
and this woman today
in an ad for an e-cigarette.
The rugged cowboy then and now.
REPORTER 2: Both marketed
relaxation, sharing,
travel, freedom and sex appeal.
E-cigarette manufacturers
like Kandypens can be promoted
in DJ Khaled music videos,
just like tobacco corporations
used to pay stars
to smoke their cigarettes
Okay, that’s just irresponsible.
shouldn’t be advertising
addictive substances
to their fans,
which is why the only product
I endorse is cabbage.
it’s the one thing
you definitely won’t get
addicted to.
Mmm. Mmm.
I don’t want any more of this.
Now, to be clear,
vaping companies aren’t bad guys
because they advertise
their product.
What made this
a sinister industry is
who they were advertising
their products to.
MAN: The FDA slamming popular
e-cigarette maker Juul
for marketing directly
to students.
Juul spent hundreds
of thousands of dollars
to fund youth programming.
Two teenagers testified
that a Juul representative came
to their school
to give
an anti-vaping presentation,
and when their teacher
left the room, they say
the representative
repeatedly claimed
that Juul was safe to use.
WOMAN 3: 80% of teens who vape
say they picked the product
because it comes
in flavors that they like.
WOMAN 4: The teens say the
sleek devices are easy to hide.
You can’t fell
if it’s a teenager’s lip gloss
or cologne or if it’s a vape.
Uh, I think you can tell,
because they’re sucking on it.
I’m pretty sure
teenagers aren’t taking drags
off Eternity for Men.
Something tells me
that kids get away with a lot
at this principal’s school.
Just like,
“Boy, it sure is remarkable
“how many students here
are texting
about their eggplants
getting rained on.”
“These kids love gardening.”
But when you look at everything,
from vape pen designs
to their outreach,
you don’t have to be a genius
to realize
they wanted their products
in the hands of teens.
And the flavors are probably
the biggest red flag of all.
I mean, mango, cotton candy,
jelly donut?
Like, these things
are so targeted at kids,
I’m shocked
that they didn’t have,
like, a breast milk flavor.
But according to the vape lobby,
all these flavors are clearly
for adults only.
MAN: The industry
is not targeting children.
Just because you’re an adult
doesn’t mean
that you don’t like,
uh, gummy bears.
I see adults buying…
you know, packs of gummy bears
all the time.
I mean, just ’cause
you’re an adult doesn’t mean
that you don’t like
good flavors.
Okay, okay.
I hear you, rodeo accountant.
I hear you.
But you have to admit,
the vaping lobby’s excuses
sound a lot
like a pedophile’s excuses.
“What? No?
The candy and Disney movies
“I keep in my car are for me.
Adults like Moana, too!”
Now, in response
to all this criticism,
the biggest e-cigarette company,
has recently curbed
their marketing to kids.
And also, they’ve gotten rid
of all their super-fruity,
totally-adult flavors.
But unfortunately, it might be
a little too little, too late,
because countless teens
already addicted to vaping,
and schools across the country
are struggling
with the outbreak.
It’s a nationwide problem.
In Texas, some schools make
kids roll up their long sleeves
so they can’t hide the devices.
In Fairbury, Nebraska, they are
randomly testing students
in extracurricular activities
for nicotine.
There are vape sensors
in Illinois
and New Jersey bathrooms.
MAN: One Alabama high school
taking extreme measures
after a student was found
passed out
in a bathroom after vaping.
The principal removing doors
off stalls
in the boys’ bathroom,
which some parents say
is excessive.
Okay, hold up. Some parents say
that’s excessive?
Some parents think
it’s excessive
to force kids
to shit in front of everybody?
Who are the other parents?
Who are the other parents
who are like, “It’s fine.
My kid doesn’t deserve privacy”?
I mean, aside from T.I.,
who are the other parents?
(laughter, groaning)
Yeah, he’s probably like,
“Take the doors off those stalls
Look, I think we can all agree
that neither kids nor schools
should be responsible
for fixing
this addiction crisis
that companies like Juul
have helped create.
If anything, e-cigarette
companies should be forced
to pay for the damage that
they’ve purposefully caused.
It’s the same way opioid
companies are being forced
to pay for the work they’ve done
that caused people
to be addicted.
Or how Nabisco had to pay
for Cookie Monster’s rehab.
You know?
And you know what?
Just to give them
a little extra incentive,
we should go to Juul’s offices
and take the doors off
of their bathroom stalls
until they fix the shit
that they’ve done.
So in a nutshell…
-(applause and cheering)
-In a nutshell…
That’s how vaping
became the crisis
that it is in America today.
And if you don’t know,
now you know.

100 thoughts on “If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Vaping | The Daily Show

  • Let's compare deaths from products. I'll wait.. Shouldn't be allowed to tell ppl what to do in their personal life/ personal choices. It's a decision by them that only pertains to themselves. Give them an inch they'll take a mile. Cant let the Gov't get away w this.

  • Something the anti-vape promoters never mention is that smoking and vaping are different in some important ways. (1) Smokers typically smoke an entire cigarette, while vapers typically take two or three puffs and stop. (2) Vaping liquid comes in a variety of nicotine strength, so you can choose how much nicotine you consume. It is possible, and in my view highly advisable, to choose nicotine-free or very little nicotine, in order to prevent the possibility of nicotine addiction and the increased heart rate and blood pressure that nicotine causes. It is also easy to choose the chemical content of e-juice to avoid sweeteners which could in extreme circumstances prove harmful, as well as the chemical used to create the liquid. (3) Vaping does not produce secondhand smoke. The vapor a user exhales is odorless water vapor produced by the vaper's own saliva. There is no detectable odor. (4) Prior to the introduction to e-cigarettes, the percentage of smokers in the United States was stuck at 24 to 26 percent for over a decade. As of a year ago it had dropped to 18 percent. That's millions of smokers who were enabled to quit and many more who are not exposed to secondhand smoke. Some former smoker, myself included, find that after some time vaping their nicotine addiction no longer exists so that they can stop nicotine consumption completely. (5) Studies that I have read on the dangers of vaping did not use human beings, but instead used a machine that constantly emitted vapor for 20 minutes. Even several vapers could not produce that much vapor. (6) A U.S. government study attempting to assess the potential fire hazard of vaping was unable to find a single reported instance of fire created by an e-cigarette. The only flammable material in an e-cigarette is in its rechargeable battery, and the risk of fire is sufficiently low that you can find the same type of battery in an aisle display at your local Wal-mart. … All that being said, companies like Juul produce the most harmful product possible, counting on teens to be irresponsible consumers. If I had my way, which I won't, it would be illegal to sell any vaping products which do not allow the consumer to choose the content of what they are vaping, or alternatively to disallow nicotine content which is above non-addictive level. Several well-replicated studies have identified that level in cigarettes, but most cigarettes are much higher, frequently ten times or more higher. Tobacco companies, unlike most e-cigarette companies, are in the business of creating addicts.

  • they didn't even talk about ny in my school it got so bad we have metal detectors and random assemblies so they can search our bags like every month

  • JUUL IS BACKED BY BIG TABACOO,,,,,,idiots….stop demonizing vape….its there to help smokers get off cigs. like i did. its a tool. not the same as this noah tool. dont confuse

  • 6 people die of illegal thc carts: “ThEsE vApEs ArE kILiNg PeOpLe”

    cigarettes exist: nothing is done

    And what qualifies something as an “adult flavor”? Fucking pencil cravings and black coffee?

  • They should be given like a 2 week grace period to use nicotine gum, otherwise it could lead to them just swapping to actual cigs on account of already being addicted.

  • Could all the news media please stfu and gtfo of the discussion about things adult humans do? I'd appreciate it. You need an ID to buy the stuff. It's not rocket science. Please shove your collective heads back up your collective asses.

  • Just don't smoke point blank period…
    Accusing a company for ur addiction it's like accusing a drug dealer for selling drug to u.. (when u clearly know that drugs is not good yet u went to buy it)

  • JUUL targets teens so they can get them hooked for life. That way they have lifetime customers to make more money off of

  • there was a girl at my school who passed out in the cafeteria and was near death because of all the shit these companies are putting into their vapes

  • Cherry flavored pipe tobacco is more than a century old. Are bloody marys targeted towards vegetarians lol?
    How bout peppermint schnapps? Egg nog w/ cinnamon spice? They have options for 0% nicotine…

  • What about alcohol flavors and advertising? I use to smoke but vaping helped me quit, and now that i don't vape anymore i feel like the overall switch was beneficial. Alcohol has never done anything for us except poison our body, and kill the people around us including ourselves and our lives. I don't know anyone who's addicted to vaping though i know countless people who are addicted to alcohol. Its like you're attacking the Mandarin when Thanos is out there collecting his stones snapping his fingers (For my marvel fans)

  • The biggest problems with them are their marketing and stated purpose versus real use.
    If it's for adults to stop smoking real cigs, take the nicotine out and keep it out. Don't replace one addiction with another.
    If it's not for kids, don't target kids in your advertising and don't have candy flavors kids will love. Whether adults like cotton candy or not, it's the company's responsibility to keep nicotine from young people.
    So either cut out the nicotine entirely or stop aiming at young teens so blatantly, AND at least offer a nicotine-free version of every flavor so that if young people get it illegally it isn't addictive. Bingo bongo I've just solved the fucking problem.

    Anything past this, like buying them illegally and getting a bad quality liquid, or getting sick from doing it too much, that's your own damn fault. Parents, monitor your kids. Kids, do things in moderation. Same reason we don't eat pizza and Monster for every meal. You'd have a heart attack by age sixteen. Don't be stupid.

    Plenty of places in the USA don't even enforce the laws on vaping properly because they don't care and want to make money. I happen to live in an area where I can buy a pen and several refills at nearly every gas station with no ID. The problematic substance isn't even being regulated properly and it's pathetic.

  • Lmfao the T.I. reference was murder for me cause i watched Mama Doctor Jones take on it before clicking this vid. Good one Trevor!!!

  • Kids do not have a monopoly on candy! Who says Adults are only supposed to like flavors that taste like ass?! Such a repetitive nonsense argument. Try harder Trevor's writers!

  • KInda sux how almost no one I knew was smoking in the mid-late 2000's, then BOOM. Everyone and their mother is smoking/"vaping" again. All that progress gone in the wind.

  • It's all fake regarding nic and the recent illness. It was people vaping mct oil in their thc supplies. My lungs healed from cigarettes while I vaped. 5+ years now no bronkitis at all and I run. Well ftw anyways…

  • I thought it was originally a less-unpleasant way to inhale hash oil, and then tobacco companies were like, "Hey, we can put nicotine in these and say there is no tar in this!" .

  • How about parents do that thing…. uhhh… damn I just had it… OH RIGHT! PARENTING! When did that word get lost on people…

  • Tbh I gave up smoking after 10 years and started juuls and after vaping juul for 8 months and promoting the hell out of it by saying is less harmful than cigs, I had a shoertness of breathing attack at work and I had to go to ER. And no, I dont smoke weed and I dont manipulate my pods.. .I buy my pods from legit retailers. Anyways after the serious shortness of breath attack I stopped juuls for a week, and everything went back to normal, until I vapped juul again after a week and my shortness of breath attack relapsed. So long story short, I thought it was just me until I met other juul smokers stopped vaping and described the same symptoms as me from juul and they also don't smoke weed and nor they use hash oil or manipulate their pods. I have smoked cigs for over 10 years and never suffered any consequences but juul is crazy.. I have never heard of young people (18-23) suffering from breathing or ill effects from smoking. Smoking cigs is definitely super bad, but juul is also as bad if not worst. Trust me. Don't smoke and don't do juuls.

  • Okay, I love cabbage and food IS addictive. I agree we shouldn't have candy flavors. I smoked menthol cigarettes for 25 years. I tried 8+ different tank devices and none of them felt like smoking. The JUUL is the ONLY device on the market that actually FEELS like smoking. I use the classic menthol pods. I don't want to vape gummy bears or cotton candy. I just wanted to quit smoking. I am grateful every day for the inventor of the JUUL. If they ban JUUL, I will be forced to start smoking again and I do NOT want to smoke! I can finally breathe, my breath doesn't stink, my clothes don't stink, I haven't burned myself, I won't burn my car, I won't fall asleep in bed with a fire hazard, I can exercise for over an hour without feeling like I need to call an ambulance, I can have sex without wheezing, I can laugh without phlegm flying across the room, I don't cough, my house doesn't stink. I am extremely grateful for the JUUL. I think those silly flavors are ridiculous and they're meant for kids. I'm glad JUUL stopped selling mango, cucumber, and crème brulee. I have never smoked a cigarette that tasted like cucumber or mango. I just wanted to switch from menthol cigarettes so I use the classic menthol JUUL pod. Any flavors other than classic tobacco and classic menthol are directed at children. JUUL is supposed to be an alternative to cigarettes. Nobody smokes gummy bear cigarettes .

  • Smoking tobacco is proven to be bad, some people have died vaping but only in America where your regulations are shite. To pretend vaping is an issue when cigarettes are still being sold is such crap. Before you say how many people have died vaping because of shitty regulations, remind us again how many people a year die from cigarettes? And how many teens vape these days vs 10 ago, vs the number of kids smoking cigarettes?

  • I love how he doesn’t once talk about how smoking is actually killing people and nicotine vaping hasn’t killed a single person. Or how there’s 1,000’s of “kid flavored” alcohol products and yet he still doesn’t talk about that. Ahhh that sweet money from big tobacco and the left must be nice huh Trevor?😉

  • I'm my time it was smoking which is much worse than vaping and far more smelly than vaping.

    Hey Trevor, what's your opinion really on vaping?

  • Juul is a scapegoat for the “vaping crisis” in the US. In Miami, Juul isn’t even popular anymore. It’s stuff like Stigs and Cuvies now.

    But no one talks about that

  • Can you name any other company that sells e cigs other than juul or blu? No? Then vaping is not the criminal here it is basically certain companies that chose to advertise to kids. Also adults do enjoy flavors and that is a fact. Flavored alcoholic beverages exist, dont they? Flavors are not whats attracting teens. Any place that sells e cigs should require id before purchase and that is the other big problem.

    Condemn juul and other companies that messed up.
    Condemn the sellers who irresponsibly sell to kids/teens without IDing them.
    DO NOT condemn vaping in general, that is just irresponsible and unjust.

  • I’m an adult and I like the mango flavor! Not my fault for this product getting in the hands of teens. Why do I have to suffer?

  • Sounds like you only read part of the articles. Vaping unregulated marijuana was the most used product for the majority of the teens affect. Not flavored Juuls

  • Its targeted to kids because of the flavors? Lol I'm 26 and still buy flavored juices. The regular tasting ones make me want to go back to a pack of smokes a day. If you take vapes away everybody's going to go back to cigarettes or start smoking cigarettes if they didnt before since they're addicted to nicotine now.

  • my school recently moved into a new building but before that none of the boys bathrooms had stall doors (I live in Washington).

  • I don’t vape but that argument of the flavors thing is a little redundant. I mean the flavors aren’t targeted towards teens/children because they’re candy or sweets. That’s just what comes across as appealing. It’s like saying “Rick and Morty” or “South Park” is targeted towards kids because it’s a cartoon.

  • I mean in school I had kids doing smoking all kinds of stuff in the hallway no less and no one did anything about that. But now there’s a competitor for big tobacco companies, and the media/school system cares? Oh okay, I mean I see where the priorities are.

  • People are smoking fake thc carts which is why people are ending up in the hospitals. Fakes are spreading around so fast and who knows what chemicals are in those. Juul is not to blame cause if this was the case then everyone juuling would have ended up in the hospital.

    However it is true that it is so widespread and honestly its so easy to get access that you can't expect kids not to get their hands on it. It so discreet that you can literally take a hit anywhere without producing too much vapor.

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  • Vape companies are not trying to get kids to vape. They want people who smoke to vape. That is their clientele. And a properly ran business will ID. If people of age can smoke why can’t people of age vape. Underage people will get their hands on Vapes just like they will for cigarettes or dip or alcohol. Why are we not talking about getting rid of alcohol. That has the potential to destroy your whole life. Why do they have fruity alcohol drinks. Why not just strictly Rubbing alcohol tasting drinks? Ohh because they aren’t as tasty. Makes sense. U want variety for your clientele. This is just stupid. People need to stop being hypocrites. It’s about big tobacco losing money. Let’s start keeping it 💯 you puppets.

  • Fast life ! No Time. First you create these problems and later started fixing them. Every fee years new thing. Look out for root cause or it’s never ending cycle.

  • Big tobacco controlled and owned vape companies are very different than the majority of the vape industry. Juul lobbies separately from most major vape companies in order to lobby against the vape companies that compete against them.

    Juul, Vuse, and Blu (all big tobacco controlled or owned) created controversy by advertising to children literally at schools. They wanted more and more regulation to choke off competition. The cheapest way for them to get it was controversy, not lobbying. They needed flavors to be banned. They couldn't afford for them not to be banned. When vape advocacy groups sued the FDA over the changes in registrations and flavor bans, big tobacco owned vape companies did the opposite. Juul going as far as publically withdrawing their membership to the VTA and telling the press that they supported the ban. Once flavors are off the market, the vast mojority of the nicotine market will be in big tobacco hands again. Companies who are getting their flavors removed will have to register new tobacco flavors with the FDA. Registration for a line of six flavors was $1,600 in 2018. It's now estimated over $2.5 million because big tobacco lobbyists kept pushing the controversy and paying politicians to be vocal about it. Big tobacco can afford the new registration price without a problem, but over 90% of non-tobacco controlled companies can't. It doesn't matter if big tobacco controlled vaping takes a hit in business, it's a calculated hit. It's win win for them. Nothing is going to stop them now. They have already killed off a large amount of competition and federal flavor bans haven't even started. Once they get the industry back, they will price fix it like they did cigarettes and it will be a weird monopoly again just how they like it.

    When I started smoking in my early teens, I smoked full flavor cigarettes. Taking away flavors won't stop teens from using nicotine, it will just make the products they are using taste different.

  • Notice when it comes to problems with smoking or drugs , the blame is always put on everyone but the people themselves. How about taking responsibility for your own actions and behavior,instead of blaming someone else? No one is forcing anyone to smoke.People are always looking for someone or something to blame for what happens to them.

  • Who cares if people vape… I smoke cigs and vaping seems like the better route. Not stinky, not as much chemicals, etc

  • Wow, Juul is advertising exactly like a tobacco company? is that because it's owned by the same company as Marlboro? Well Daily Show, now you know.

  • I love banning things in the name of the children. Next we should ban politicians and Hollywood participants from being alive to protect kids from pedophilia, at least that will actually accomplish something. Every last one of them on a rope.

  • Don't blame Vape Companies there just selling there products. Last time I checked you have to be 21 years of age in some states to purchase these products. All it is is bad parenting just except it.

  • How about you do one of these about the real cause of the lung illnesses and hospitalizations recently. You know the ones caused by THC Carriages that have harmful chemicals and carcinogens in them but are instead wrongfully being blame on traditional vaping. Causing the nation taking this helpful medium away from people who are at high risk of lung cancer by smoking cigarettes and want to get away from destroying their health and health of others around them. Taking away the ability for hundreds of thousands of people to get off cigarettes and nicotine, a way to help people with jobs in offices and even chef jobs to deal with the stress of work. But no the government wants to shut down traditional vaping to help keep the tax and income the nation has from big tobacco and preying on people who use and get addicted to cigarettes. As a world cigarettes need to be snuffed out of existence and vaping can help us to a healthier future in that regard. Do a damn story on that.

  • So what ur saying to get ur dumb point across is that vaping pulls in kids by making really good flavors and if u like these flavors as an adult ur a pedophile like what vaping companys wanna make shit flavors so no one buys it what do u suggest naming there flavors bathroom urine and stinky dog shirt and since kids wouldn't wanna try that maybe adults will for a change huh?

  • This is my I don’t go to school too much smoke and it’s not cool to smoke it’s cool if you want to die or be in the hospital

  • Hey Trevor, can you invite Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao to The Daily Show. More people need to be informed about France (and the UK) and their dirty dealings on the African continent in 2019… European nations are still up to their old tricks.

  • when he was talking about rap videos all i could imagine are how many videos promote weed.. and how many people would rather vape or smoke pot than smoke nicotine. I would switch in a minute to THC over nicotine if it was legal in my state

  • As a fellow South African I have to say that I have lost all respect for you, shove that cabbage where the sun don’t shine. I’ve quit cigs for 1 year and 6 months now and feel much healthier than when I used to smoke tobacco. Vape products should not be sold to minors, education and discipline start at home, chances are that all those students that vape would have smoked cigarettes if vaping wasn’t around.

  • It has nothing to do with celebs advertising to fans or JUUL to students. It's sad f*cks addicted to unhealthy behaviors, period. We let our nation decline, making bad behavior, unhealthy choices and entitlement a 'lifestyle'. Welcome to the new world of Idiocracy.

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